Pre-conference: An introduction to Public Health Foresight Studies

Wednesday 20 November, 09:00 - 12:30, Room Endoume 4

Organised by:

EUPHA Section Public health monitoring and reporting


In most European countries, the effects of the ageing population will have an increasing societal impact in the coming decades. Alongside these demographic trends, other future trends such as economic growth, climate change and social-cultural changes will influence these societal impacts as well. These societal impacts include future challenges for public health and health care. To have a better understanding of, and to anticipate better on these future trends and challenges, the use of foresight methodologies can be very helpful. Where foresight methodology is common practice in other research fields (e.g. environment and economy), applications in the field of public health are still rather scarce. However, recently, there is a growing interest in public health foresight studies.

In this pre-conference, participants will get insight into what performing a comprehensive public health foresight study entails. Participants will learn about the various steps and the necessary skills and expertise in doing a foresight study. The Dutch Public Health Foresight Study 2018 will be used as a practical example. The pre-conference will be a mixture of presentations and hand-on exercises, for example on identifying and prioritizing key values and future trends regarding public health and health care.


This workshop is organized for experts and other stakeholders working in the field of public health with an interest in learning more about techniques to do foresight studies and how to link foresight studies to the policy making process.



Welcome, scope and objective of the preconference


A short introduction on foresight studies and scenario building, why are we doing this?


Interactive session 1: Identification of most important driving forces for future Public Health, and ranking them  by relevance and uncertainty


Coffee break


Interactive session 2: Identification of most important future trends in public health 


Interactive session 3: identification of values/perspectives on health of the participants


Results and how to link them to policy making: Lessons learned


Feedback round



Registration fee

The registration fee is € 70 which includes networking lunch and refreshments.