EPH Conference Office

The EPH Conference Office (EPH-CO) is responsible for the planning and organisation of the EPH Conference. The EPH-CO collaborates intensively with the Chair of the Conference, ISC and ICC. It is supervised by the EPH Conference Executive Board. The EPH-CO is, amongst in many tasks, responsible for: budget control; contracting the conference venue and suppliers; organising the abstract handling process; preparing the conference programme; contacting and instructing presenters and speakers of parallel and plenary sessions.

EPH Conference Office is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Our small and dedicated team brings a wealth of experience in organising international conferences and events.

Charlotte Marchandise
Executive Director
Floris Barnhoorn
Deputy Director
Robert Klarecki
Internal Coordinator
Conference Officer
Lydia Rink
External Conference Coordinator (PCO)
Registration Officer
Jessica van Diemen
Exhibition Officer
José Velthuis
Office Manager
Ingeborg Vlug
Financial Officer