Submission topics Dublin 2023

Abstracts are invited for workshops and single presentations in all areas of public health research, practice, policy and education. Abstracts are considered for oral and poster presentations. Workshop proposals are considered for 60-minutes sessions. Abstracts are invited for the following abstract submission topics:

  • One Health: health threats to people, animals and ecosystems.
  • Tackling infectious diseases, preparing for the next pandemic
  • Food security, sustainable production and improving nutrition
  • Global health and Europe’s role in global health
  • Achieving universal health coverage (UHC): reducing health inequity
  • Chronic diseases
  • Climate emergency / Environment and health / Urban health
  • Digital health and communication
  • Epidemiology
  • Ethics and Law
  • Health assessments: impact, technology
  • Work and health, Social security and social welfare
  • Health care services and systems
  • Health promotion, Health literacy, Behavioural insights
  • Health workforce, practice and training
  • Injury prevention
  • Maternal, child and adolescent public health
  • Mental health
  • Migration, LGBTQI+ and minorities health
  • Policy, politics and public health
  • Public health genomics
  • Public health monitoring, reporting and foresight
  • Other public health issues

Please note: we do not allow abstracts funded or sponsored by organisations/companies that are detrimental for health (e.g. tobacco and arms industry).