Tomo Križnar

Tomo Križnar is a Slovenian writer, documentary film-maker, human rights activist, journalist and a worldwide traveller. In 1980, Tomo, accompanied by a donkey and two goats, set off illegally to the Nuba Mountains in central Sudan. Since 1998, Tomo has been returning to the rebel-held mountains every year. He has been lobbying for peace in Sudan with other human rights activists, UN humanitarian agencies and other influential institutions round the globe ever since. He produced a documentary ‘Dar Fur – War for Water’ which showed that the ongoing war in Sudan, is not only a war for oil but above all - due to climate changes – a war for water. He also published a book on it, ‘Oil and Water’. The film received international awards such as the Premio Internazionale Cartagine Award in Verona (Italy) for peace, universal rights and journalism, and the award for best documentary film at the International Environmental Film Festival in Zaragoza (Spain).