Speaker Dashboard for presenters & moderators

Speaker Dashboard

As a speaker/presenter or moderator/chair, you have received an e-mail between 6 - 8 October to login to your Speaker Dashboard. This dashboard is named Eureka. Pre-conferences, plenary sessions, workshops, oral sessions and lunch symposiums are all part of this Speaker Dashboard. On the dashboard you will be able to moderate your session, or to give your presentation live, pre-record your presentation and/or upload your slides. 

If you are not presenting  live, please make sure to pre-record your presentation by 1 November.

To enter the Speaker Dashboard, you will be asked to create an account. Without an account, you will not be able to use the dashboard or enter the virtual rooms to attend sessions. You should have access to all the sessions in which you present or chair. If one of your sessions is missing contact us asap at office@ephconference.eu.

Best access

We advise you to use Chrome as this is the most stable and consistent browser for accessing the Speaker Dashboard and Virtual Platform. More Tips & Tricks for preparing your presentation: see the clickable buttons below.


Posters, including the optional 1-minute presentation, are not included in the Speaker Dashboard. Instructions can be found here.

Instructions for moderators/chairs

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Instructions for all

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Tips & Tricks

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Speaker/Moderator dashboard

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