Pitch presentations

All pitch sessions are 60 minutes filled with a maximum of 8 presentations. Pitch presentations are oral presentations of 5 minutes, there will be 8 pitches of each 5 minutes in one pitch session and 20 minutes left for questions.

IMPORTANT: Your slides are needed by 28 October in order to create a full pitch session.

Your slides: 

  • For pitch presentations, the conference has a maximum of 5 PowerPoint slides (including introduction and end slides!). Please note that if you have more slides, the presentation will not be validated.
  • Please don’t forget to take an extra copy of your presentation to Berlin (USB-stick and/or send it to your Gmail/your Hotmail address). 
  • Be sure that the PowerPoint slides have the same layout all way through. 
  • Observe that the content of each slide is not too detailed.
  • Avoid showing big tables (‘busy slides’) and then ask the audience just to concentrate on a small part of the table. Prepare the results specific for your presentation.
  • Graphs and figures are often better than tables at an oral presentation. Flow charts are very appropriate to describe material.
  • Films and other interactive material or animations are not possible.

Technical information:

  • An uploading system is used for all presentations at EPH Conference.
  • Please upload your file as a PowerPoint file, which must not exceed 15 Mb in size.
  • Your slides should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (wide screen).
  • Every room is equipped with a (digital) screen.  
  • If you have a small last minute change, you can use the laptop available in the room. Please make sure you are in your break out room as early as possible!
  • Technical assistance is available. For the plenary room, technicians are permanently available. For the smaller rooms, there is approx. one technician per 4 rooms. Your room attendant can assist you as well.
  • Bigger break out rooms (more than 60 people) have 1 extra hand held microphone.