EPH Conference International Scientific Committee

The International Scientific Committee (ISC) is responsible for:

  • Advising the EPH-EB on scientific matters of the conference;
  • Scoring of all abstracts;
  • Contributing to the scientific evaluation of the conference.

Members of the ISC are:

  • key public health expert from every European country;
  • representatives from the host country;
  • representatives from the EUPHA sections;
  • volunteers nominated by EUPHA members and partner organisations.

Members are nominated for a period of three years. Re-nomination is possible. The ISC has its annual meeting in November during the conference. The EPH Conference Executive Board appoints the chair of the ISC for the year of the conference, upon advice from the Local Support Committee.

Chair of the International Scientific Committee 2022 is Prof Verena Vogt

Dr. Verena Vogt is junior professor for health care services research and quality management in the ambulatory care sector in the Faculty of Economics and Management at Technische Universität Berlin (Germany).  In 2017, she was a visiting scholar at the Menzies Centre for Health Policy (MCHP), University of Sydney. Before her appointment as junior professor, Verena was a research fellow at the Berlin University of Technology’s Department of Health Care Management and the Berlin Centre of Health Economics Research (BerlinHECOR). Her research activities focus on identifying practice-based care pathways and measuring low-value care in German routine data. In addition, she is exploring causes and effects of regional variation and social inequalites in health and health care and involved in evaluating innovative care projects for persons with multi-morbidity. In addition to her research activities, Verena is involved in teaching core modules at master levels in Public Health. 

Members of the ISC 2022:

Dr Oboh Achioyamen, United Kingdom
Prof Róza Ádány, Hungary
Dr Nina Adelberger, Germany
Prof Charles Agyemang, Netherlands
Prof Kristina Alexanderson, Sweden
Prof Peter Allebeck, Sweden
Mrs Tatiana Alves, Portugal
Prof Arja Aro, Finland
Prof Kevin Balanda, Ireland
Dr Gabriela Barbaglia, Spain
Dr Andrea Barbara, Italy
Dr Marleen Bekker, Netherlands
Prof Fabrizio Bert, Italy
Dr Regien Biesma-Blanco, Netherlands
Prof Johan Bilsen, Belgium
Dr Christopher Birt, United Kingdom
Dr Henrik Bøggild, Denmark
Dr Richard Bränström, Sweden
Prof Ute Bültmann, Netherlands
Prof Genc Burazeri, Albania
Prof Reinhard Busse, Germany
Dr Stefan Buttigieg, Malta
Dr John M Cachia, Malta
Prof Stefano Capolongo, Italy
Dr Marion Carey, Australia
Paloma Carrillo-Santisteve, Belgium
Dr Evangelia Chrysikou, United Kingdom
Prof Nesrin Cilingiroglu, Turkey
Dr Thomas Classen, Germany
Prof Nadav Davidovitch, Israel
Prof Judith de Jong, Netherlands
Prof Luis de Souza, Brazil
Prof Corrado De Vito, Italy
Prof Chiara de Waure, Italy
Prof Jordi (George) Delclos, United States
Prof Marie-Luise Dierks, Germany
Prof Julia Dratva, Switzerland
Natalie Durbeej, Sweden
Mr Gilles Dussault, Portugal
Dr Carlo Favaretti, Italy
Prof Rainer Fehr, Germany
Prof Patricia Fitzpatrick, Ireland
Dr Silvia Florescu, Romania
Prof Anders Foldspang, Denmark
Dr Kimberley Foley, United Kingdom
Mr Marthein Gaasbeek Janzen, Netherlands
Prof Maria Gańczak, Poland
Mr Manuel García Goñi, Spain
Prof Amandine Garde, United Kingdom
Dr Abby Gold, United States
Prof Beatriz González-Valcarcel, Spain
Prof Marcus Grant, United Kingdom
Prof Peter Groenewegen, Netherlands
Prof Giuseppe Grosso, Italy
Dr Stefano Guicciardi, Italy
Prof Catherine Hayes, Ireland
Dr Gunnel Hensing, Sweden
Dr Thomas Hone, United Kingdom
Prof Kate Hunt, United Kingdom
Mr Damir Ivankovic, Netherlands
Dr Danielle Jansen, Netherlands
Prof Marta Cecilia Jaramillo-Mejia, Colombia
Prof Marija Jevtic, Serbia
Prof Ramune Kalediene, Lithuania
Prof Ilona Koupil, Sweden
Prof Allan Krasnik, Denmark
Dr Ellen Kuhlmann, Germany
Dr Bernadette Kumar, Norway
Prof Tobias Kurth, Germany
Prof Giuseppe La Torre, Italy
Prof Lucie Laflamme, Sweden
Prof Alastair Leyland, United Kingdom
Prof Jutta Lindert, Germany
Dr Tomi Mäki-Opas, Finland
Prof Julian Mamo, Malta
Dr Marco Marchetti, Italy
Prof Piedad Martin-Olmedo, Spain
Dr Sara Mc Quinn, Ireland
Dr Odile Mekel, Germany
Prof Anjum Memon, United Kingdom
Mrs Monika Mensing, Germany
Dr Gabriele Messina, Italy
Mrs Joana Moreno, Portugal
Dr Anne Mosnier Mantel, France
Dr Iveta Nagyova, Slovakia
Prof Saoirse Nic Gabhainn, Ireland
Dr Emer O'Connell, Ireland
Prof Orkan Okan, Germany
Prof Nüket Paksoy Erbaydar, Turkey
Dr Maria Papadakaki, Greece
Prof Julian Perelman, Portugal
Prof Ivan Perry, Ireland
Dr Elena Petelos, Greece
Dr Paulo Pinheiro, Germany
Klaus D. Pluemer, Germany
Prof Ileana Prejbeanu, Romania
Prof Ossi Rahkonen, Finland
Dr Muhammad Aziz Rahman, Australia
Dr Bina Ram, United Kingdom
Prof Andrea Rebecchi, Italy
Dr Sofia Ribeiro, Portugal
Prof Eva Roos, Finland
Dr Nicole Rosenkötter, Germany
Prof Luís Saboga-Nunes, Portugal
Mr Rui Santana, Portugal
Prof João Vasco Santos, Portugal
Prof Milena Šantrić Milićević, Serbia
Prof Sonia Saxena, United Kingdom
Prof Andreia SilvaCosta, Portugal
Prof Anthony Staines, Ireland
Prof Danijela Stimac Grbic, Croatia
Prof Christiane Stock, Germany
Prof Saverio Stranges, Canada
Prof Birute Strukcinskiene, Lithuania
Dr Amets Suess Schwend, Spain
Prof Pernille Tanggaard Andersen, Denmark
Dr Marius-Ionut Ungureanu, Romania
Dr Arjan van der Star, Sweden
Dr Aurélie Van Hoye, Ireland
Ms Caroline Vass, United Kingdom
Dr M Luisa Vázquez Navarrete, Spain
Prof Arnoud Verhoeff, Netherlands
Prof Susana Viegas, Portugal
Prof Paolo Villari, Italy
Ms Verena Vogt, Germany
Prof Anne Vuillemin, France
Dr Georgina Warner, Sweden
Mr Greg Williams, United Kingdom
Prof Silviya Yankulovska, Bulgaria