Thursday 21st Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Thu 21st
A. Solidarity in health 1.A. - Pitch presentations: Determinants of health equity
Quantitative research on health determinants in high-income countries: Systematic literature review
Vladimira Varbanova - Belgium

Community based approach to address health disparities among Roma in North Macedonia
Borjan Pavlovski - Macedonia

Mapping perspectives of inhabitants and professionals in deprived neighborhoods in the Netherlands
Charlot Lugtigheid - Netherlands

Equality of Opportunity and Mortality in Europe
Alexi Gugushvili - United Kingdom

Exploring social inequalities in the use and experience of prenatal care in Brussels.
Claudia Schönborn - Belgium

Gender inequality in self-reported health and its evolution in Europe between 2004 and 2016
Luis Roxo - Portugal

Food insecurity and social determinants of students’ low adherence to the Mediterranean diet
Thomas Tsiampalis - Greece

Intercultural opening: participant observation in two hospitals and two outpatient care services
Lisa Peppler - Germany

Thu 21st
B. Migration and health Robert Koch Institute 1.B. - Workshop: How to include migrant and refugee populations health monitoring and surveillance in Europe
Chairperson(s): Claudia Santos-Hövener - Germany, Nicole Rosenkötter - EUPHA (PHMR)

Collecting high-quality survey data on hard-to-reach populations: lessons from Finland
Shadia Rask - Finland

To measure the health status and health behavior of migrants: the Italian experience of the survey on Social Condition and Integration of Foreign Citizens (SCIF)
Paola Mucciteli - Italy

The IMIRA (Improving Health Monitoring in Migrant Populations)-project in Germany –Lessons learned und implications for health monitoring
Claudia Santos-Hövener - Germany

Thu 21st
D. European and global health 1.D. - Oral presentations: Global health and migration
Dyslipidaemia among Ghanaian migrants in Europe and their compatriots in Ghana: the RODAM Study
Eva van der Linden - Netherlands

Metabolic syndrome among Ghanaian migrants and their homeland counterparts: the RODAM study
Eva van der Linden - Netherlands

Hyperuricemia And Estimated Cardiovascular Risk Among Migrant and non-migrant Africans.
Felix Chilunga - Netherlands

“Queer Migrants Welcome” in Public Health Teaching
Yudit Namer - Germany

Vaccination status of migrant populations in EU/EEA countries and implications for VPD control
Sally Hargreaves - United Kingdom

Thu 21st
E. Public health policy and politics University of Michigan 1.E. - Workshop: Comparative Public Health: Politics, science, and professionalism
Chairperson(s): Marleen Bekker - EUPHA (PHPP), Karine Chevreul - France

France: A Public health system built on competing paradigms
Sarah Rozenblum - United States

Germany: The reformation of public health
Michelle Falkenbach - United States

The United States: A system built on fragmentation
N'dea Moore-Petinak - United States

The politics of public health in the United Kingdom between medical, social, and local
Scott Greer - United States

Thu 21st
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health 1.F. - Pitch presentations: Predictors of adolescent health and well being
Effectiveness of school-based interventions to prevent anxiety & depression in young people
Deborah Caldwell - United Kingdom

Are lifestyle behaviors correlated to mental health disorders in medical students?
Houda Ben Ayed - Tunisia

Higher Education Students’ Mental Health Problems: Results from the Norwegian SHOT study
Tormod Bøe - Norway

Chronic sleep deprivation and adolescent health: Two longitudinal studies of youth in Western Canada
Annalijn Conklin - Canada

Italian adolescents and sexual health: what has changed during the last 20 years?
Carlotta Lorenzini - Italy

Does adolescents like modern sports experiences? A trivial question for a major public health stake.
Maxime Luiggi - France

Adolescents with intellectual disability (ID) and their perceptions of activity and sports
Elisabeth Hansen - Sweden

Psychosocial difficulties, obesity and disadvantage in a cohort of Irish children.
Mckenzie Dow - Ireland

