Themes and Abstract submission tracks

Bridges are at the heart of the European idea. They have enabled the people of this continent to come together, crossing historic and geographical frontiers but they are not just physical structures and can take many less tangible forms.

Public health has always been a mix of activities, ranging from the prevention of diseases to the evaluation of health systems, from science to decision making, from practice to evaluation and communication.  As a consequence, public health professionals constitute a diverse community. Building bridges among professionals is a challenge but is also common practice as shown by the annual gatherings at the EPH Conferences.

In the last decades, health is regarded more and more as a wide societal concern and the public health community is building bridges with professionals from other domains of society: food, transport, social services, environment and others. European public health must also extend the bridges beyond Europe. Marseille has for centuries been one of the pillars of the cultural and economic bridge across the Mediterranean. For millenniums, people have been crossing the Mediterranean but, in recent years, that journey has been characterized by tragedies among those fleeing oppression and poverty.

The Marseille conference offers an opportunity to build new bridges: of working together between the public health communities in Europe and Africa, seeking solutions to our shared challenges as inhabitants of a small planet now facing global threats, from climate change, emerging infections, and the global epidemic of non-communicable diseases. But inevitably, much of our discussion will focus on migration and should address the following questions:

  • What can we do together to reduce the need for people to move?
  • How can we protect and support those who are forced to move?
  • What can we do to provide health promoting and protecting environments for migrants in Europe and the countries they cross on their way to Europe?
  • How can we work together on those issues engaging professionals from both side of the Mediterranean?

Plenary sessions

Through the plenary sessions, this vision is further explored. Plenary sessions are organized around the following themes:

  • Building bridges migration in a planetary context.
  • Solidarity for public health – integrating poverty, conflict and other threats to health.
  • How can the Sustainable Development Goals contribute to the challenges of changing populations?
  • New roles for public health practice.
  • Building global bridges between public health communities. 

Abstract submission tracks

Abstracts are invited for workshops and single presentations in all areas of public health research, practice, policy and education. Abstracts are considered for oral, pitch and poster presentations. Workshop proposals are considered for 60- or 90-minutes sessions. Abstracts are invited for the following abstract submission tracks:

  1. Solidarity in health
  2. Migration and health
  3. Digital health
  4. Public health policy
  5. European and global health
  6. Maternal, child and adolescent public health
  7. Chronic diseases
  8. Environment, climate and health/Urban health
  9. Food, nutrition and diet
  10. Health assessments: impact, technology
  11. Health at work, Social security
  12. Health services research
  13. Health systems and economics
  14. Health workforce development and research
  15. Healthy living and health promotion
  16. Infectious diseases, preparedness and vaccines
  17. Learning from practice
  18. Mental health
  19. Epidemiology, public health monitoring and reporting
  20. Injury prevention/genomics/ethics
  21. LGBTI and minorities health
  22. Other public health issues