Uršula Mavrič

Uršula Mavricˇ has a Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and works for the NGO No Excuse Slovenia as an expert on public health. Her working field in the organisation is mainly related to young people's mental health. She is a coordinator of three prevention programmes for primary school students on social skills developing, bullying prevention, low body image and eating disorder prevention. Prior to that, she gained experience in working with adolescents as a scout leader in the Slovenian Scouts Association and as a volunteer in the Association for Preventive Work. In her master's thesis, she has written about the use of social media in relation to self-esteem and narcissism and she has warned about negative effects of social media on youth. Her professional interests include developmental and clinical psychology, especially she is interested in self-esteem, anxiety and depression among adolescents. Recently she has focused on mental health issues caused by technology, which she finds worrying at times.