Thu 21st
G. Chronic diseases 1.G. - Oral presentations: The burden of multiple chronic conditions
Prospective study on chronic diseases and healthcare costs for the south of France region, 2016-2028
Berengere Davin - France

Patients with more comorbidities have better detection but poorer management of chronic diseases
Grace Sum - Singapore

The concurrence of chronic diseases among unemployed and employed persons: a register-based study
Berivan Yildiz - Netherlands

Depressive symptoms, neuroticism and participation in breast and cervical cancer screening in the UK
Claire Niedzwiedz - United Kingdom

Socioeconomic trajectories and risk of hospitalization in the Moli-sani Study cohort
Marialaura Bonaccio - Italy

Thu 21st
H. Health services research, systems and economics 1.H. - Pitch presentations: Prediction and control of health care costs
No UHC without medicines: out-of-pocket payments for non-communicable diseases in 18 countries
Adrianna Murphy - United Kingdom

Economic evaluation of the Austrian telephone-based triage system
Herwig Ostermann - Austria

Activity-based hospital payments: a qualitative evaluation by Israeli managers and physicians
Ruth Waitzberg - Israel

Expansion of activity-based hospital payment in Israel: evaluation of effects on inpatient activity
Ruth Waitzberg - Israel

Impact of mental illness on in-patient hospital costs for somatic disorders and associated factors
Morgane Michel - France

Country comparison study on costs associated to avoidable hospital admissions: Brazil and Portugal
Joao Victor Rocha - Portugal

outsourced management service to guarantee safety and cost-effectiveness in pediatric cardiac surgery
Jacopo Ceradini - Italy

Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM) Care Pathway and its cost analysis
Martina Giusti - Italy

Thu 21st
I. Infectious diseases control 1.I. - Oral presentations: Surveillance and control of infectious diseases
Area deprivation and notifiable infectious diseases in Germany: A longitudinal small-area analysis
Sven Rohleder - Germany

Sustainable Development Goals and the challenge of Human resources for health in Congo
Gilbert Ndziessi - Congo (Brazzaville)

Untreated alcohol use disorder in people who inject drugs: a major barrier to HCV treatment uptake
Tangui Barré - France

Discrimination of people living with hiv/aids: a survey with dentists in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
Jean-Claude Guinan - Canada

Predictors of overall mortality among people living with HIV/AIDS in Brazil, 2007-2015
Melina Erica Santos - France

Thu 21st
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities 1.K. - Oral presentations: Epidemiology and management of mental illness
Life events as predictors for depression in men and women: A Finnish twin study
Maarit Piirtola - Finland

The Economic and Mental Health Impact of IAPT: Pragmatic Trial in Three English Regions
Veronica Toffolutti - Italy

Are Patients with Subclinical Hypothyroidism at Risk of Depressive Symptoms?
Lea Wildisen - Switzerland

Effectiveness of Prompt Mental Health Care: Preliminary results from a randomized controlled trial
Marit Knapstad - Norway

Mental illness prevention in post-ACS men: A partcipatory action research
Jalila Jbilou - Canada

Thu 21st
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer 1.L. - Pitch presentations: Cancer: epidemiology, screening and care
Economic burden of cancer from 2012 to 2017 based on the French national claim database (SNDS)
Dorian Verboux - France

Speedy, predictable and secure cancer care? Introducing cancer patient pathways in Norway
Line Melby - Norway

Estimation of the epidemiological impact of the organized screening program for colorectal cancer
Stephanie Barre - France

Quantifying the impact of adherence to screening on colorectal cancer incidence and mortality
Elvira D'Andrea - Italy

Barriers and facilitators on cervical cancer screening among HIV women in Cote d’Ivoire
Keitly Mensah - France

Employment two years after breast cancer diagnosis: role of household characteristics, CANTO cohort
Elsa Caumette - France

The effect of breast cancer on work participation in different sectors. A Danish registry based study
Laura Jensen - Denmark

Socio-economic position across the lifecourse and risk of breast cancer: findings from EPIC-Italy
Eloïse Berger - France

