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Webinar Sailing to Lisbon 2024

  Programme related - Floris Barnhoorn - 28 May 2024 9:00 CET

The fifth 'Sailing to Lisbon 2024' webinar Public health at the European level will take place on Monday 3 June at 17:00 CET.   In the context of the upcoming European elections, it is very important to hear what the Political Groups at the European Parliament will be proposing, so we have invited a representative of each of the seven Groups. The debate will be moderated by a Dulce Salzedas, a Portuguese journalist with extensive experience in covering the news in the health sector... [Read more]

Pre-conference programme online

  Programme related - Floris Barnhoorn - 22 May 2024 9:00 CET

We are excited to announce an interesting programme of pre-conferences on Monday and Tuesday 11 and 12 November. If you would like to attend a pre-conference, registration is required. Pre-conferences can be booked when registering for the main conference. If you are already registered you can add a pre-conference to your registration by sending an email with your preferred pre-conference to registration@ephconference... [Read more]

Webinar Sailing to Lisbon 2024

  Programme related - Floris Barnhoorn - 7 May 2024 9:00 CET

The fourth 'Sail to Lisbon 2024' webinar on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare will take place on 17 May at 11:00 CET As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry, questions arise about its impact on healthcare professionals, misinformation, and the need for regulation. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with experts in the field as they explore the potential of AI to train the next generation of healthcare professionals, the dangers of misinformation, and the regulatory landscape... [Read more]

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