Pre-conference: Cancer prevention for a sustainable future: an interactive workshop for public health specialists

Wednesday 8 November, 13:30 - 17:00 Dublin time (starting with network lunch at 12:30)

Organised by:

Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC/WHO)


The case for cancer prevention in Europe is fundamental to cancer control in the coming decades. The incidence of cancer is increasing, driven by ageing demographics and evolution in the exposure to risk factors, while the cost of treating cancer patients is likewise increasing. It has been estimated that around 40% of cancers in Europe could be prevented if current knowledge about risk and protective factors were translated into effective primary prevention, with further reductions in cancer incidence and mortality possible by cancer screening and other approaches to early detection.

The international and multidisciplinary consortium Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE) was created in 2018 to develop world class prevention research to be translated into effective cancer prevention activities at the national and international level. CPE is a consortium of leading European research institutions committed to prioritizing cancer prevention through cooperation between countries and programmes. The mission of CPE is to reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer in European populations through prevention and earlier detection of the disease.


This workshop will introduce the ongoing core activities of the CPE consortium, offering the participants the opportunity to engage with leading cancer prevention experts across several interactive, hands-on sessions. This workshop will cover:

  • Insights into new and emerging evidence and trends in primary and secondary prevention of cancer.
  • Understanding the research to implementation gaps and challenges for cancer prevention in Europe and what is at stake for public health specialists.

Exploring the CPE Multilingual on-line programme on primary and secondary prevention of cancer, which can help boost the knowledge of health promoters and public health specialists in Europe. The learning programme covers 13 modules based on the European Code Against Cancer 4th edition and 12 Modules on the latest evidence, myths, and controversies related to primary and secondary prevention of cancer.


The detailed programme is available here.


The registration fee is € 75 which includes networking lunch and refreshments.