Pre-conference: Precarious Employment - Harmonized Definition and Reporting in Public Health

Wednesday 9 November, 9:00 – 17:00 CET


Organised by:

Precarious Employment Network, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden


Precarious employment is a social determinant that affects the health of workers and families. To date, a number of useful attempts have been made to define precarious employment, but there is no consensus on a common definition. In recent systematic reviews we have also identified many methodological issues with regard to study design, exposure assessment and reporting of results. This severely hampers the comparison of studies both within and between countries and consequently reduces the applicability of research findings, despite high societal relevance.


The purpose of this pre-conference is to provide a platform for researchers seeking a common, actionable definition of precarious employment, and working to establish guidelines for collecting and reporting data on precarious employment.


Both before the conference and after, researchers will be able to participate in an online Delphi process (a structured communication method used to reach consensus among experts).The output from the pre-conference will be a consensus document on a definition of precarious employment. We will also produce guidelines with a public health perspective for:

  1. how to measure, using different research methodologies (surveys, registers, interviews, etc.),
  2. how to conduct studies in order to avoid different types of bias and causation issues,
  3. preferred reporting and structure in order to make future studies comparable.


Read more here. The detailed propgramme will follow soon.

Contact information

Theo Bodin MD PhD
Associate Professor, Unit of Occupational Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Director, Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Stockholm Region, Sweden
theo.bodin (at)


The pre-conference is financially supported and the registration fee is only EUR 20. Networking lunch and refreshments are included. Number of registrations is limited.