FAQs abstract submission

Will I be able to present virtually at the Conference?

No, the Dublin 2023 Conference will be in-person only.

I have lost my login/password and tried to reset it but I haven't received any email from you.

The email with link to reset the password sometimes ends up in the spam folder or is blocked by the server. Please check it before mailing us.

May I submit more than 1 abstract?

Yes, you may. Please note, although we do not have any limits for number of submitted abstracts, there is a limit of 3 abstracts per presenter.

If I chose the poster presentation as the 1st option, why I could not choose the oral presentation as the 2nd option?

These options are available in descending order (oral-pitch-poster-withdraw). If your first option is oral, the second one might be pitch, poster or withdraw. But when your first option is poster, the second one is withdraw only.

I want to submit an abstract with work that has already been published elsewhere. Is this acceptable?

No, your abstracts must contain original material neither published nor presented elsewhere prior to the Conference. The encore abstracts are not permitted.

Is abstract submission open to non-governmental organisations as well?

Yes, abstract submission is open to non-governmental organisations.

Will you accept late-breaker abstracts/delayed abstracts?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept late-breaker abstracts. The submission period starts on 1 February and ends on 1 May each year. Due to review process we do not make any exceptions. If you miss the deadline, please submit your work for the next EPH Conference.

Is the 200-characters in the main message part of the 2000-character requirement?

The main message field has a total of 200 characters and are not part of the 2000 characters of the abstract field.

I am unable to proceed with submitting an abstract as the system requires an affiliation number.

The affiliation number is the number associated with the affiliation you add below the author. You may add up to 3 affiliations to one author, so you may add up to 3 (1-3) affiliation numbers.

The presenter for the abstract is under 35 years old but I forgot to indicate this, can this be changed?

You can do that by updating your abstract till 1 May.

Is an extension for the abstract deadline under consideration?

Unfortunately we cannot extend the deadline as we have a very tight schedule.

I haven't received any confirmation when I was submiting an abstract.

Check your spam folder first. The submitted abstracts can be seen also from your account. If you haven't received a confirmation email and the abstract is not at your account your submission failed.

When are the results of abstracts submissions anounced?

Abstracts submitters will be notified by 10 June about the results.