Oral presentations

Oral sessions are live sessions of 60 minutes moderated by a chair person. The oral presentations are 8 minutes, which may not be exceeded. There are a maximum of 5 presentations in each oral session.

IMPORTANT: Your slides are needed by 27 October in order to create a full oral session.    

Your slides: 

  • For 8 minutes of presentation, you can prepare around 8 (maximum 10) slides in PowerPoint, including the introduction and end slide. 
  • Please don’t forget to take an extra copy of your presentation to Lisbon (USB-stick and/or send it to your Gmail/your Hotmail address). 
  • Be sure that the PowerPoint slides have the same layout all way through. 
  • Observe that the content of each slide is not too detailed.
  • The possibilities of animations are numerous. Please do not exaggerate. 
  • Graphs and figures are often better than tables at an oral presentation. Flow charts are very appropriate to describe material.
  • If you wish to add films or other sorts of interactive materials, please include these in the presentation (do not access them through internet, as this may not work to your satisfaction) and inform the EPH Conference Office beforehand.

Technical information:

  • An uploading system is used for all presentations at EPH Conference.
  • Please upload your file as a PowerPoint file, which must not exceed 15 Mb in size.
  • Your slides should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (wide screen).
  • Every room is equipped with a (digital) screen.  
  • If you have minor last minute changes, you can use the laptop available in the session room. Please make sure you are in your session room on time. 
  • Technical assistance is available. For the plenary room, technicians are permanently available. For the smaller session rooms, there are room attendants to assist you and one technician per four rooms for technical issues.
  • Bigger break-out rooms (more than 60 people) have 1 extra hand held microphone.

Upload your presentation by 27 October 2024.