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Special issue Eurohealth dedicated to EPH Conference 2023

  Theme of the conference - Floris Barnhoorn - 31 Oct 2023 12:00 CET

We are excited to announce the upcoming special issue of Eurohealth, a journal published by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, dedicated to this year’s EPH Conference. Articles cover insightful subjects including sustainable food systems, commercial determinants of NCDs, the EU’s health priorities, the future One Health workforce, and 25 years of rich collaboration between EUPHA and the Observatory... [Read more]

Late Breaker: Climate change is a health emergency

  EPH Updates - Floris Barnhoorn - 25 Oct 2023 12:00 CET

Today in The Guardian: “Humanity is moving dangerously close to irreversible tipping points that would drastically damage our ability to cope with disasters, UN researchers have warned, including the withdrawal of home insurance from flood-hit areas and the drying up of the groundwater that is vital for ensuring food supplies.” This is exactly what we will discuss at our Late Breaker “Climate change is a health emergency”... [Read more]

Update Pre-conference: Assessing COVID-19 response strategies: lessons, legacies and future preparedness 

  EPH Updates - Floris Barnhoorn - 23 Oct 2023 12:00 CET

In May 2023, the World Health Organization declared an end to the global emergency status for the COVID-19 pandemic after more than three years. This pre-conference undertakes a critical examination and evaluation of the decisions made to control the COVID-19 crisis in Europe. What were the effectiveness and implications of these strategies in shaping and transforming health system preparedness for future challenges... [Read more]

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