Plenary 4: On the path to an equitable and sustainable digital future for European health systems

Friday 10 November, 14:00 – 15:00 Dublin time (UTC)

Organiser: WHO Regional Office for Europe 



Equitable, patient-centred approaches are at the centre of WHO/Europe’s regional digital health action plan 2023-2030[1] which was approved by Member States of the European Region at the 72nd session of the WHO Regional Committee. The Action Plan specifically identifies the need for WHO to “identify and examine the main impacts that gender and equity present in the adoption and scaling of digital health solutions in the Region.”

The session will be organised as a round table discussion to examine inequalities with regard to access to, and the use of data and digital technologies in health care and public health. Panellists will firstly discuss the factors which give rise to inequalities in access and use of data and digital technologies in health and then examine strategies for how the digital transformation of health systems going forward can address these barriers. They will be asked to reflect on the future of digital health systems in Europe and the ethical, policy, legal and technical actions required to ensure trust, safety and equitable access to health services and data digitally.

Finally, in line with the theme of the conference, panellists will be asked to extend the discussion to reflect upon the use of digital technologies in the context of sustainability and how the public health community can drive thinking around the agenda for the green digitalization of health.



  • Alisha Davies, Head of Research and Development, Public Health Wales, United Kingdom
  • Anna Odone, Full Professor of Public Health, University of Pavia, Italy; President EUPHA Digital health section
  • David Novillo Ortiz, Regional Adviser, Data and Digital Health, WHO Regional Office for Europe
  • Jerome de Barros, Policy Officer, Digital Health unit, Health and Food Safety Directorate General, European Commission


[1] Regional digital health action plan for the WHO European Region 2023–2030;