Neha Pathak

Research Training Fellow, University College London, United Kingdom

Neha Pathak is a doctor specialising in community sexual and reproductive health at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS trust and a UCL Wellcome Trust clinical research training fellow. She is driven by a core belief that sexual and reproductive health is a fundamental human right which underpins her research and clinical work. She has published high profile research and consulted for the World Health Organization, Scottish government, and not-for-profit organisations on her areas of expertise. At UCL, she is focusing on the power of big data to answer real-world public health questions to improve the health of international migrants in the United Kingdom. She is leading a programme of work in primary care electronic health record data of more than 1 million international migrants to understand how this potentially underserved group access healthcare in the UK. Her ultimate goal is to find ways to use big data to advocate for equitable access to healthcare for vulnerable groups such as migrants.