Code of Good Practice

Partners and commercial contributors working with EPH Conference Foundation are expected to follow the Code of Good Practice. The purpose of the Code of Good Practice EPH Conference is to organise the relationship between the Foundation and partners including commercial contributors and to provide an ethical and positive approach to co-operation and partnership.

Code of Good Practice 

The objective of the EPH Conference Foundation is to contribute to the preservation and improvement of public health in the European region through capacity building and knowledge building and all related, belonging and/or beneficial to this object in the largest definition possible.

The Foundation tries to achieve this objective through, inter alia, holding scientific conferences on public health in Europe at regular intervals at the initiative of the European Public Health Association. The Foundation does not aim to make a profit. 

The Foundation wants to be a trustworthy partner for its delegates, its partners, and its commercial contributors. Collaboration with partners and commercial contributors will be based on the principles of transparency and independence.

  • Transparency: information about the collaboration will be openly communicated.
  • Independence: the collaboration will not compromise the objective of the Foundation.