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Webinar Sailing to Lisbon 2024

  Theme of the conference - Floris Barnhoorn - 20 Mar 2024 9:00 CET

The third “Sail to Lisbon 2024” webinar will take place on April 5th at 12h00 CET

This webinar about health inequalities will focus on the drivers for policy action at the European level for all population groups, taking into account three main perspectives. First, the conceptualization of the upstream determinants of health, in particular the economic and environmental determinants, as fundamental drivers of health inequalities, beyond an individual capacity to make the necessary changes. Second, the role of national institutions and civil society in improving the policy-making environment to consider health in all policies, beyond the traditional health sector. And third, based on the evidence already available and empirical considerations for both supranational and upstream determinants of health, what are the urgent policy actions and how these align with the future European Union priorities. The discussion intends to pick up on what it is already known about health inequalities and go further in terms of the array of determinants affecting these and how action must continue to be a priority and taken at higher levels of governance.

João Paulo Magalhães will be the moderator, and we will have three great speakers that will talk about health inequalities from different perspectives, aiming to frame the discussions for this subtheme of the EPH Conference in November.


  • João Vasco Santos, President, EUPHA Public Health Economics section, Portugal
  • Andrea E. Schmidt, Head of Department Climate Resilience and One Health at the Competence Centre Climate & Health at the Austrian National Public Health Institute, Austria
  • Tomas De Jong, Policy Manager at the European Public Health Alliance, Belgium

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