Gunhild A. Stordalen

Founder and Executive Chair EAT Foundation

Gunhild A. Stordalen is the founder and executive chair of EAT and a transformative force in linking climate, health, and sustainability to revolutionize the global food system. She has brought together world leaders, scientists, business leaders and NGOs to address one of the most critical questions of our time: How can we create sustainable, resilient, and just food systems that deliver healthy diets for everyone, everywhere? She started EAT in 2013 as a global initiative together with her co-founder Johan Rockstrom. In 2016, they joined forces with Wellcome Trust, and established EAT as a foundation with a science-based multi-stakeholder approach to solving the world´s food issues, making a lasting impact on food security and environmental sustainability. Gunhild’s commitment to a healthy, sustainable and just future has earned her accolades such as being named WWF Sweden’s Environmental Hero of the Year, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and the UN Foundation’s Global Leadership Award. Gunhild Stordalen is a medical doctor from the University of Oslo and holds a PhD in pathology/orthopedic surgery. She is involved in numerous boards and councils, including the United Nation’s Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Lead Group, the World Economic Forum (WEF) Stewardship Board on Food Systems, and the Stockholm Resilience Center.