Pre-conference: Healing Buildings, Building Healing / Mental health during the life course

Wednesday 28 November, 09:00 - 17:00

Organised by:

EUPHA Section on Public mental health, Politecnico Milan, Italy, European Commission, DG Research and Innovation



Aims of the pre-conference are to strengthen the knowledge of mental health problems in the EU and build a network of mental health professionals and architects and urban planners. Since designers have a key role in health protection and promotion, they should be involved, together with health professionals, in planning and designing processes considering the built environment as a place for living, working and relational exchanges.

Researchers and practitioners, both of technical and medical education, identified the need of an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach, in order to address the mental health problems of societies and cities in particular. There is an urgent need for joint action involving communities through a bottom-up approach to tackle this emerging mental health challenge.

The session on Mental health across the life course will focus on future priority areas for mental health research and policy. This will be the background for a moderated discussion among researchers, policy makers and beyond on how to link research closer to policy and implementation and how to strengthen cooperation between stakeholders in this area – You're invited to join the discussion!


  • Jutta Lindert, Professor of Public Health at Emden, Germany, and Brandeis University, Waltham, Boston, United States
  • Stefano Capolongo, Professor of Public Health at Politecnico, Milan, Italy, and Schools of Specialization in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Milan and Parma, Italy

Full programme of the pre-conference available here.


Workshop 'Architecture and urban context's design strategies to promote city users' healthy behaviours'

The Pre-conference has a follow-up workshop in the parallel programme of the main conference on Friday 30 November, 16:20-17:50. The workshop will focus on the use of urban planning strategies in promoting healthy lifestyles. Presentations by Iveta Nagyova and Luis Saboga Nunes, EUPHA, Joao Breda, WHO EURO, Daniela D’Alessandro, La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy and Stefano Capolongo, Politecnico, Milan, Italy

Full programme of the workshop available here.


Registration fee

The Pre-conference registration fee is € 20 which includes networking lunch and refreshments. If you wish to attend a pre-conference, but not the main conference, please use the online registration and click 'preconference only' to register.