Berlin 2022 - Lunch symposiums

We are excited to announce an interesting programme of lunch symposiums on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November. Delegates who are registered for the main EPH Conference can attend these meetings free of charge. Get your lunch in the Exhibiton / Catering Area and take it to the session room.

Thursday 10 November, 12:45– 13:45

Enhancing pathways for vaccine assessments and national decision-making – a driver of resilient health systems

Organised by Vaccines Europe, room Alpha 3 

EU4Health Funding opportunities: grants and procurement

Organised by European Commission, Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), room Alpha 4 


Presentation WHO Europe report: 'Health and care workforce in Europe: time to act'

Organised by WHO Regional Office for Europe, room Beta 1 


Friday 11 November, 12:45– 13:45

How can mRNA science shape the future of public health?

Organised by Moderna, room Alpha 3

SHARP Joint Action - strengthening capacity in preparing for the unexpected  

Organised by SHARP Joint Action, room Alpha 4

Late Breaker: The war in Ukraine - an attack on health and human rights  

Organised by WHO Country Office in Ukraine and EPH Conference, room Alpha 6