Lunch symposium: The making of a leader: women leaders in Public Health. A session for young public health professionals  

Thursday 9 November, 12:50 – 13:50 (Dublin time) 

Organised by:

WHO Regional Office for Europe, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), EUPHAnxt 


  • Emilia Aragón de León, Division of Country Health Policies and Systems, WHO Regional Office for Europe
  • Monica Georgiana Brînzac, EUPHAnxt coordinator and Research Assistant, Department of Public Health, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Alba Gil, Policy Officer European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)


  • Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, Director of Health Policies and Systems, WHO Regional Office for Europe
  • Kasia Czabanowska, Professor in Public Health Leadership and Workforce Development, Head of the Department of International Health, Maastricht University, Netherlands
  • Milka Sokolović, Director General European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)
  • Iveta Nagyova, President European Public Health Association (EUPHA)


This session is an intergenerational conversation where women who are holding leadership positions share their learnings and tools based on their experience. The guests are politicians, activists and academics. Led by the audience, we will delve into the panelists’ different trajectories towards successful careers in public health, and explore how to keep and nurture mental and physical health along the way, balance personal and professional lives, how to communicate and connect with others, manage teamwork and collaborations, maintain perspective while dealing with “fame” and busy schedules. But above all how to be authentic and compassionate while being strong and delivering the results.


Registration is not required. Delegates who are registered for the main EPH Conference can attend free of charge. Get your lunch in the Exhibiton / Catering Area, walk in and join the session.