Thu 21st
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition 1.M. - Oral presentations: Globalisation, dietary evolution and health
Does trade liberalisation affect food insecurity among the world's poorest household?
Aaron Reeves - United Kingdom

Ultra-processed food intake and cardiovascular disease risk in the NutriNet-Santé prospective cohort
Bernard Srour - France

Traditional Eastern European diet and its relationship with mortality: results from the HAPIEE study
Denes Stefler - United Kingdom

Mediterranean diet and risk of first hospitalization for heart failure and atrial fibrillation
Marialaura Bonaccio - Italy

Association between fast-food outlet exposure and Body Mass Index in 124,286 Lifelines participants.
Carel-Peter van Erpecum - Netherlands

Thu 21st
N. Health information and health literacy 1.N. - Pitch presentations: Health literacy
Evaluation of Education for Public Health: A Practical Foundation for Solidarity
Mikko Perkiö - Finland

We’re making individuals more “health literate” but what about communities?
Candan Kendir - France

Building bridges takes time: Views of healthcare professionals on health literacy and migration
Annika Baumeister - Germany

Potentials of school nursing for strengthening health literacy: a 2017/18 German longitudinal survey
Elke de Buhr - Germany

Social gradient in health literacy among primary healthcare users in Cyprus.
Christiana Nicolaou - Cyprus

Association between occupational situation and health literacy: A Danish population-based survey
Gabriele Berg-Beckhoff - Denmark

Digital health literacy of health care profession students
Julia Dratva - Switzerland

Information seeking and knowledge on in-home care services in a representative sample in Switzerland
Sarah Mantwill - Switzerland

Thu 21st
O. Global health and environmental change EUPHA (PMH), EUPHA (ENV) 1.O. - Workshop: Building bridges between environmental and Public Mental health
Chairperson(s): Jutta Lindert - EUPHA (PMH), Marija Jevtic - EUPHA (ENV)

Prevention of mental health effects by climate change and environmental drivers
Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV)

Environmental Challenges as Mental Health risks and oppotunities in the light of SDGs
Marija Jevtic - EUPHA (ENV)

Environment and mental health – developing a research agenda
Jutta Lindert - EUPHA (PMH)

Thu 21st
P. Data, evidence and practice 1.P. - Oral presentations: Understanding the evidence and novel approaches to health
“Brave men” and “emotional women”: A literature review on gendered norms towards patients with pain
Anke Samulowitz - Sweden

The association between screen time and psychological distress in Norwegian adolescents
Annette Løvheim Kleppang - Norway

Sense of belonging and its association with health among people of foreign background in Finland
Anna Seppänen - Finland

G-CSF spending: Cost Impact of an intervention conducted in a French area: Pays-de-la-Loire
Chaslerie Anicet - France

Thu 21st
Q. Health workforce / Health at work 1.Q. - Oral presentations: Paid work, sickness absence and workforce management
Emotional demands at work and risk of long-term sickness absence among 1.5 million Danish employees
Elisabeth Framke - Denmark

Labor market outcomes before and after first episode of part-time sickness absence
Jenni Ervasti - Finland

Work-pressure, job-satisfaction and turnover intentions among health managers in Serbia
Milena Šantrić Milićević - Serbia

A life course analysis of income and incident AMI - a Danish register based cohort study
Rikke Lund - Denmark

Vaccination role on abseteeism during a severe flu season: following the Global Influenza Strategy
Omar Kakaa - Italy

Poster walks - Thursday 21st Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Thu 21st
1.R. - Poster walk: Health promotion, health literacy
1.R.1 - EnCLASS: an innovative project merging 2 international surveys (HBSC/ESPAD) among French students
Emmanuelle Godeau - France

1.R.2 - What if we combine Quit and win and individual approach to help smokers quit at the community level?
Jasmina Kovačević - Croatia

1.R.3 - Acceptability of WHO “Best Buys” for reducing harmful drinking among Hong Kong Chinese Adults
Jean Kim - China

1.R.4 - Past and objectively assessed current smoking behavior of IQOS shops customers
Effie Panagiotopoulou - Greece

