Lunch symposium: Enabling health and care systems transformation through the THCS partnership  

Thursday 9 November, 12:50 – 13:50 (Dublin time) 

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Organised by European Partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS)


Health and care systems in Europe face common challenges that demand harmonized and coordinated solutions. The European Partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS) presents a unique opportunity to unify stakeholders, foster synergies, coordinate Research and Innovation actions, facilitate digitalization of health and care services, and drive transformation through innovative, evidence-based solutions.

THCS, a Co-fund action within the Horizon Europe Programme, supports coordinated national and regional research and innovation programs, alongside capacity building, networking, dissemination, and other activities crucial for health and care systems' transformation. The core of THCS's activities lies in funding research and innovation projects through transnational calls, engaging numerous Research and Innovation Funding Organisations. The objective is to contribute to transitioning towards sustainable, efficient, resilient, inclusive, innovative, and people-centred health and care systems accessible to all. THCS goes beyond generating knowledge; it aims to co-design solutions and facilitate their transfer and scaling across countries and regions, all while promoting capacity building. Implementation success relies on three primary work streams:

  1. Filling Knowledge Gaps: Conducting research to provide necessary evidence.
  2. Implementation and Transfer: Supporting the testing and adaptability of existing solutions in diverse contexts.
  3. Boosting Systems: Engaging in capacity building, training, study visits, twinning, and networking with various health and care stakeholders.

These work streams align within four pillars, structured across ten Work Packages, collaboratively working to achieve the Partnership's objectives. THCS envisions enhancing people's health in Europe by transforming health and care systems into high-quality, accessible, sustainable, efficient, resilient, and inclusive structures. This vision translates into actions like enhancing researcher engagement, leveraging research outcomes for evidence-based strategies, implementing innovative care delivery methods, planning efficient investments, fostering ecosystems, improving digital and health literacy, and facilitating cross-border cooperation and knowledge exchange.The Partnership seeks to catalyse global and long-term changes within health and care research and innovation ecosystems, emphasizing the entire knowledge and innovation cycle. This emphasis includes driving implementation, informing policy and practice, and enhancing health and care capacity.

While THCS may not yet be widely recognized among researchers, this symposium serves as a vital introduction to the program for EPH Conference delegates.


Introduction to the THCS programme
Sabrina Montante, THCS Partnership Coordinating Team

Principles governing RDI funding calls within THCS
THCS Partnership Coordinating Team

Assessing trends and requirements for research, development, and innovation (RDI) and capacity building in European health and care systems
Johan Hansen, Senior Researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL)

A scoping review on the methodological frameworks for supporting transferability and implementation of practices in health and care systems
Juha Koivisto, Chief Specialist, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)


Registration is not required. Delegates who are registered for the main EPH Conference can attend free of charge. Get your lunch in the Exhibiton / Catering Area, walk in and join the session.