Pre-conference: European public health: collaboration, initiatives and new policies

Wednesday 28 November, 09:00 - 13:30 and 12:30 - 17:00

Organised by:

European Public Health Association (EUPHA)


Afternoon Session 15:30 - 17:00

Bridging research to policy to integrate care for older people in Europe

Organiser: AGE Platform, European Health Management Association (EHMA), International Foundation on Integrated Care (IFIC) and Vilans - on behalf of the SUSTAIN project 



Chairperson: Margrieta Langins, IFIC

Speakers: Borja Arrue (AGE Platform), Michele Calabro’ and Usman Khan (EHMA), Nick Zonneveld (Vilans).


  • Welcome by Maggie Langins
  • Intro about SUSTAIN by Michele Calabro’ - EHMA
  • How did our project work with Integrated Care sites by Nick Zonneveld - Vilans, The Netherlands
  • Research to Practice: the SUSTAIN Roadmap by Maggie Langins - IFIC and Usman Khan - EHMA
  • Quality care for older people in Europe & the role of SUSTAIN by Borja Arrue - AGE Platform Europe 
  • Interactive Discussion - moderatedby Usman Khan and Maggie Langins

Health and social care services for older people are often delivered in an uncoordinated way, which results in inadequate care and a sub-optimal use of resources. To advance the development of integrated care, the European Union, through Horizon 2020, funded the research project ‘SUSTAIN’, short for 'Sustainable Tailored Integrated Care for Older People in Europe’. SUSTAIN’s objectives are twofold:

  • to support and monitor improvements to established integrated care initiatives for older people living at home with multiple health and social care needs to move towards more person-centred, prevention-oriented, safe and efficient care; and
  • to contribute to the adoption and application of these improvements to other health and social care systems across Europe.

SUSTAIN partners worked in close collaboration with health and social care staff in 13 sites across 7 countries in Europe. This has involved working closely in a multilevel participatory process with local authorities, managers, professional, but also users and their carers to improve integrated care for older people.

Initiatives involved five different areas of care: home nursing services, transitional care, dementia care, primary care, and rehabilitative care. Experiences and results from the SUSTAIN activities are now being distilled in one of the key products from the project: the SUSTAIN Roadmap, a step-by-step guide for improving existing integrated care initiatives focused on improving integrated care for older persons living at home. The Roadmap revolves around the rationale of bridging the gaps between research, practice and health systems policy that is impeding the scaling up of innovations across Europe and transfer to other settings.

With that in mind, this workshop, following an introduction on the project, its activities and how they tackle quality care for older people, will be dedicated to present and discuss the SUSTAIN Roadmap, its contents, structure and its research-to-practice (R2P) potential. To achieve this objective, the audience will be engaged in an interactive discussion, which will give the chance to the workshop participants to debate about how the Roadmap could provide practical answers to overcome obstacles or speed up the implementation of integrated care in different settings.

Registration fee

The registration fee for the full preconference (3 sessions) is € 70, which includes networking lunch and refreshments. For delegates from Slovenia the fee is € 20 (lunch and refreshments included).