Kaisa Immonen

Director of Policy European Patients’ Forum (EPF)

Kaisa Immonen, MA, is Director of Policy at the European Patients’ Forum (EPF). She has Masters degrees in Health Policy and International Relations. She leads EPF’s policy and advocacy team, provides strategic advice and policy analysis, and maintains high-level relationships with EU and international organisations and stakeholders. She was the co-chair of the European Medicines Agency’s Patients and Consumers Working Party in 2016-1022 and participated in the EMA’s COVID-19 task force in 2020-22. She represents EPF on the OECD’s Health Care Quality and Outcomes working party, the International advisory group for the OECD PaRIS initiatives, and the CIOMS working group XI on patient involvement. In her personal capacity she is a member of The BMJ Patient Panel. Her personal interests include patient and citizen participation in healthcare improvement, patient safety, and health literacy.