FAQs presenters & accepted abstracts

Can I amend my accepted abstracts?

Yes, you can adjust your abstract between now and 15 July. After 15 July corrections to the abstract are NO LONGER possible.

Will the abstracts be published?

Yes, the accepted abstracts will be published in the electronic version of the Abstract Supplement of the European Journal of Public Health (impact factor in 2022: 4.4) under the condition the presenter registers for the Conference by 15 July.

Do I have to be registered?

Yes, all presenters have to be registered. If you do not register your abstract will be removed from the programme.

Should the co-authors (not the presenters) register?

No. Only the presenter has to register.

Should the co-authors (not the presenters) register if they want to see the poster?

Yes. Only the registered participants can see the posters or watch the presentation.

What are the technical details for the oral/poster presentation?

Please check the Presenter instructions.

When will the programme be available?

The programme will be posted at our webpage by 10th July.

Do I need to register if I am a presenter?

Yes, all presenters need to register and pay the registration fee.

Are there other deadlines I need to observe??

You can find all the relevant deadlines at the bottom right of the EPH Conference website.

When do I need to be in my session room?

Please come to your assigned session room 10 minutes in advance to fine-tune the session with the chairperson and other presenters.

When and where can I upload my slides/poster?

You are asked to upload your slides following the instructions at the end of this page, deadline 27 October.

I cannot find the upload section at my profile, why?

Firstly, are you a presenter? The upload section is available at the presenter's profile only. Secondly, are you registered to the conference? The section will be active only when you register to the Conference.

Can I change the presenting author of my abstract?

Yes, you can. Please log in to your account and change the presenter before 15 July. A new presenter has to be registered for the conference before the change.

What is the size of a poster?

Please check the Presenter instructions.

Do I need to print my poster?

No, all posters will be displayed electronically only. Please check the Presenter instructions.

When do I need to be next to my poster?

If you are included in a poster walk, please check the programme booklet or online programme on where your poster session is organized and come to your poster session about 10 minutes before the start of the session to meet the chairpersons. Please check the Presenter instructions.