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Webinar Sailing to Lisbon 2024

  Theme of the conference - Floris Barnhoorn - 14 Feb 2024 9:00 CET


The next “Sail to Lisbon 2024” webinar will take place on February 16th at 11h00 CET.

Join us for an enlightening webinar on "Vaccines: Current and Future Challenges," where we delve into the pivotal role of vaccines in public health and the hurdles we face today and in the future. Vaccines have been a cornerstone in advancing public health, significantly reducing mortality in children and infants, and proving effective in adults against various diseases. Despite their success, vaccines have sparked debate, highlighted by the recent COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

In our upcoming webinar, we will explore the pressing challenges that threaten to undermine the global achievements in reducing morbidity, mortality, and enhancing the quality of life through vaccination. Topics of discussion will include global access and equity, the importance of international cooperation and vaccine diplomacy, logistical hurdles such as supply, storage, and transportation, vaccine hesitancy, and the emergence of new diseases and variants.

Featuring two esteemed speakers from the field of vaccinology, this webinar promises to offer diverse insights and foster a dynamic conversation on these critical issues. 

Don't miss this opportunity to engage with experts and deepen your understanding of the complex landscape of vaccines today and in the future.

Inês Fronteira will be the moderator. 

Christine Stabell Benn, University of Southern Denmark
Paolo Bonanni, Adult Immunization Board

And don't forget that at the end we will have an exciting quiz, offering prizes that include complimentary registrations for the EPH Conference and seats at the Conference Dinner in Lisbon.

As usual you will be able to follow the streaming through the different channels: 

EPHConference Twitter/X:  https://twitter.com/EPHconference

ANMSP Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1203463350619412

APPSP Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z1-72qtb5w


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