Jouke van der Zee Fund

For many years, the European Public Health Association and the EPH Conference Foundation have been supporting participants from low- and middle-income countries to attend the annual EPH Conferences and build capacity as well as present at the annual EPH Conferences to showcase their research and work. In 2020, we decided to combine our efforts in contributing to the preservation and improvement of public health in the European region by creating the Jouke van der Zee Fund.
Prof Dr Jouke van der Zee was one of the founding members of EUPHA in 1992 and initiator of the first European Public Health conference. Throughout the years, Prof. van der Zee and his institute – NIVEL – were the drivers of EUPHA office.

The Jouke van der Zee Fund is very pleased to offer a number of registration fee waivers to the European Public Health Conference 2021. The waivers for 2021 include registration fee to the main conference only. The grant is intended for delegates that have not already paid for their registration fee and those that cannot afford to pay for it.

You may apply for a waiver if you:

  1. come from lower-middle and upper-middle income countries in the WHO European Region (as classified by the World Bank) and have an active function at the EPH Conference, such as an oral or poster presentation or being a speaker/panelist in a workshop or
  2. are active in one or more EUPHA/EPH Conference committees (e.g. International Scientific Committee or EUPHA Governing Board)

Please note: A higher score on your abstract gives you more chance for a waiver.

If you would like to apply please, contact us at r.klarecki(at) and send us:

  • Abstract number
  • Country of residence
  • Information on your activities in EUPHA/EPH Conference committees in 2021
  • Email topic: Jouke van der Zee Fund application

Deadline: 27 June 2021