Lunch symposium: Our Food, Our Health, Our Planet: EU funding opportunities  

Thursday 9 November, 12:50 – 13:50 (Dublin time) 

Organised by:

European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)

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The aim of the symposium is to present HaDEA and provide hands-on information on the EU4Health programme in terms of funding opportunities and results. The objective is to give greater visibility to HaDEA and inform about ongoing and upcoming EU4Health calls. As a result of the symposium, the participants will gain a better understanding of how the EU4Health programme works and help to raise awareness of the programme in their home organisations/countries/networks (as potential applicants and as multipliers). This will lead to a greater number of high-quality applications to EU4Health calls managed by HaDEA.

Alongside speakers from HaDEA, the Irish EU4Health National Focal Point (NFP) will explain how they promote the programme and share information on the application process with stakeholders. In addition, the NFP will present their experience with the EU4Health programme and highlight a few successful projects.

Overall, this symposium will contribute to the general objective of the EPH Conference: to increase the capacity and knowledge of the audience around innovative programs to implement better public health systems across the EU.


The EU4Health programme is the 4th EU funding programme in the field of health. Adopted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it represents the most ambitious European Health Programme yet, providing substantial financial support to post-COVID-19 recovery efforts and the resilience of European healthcare systems, as well as the EU’s preparedness in facing major cross-border health threats such as large-scale communicable disease outbreaks. Further main objectives include strengthening the compatibility of health systems and policies across the EU and addressing long-term challenges in public health, such as antimicrobial resistance, access to medicinal products, and non-communicable diseases; there is a cross-cutting focus on cancer (Regulation (EU) 2021/522, 2021).

Format and key questions

This symposium will be conducted in the format of a training/workshop and will:

  • Give an overview of the current EU4Health programme, recent and upcoming calls and funding opportunities (grants and procurement) and
  • Introduce the roles of EU4Health National Focal Points (NFPs), discuss their work with key stakeholders, and look at success stories in implementing EU4Health actions.


  • Introduction to HaDEA and the programmes managed by the Agency in the area of health, including synergies
    Marina Zanchi, Director of HaDEA
  • Grants in the EU4Health programme
    Florina Telea, Head of Unit, HaDEA A1
  • Procurement in the EU4Health programme
    Agnès Mathieu-Mendes, Head of Unit, HaDEA A2
  • The role of EU4Health National Focal Points in liaising between the EU and potential applicants at national level
    Amanda Daly, NFP, Ireland


Registration is not required. Delegates who are registered for the main EPH Conference can attend free of charge. Get your lunch in the Exhibiton / Catering Area, walk in and join the session.