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Sustaining resilient and
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Stockholm, Sweden
1 - 4 November 2017

Greening the EPH Conference 2017


EPH Conference is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the conference and finding ways to be more environmentally responsible. Here are some initiatives we have taken to help minimize the impact of the conference on the environment.

Travel CO2 neutral

We encourage our delegates to reduce the effect of their air travel on the climate. You can help by flying CO2 neutral with the CO2ZERO compensation service of your air travel company.

Our suppliers

Our conference suppliers do everything they can to limit the environmental impact of their products and services.

All restaurants at Stockholmsmässan are licensed to use the Nordic Ecolabel. The catering company Mässrestauranger AB is certified with the environmental friendly certification called KRAV. A KRAV-certification proves that a product is produced with an organic standard, with additional standards for animal care, health, social responsibility and climate impact.

Stockholmsmässan is also committed to play their part in positive community development.  They are currently supporting Ung Företagsamhet (Young Enterprise), Stockholm Winter Games and the Natur & Miljöpärmen educational scheme.

The Munchen Bryggeriet, location of the Conference Dinner and Dance, has been ecolabelled for many years. They strive to reduce the negative environmental impact of their events by encouraging practices that minimize the environmental impact. Their goal is to become one of Stockholm’s most sustainable event facility.

The location of the Welcome Reception, Stockholm’s famous City hall is owned by the Municipality of Stockholm whose goal it is to make Stockholm fossil free by 2040. This means that no heating or electricity and no transportation is done with fossil fuels such as oil or coal.

EUPHA's Green Club

EUPHA has established a working group of environmental experts and environment-conscious colleagues to advice both EUPHA and the EPH Conference Foundation in their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the conference. The Green Club is intended to brainstorm and advice the organisers of the annual EPH Conferences on how to decrease the impact on the environment.