Pre-conference: Implement and prevent: cancer prevention across the life course

Tuesday 12 November, 9:00 – 12:30 Lisbon time (followed by network lunch)

Organised by

Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE) 


Extensive research in recent decades has advanced our understanding of the cancer incidence and prevention landscape in Europe. Despite representing only 10% of the global population, Europe accounts for a quarter of worldwide new cancer cases. Whilst there has been some major public health success, such as reduction in the prevalence of cigarette smoking and the consequent reduction of lung cancer incidence in most parts of Europe, translating what is known about modifiable cancer causes into effective prevention strategies has stalled. The implementation of effective cancer prevention interventions across Europe, tailored to population specific characteristics, remains a challenge due to political, cultural, sociodemographic, geographic, sex-specific and health policy disparities. Additionally, the incidence of certain cancers is increasing in young adults in some areas of Europe, highlighting the need to focus on a life-course approach to cancer prevention. Young adulthood may be an opportune time to establish, develop and sustain lifelong healthy behaviours to prevent cancer, and other chronic diseases.

The international and multidisciplinary consortium Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE) was created in 2018 to develop world-class cancer prevention research and enable its translation into effective prevention activities at the national and international level. CPE is a consortium of leading European research institutions committed to prioritizing cancer prevention through cooperation between countries and programmes. The mission of CPE is to reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer in European populations through prevention and earlier detection of the disease.


Aligned with the research priorities of CPE, this workshop will enable you to engage with researchers, clinicians and other public health professionals and utilise your expertise to discuss strategies to implement/address individual and structural changes to cancer prevention across Europe. You will participate in interactive activities, as you draw on your own knowledge and collaborate with other experts to identify the most effective strategies to help prevent cancer in adults at every stage of life. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Draw on latest evidence and trends in major modifiable risk factors for developing cancer across the life-course
  • Recognise the challenges and gaps in implementation of cancer prevention in Europe
  • Utilise your own experience to brainstorm approaches to overcome the challenges in implementation of cancer prevention / discuss and debate the range of approaches to overcome the challenges in implementation of cancer prevention
  • Identify effective implementation strategies, tailored as per local/regional context, that could be applied in Europe to prevent cancer throughout adulthood
  • Build capacity by shared learning and experiences
  • Collaborate and network with experts from CPE and across Europe 


The programme of the pre-conference will follow shortly.


The registration fee is EUR 75. Networking lunch and refreshments are included.