Marseille 2019 - Invitational workshops

We are excited to announce a series of invitational workshops at the Marseille conference. Invitational workshops are supported and organized by external partners. They are part of the parallel scientific programme and as such reviewed by the International Scientific Committee. They are free to attend by registered delegates of the main EPH Conference.

Transferring innovation in health systems:  The role of national mirror groups 

Organised by TO-REACH consortium.
Friday 22 November, 11:10 – 12:10, Room Riou

Bridging the health divide across the Mediterranean: an agenda for public health research and policy

Organised by EUPHA, WFPHA, SFSP.
Friday 22 November, 11:10 – 12:10, Room Callelongue Gradin

Paving the path to the health systems of the future 

Organised by CHAFEA, EUPHA, DG SANTE. 
Friday 22 November, 11:10 – 12:10, Room Sormiou

Population attributable fraction: methodologies, utilizations and translations into public health messages

Organised by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), INCa, France.
Friday 22  November, 14:50 – 15:50, Room Endoume 1

Implementing cost-effective policies to reduce the burden of alcohol in the European Region: national and local experiences? 

Organised by Interministerial Mission for Combating Drugs and Addictive Behaviours (MILDECA), France and WHO Regional Office for Europe.
Friday 22 November, 16:20 – 17:50, Room Endoume 4

New born screening in neuromuscular diseases 

Organised by AFM Telethon, France.  
Saturday 23 November, 13:40 – 15:10, Room Endoume 2