EPH Conference Dublin 2023 - Press materials


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Summary report of 16th EPH Conference

Press release 1: EPH Conference Dublin 2023 Statement 

We are at another turning point in our shared human history, and we must respond effectively. The ways in which humans feed themselves have always mattered but now the links between our food, our health, and our ecosystem must be attended to. Action must be both immediate, and sustainable.

Press release 2: Climate change is a health emergency

Many people in the world, in Europe as elsewhere, are now experiencing the health impacts of the climate emergency first-hand. Bush fires one day and floodings the next. As climate change accelerates, the health impacts on the most vulnerable populations become increasingly pronounced and alarming. Extreme weather events, disrupted ecosystems, and changing disease patterns are affecting the well-being of people worldwide.

Press release 3: Climate change litigation: A Guide for public health professionals

Climate change litigation is thus becoming an integral part of securing climate action and justice. By using litigation to oblige governments and private sector polluters to address the climate emergency, claimants have been pushing for more ambitious regulations, opposing regulatory steps or new plans and proposed developments, or even requesting compensation measures for human harm. At the EPH Conference a Guide will be launched on climate change litigation for public health professionals.