Anna Pearce - , Research Fellow, University of Glasgow

Dr Anna Pearce is a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow. She has fifteen years of experience researching socio-economic inequalities in child health, with a focus on analysing secondary data to understand the pathways through which inequalities in children’s health emerge and options for their reduction. Once a user of ‘Baron and Kenny’, Anna has spent the past five years developing an appreciation of advanced mediation methods and applying them in her own research. As a social epidemiologist with limited formal statistical training, she enjoys the experience of sharing with other researchers the exciting opportunities that advanced mediation methods offer in accessible way.

She is an Honorary Lecturer at the UCL Institute of Child Health, an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and Honorary Treasurer of the Society of Social Medicine and Population Health. She was previously Associate Statistical Editor for the Journal of Child Health Care. She has received >£1,000,000 funding, including in personal awards from the Wellcome Trust and UK Medical Research Council, and for the application of causal mediation methods for understanding health inequalities.