1.R.5 - Effective elements of Dutch care-physical activity initiatives for low socioeconomic status adults
Annemarie Wagemakers - Netherlands

1.R.6 - Integration of the oral health module in the Stepwise method in Senegal
Aida Kanouté - Senegal

1.R.7 - Health promotion at residential facilities for people with mental and intellectual disabilities
Maj Britt Dahl Nielsen - Estonia

1.R.8 - Examining multi-layer constraints on activity engagement among older adults
Sunwoo Lee - Czech Republic

1.R.9 - The Association of Socio-demographic Determinants and Self-Perceived Health of Disabled People
Sonja Susnjevic - Serbia

1.R.10 - Reliability and Validity of Disability Literacy Scale for Medical School Students
Sevil Aydoğan - Turkey

1.R.11 - Validating a model & self-assessment tool to measure organizational health literacy in hospitals
Jürgen M Pelikan - Austria

1.R.12 - The role of health literacy in long-term treatment outcomes in psychosocial care for adolescents
Lindy Beukema - Netherlands

1.R.13 - Digital health literacy among adults living in the community in Singapore
Jade Soh - Singapore

1.R.14 - Health Literacy of Hearing-Impaired High School Students, Some of the Problem, and their Expectations
Kamer Gür - Turkey

1.R.15 - Beliefs About Medicines: Differences in cholesterol treatment adherence among the Visegrad countries
Klara Boruzs - Hungary

Thu 21st
1.S. - Poster walk: Migrants and access to care
1.S.1 - Trust in health care systems Arab minority, Jewish immigrant and non-immigrant
Ronit Pinchas-Mizrachi - Israel

1.S.2 - Understanding racism in Swedish healthcare
Sarah Hamed - Sweden

1.S.3 - Information and communication technology-based interventions to support healthcare in migrants
Fabrizio Giovanni Vaccaro - Italy

1.S.4 - Racial discrimination and biological dysregulation among Indigenous adults: The role of culture
Cheryl Currie - Canada

1.S.5 - Evaluation of the use of standardized methods to identify mental health problems among refugees
Sara Delilovic - Sweden

1.S.6 - Migrants and access to healthcare: the Italian public health residents action plan
Leonardo Mammana - Italy

1.S.7 - Breast cancer by migrant origin in Belgium: lower risk, worse survival among non-European women?
Wanda Van Hemelrijck - Belgium

1.S.8 - Co-designing a health worker training module with people seeking sanctuary
Rebecca Scott - United Kingdom

1.S.9 - A first assessment of the electronic health insurance card for asylum seekers in Berlin
Nora Gottlieb - Germany

1.S.10 - Health assessment of newly arrived refugees to the Municipality of Copenhagen, Denmark
Mathilde Horn Andersen - Denmark

1.S.11 - Communication between GPs and dementia patients with a migrant background: a need for support?
Judith Tillmann - Germany

1.S.12 - Subjective status comparisons and depressive symptoms among migrants and refugees to Germany
Jens Hoebel - Germany

1.S.13 - Your Health, Your Faith: HIV prevention with African faith-based communities in Germany
Tanja Gangarova - Germany

1.S.14 - Predictors of Late Presentation for HIV among HIV-positive Tajik Migrants to the Russian Federation
Daniel Bromberg - United States

1.S.15 - Does the ehealth card facilitate access to healthcare from the point of view of refugees in Germany?
Kristin Rolke - Germany

Thursday 21st Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Thu 21st
A. Solidarity in health 2.A. - Oral presentations: Poverty homelessness and health
Household Income, Life Expectancy and Cause Specific Mortality in Norway, 2005-2015
Simon Øverland - Norway

Economic hardship over twenty-two consecutive years of adult life and markers of early ageing
Else Foverskov - Denmark

Long-term effects of a housing support intervention in homeless people with severe mental illness
Coralie Lemoine - France

Europeans’ willingness to pay for ending homelessness: a contingent valuation study
Sandrine Loubiere - France

Do financial difficulties affect health? A study among older adults in Switzerland
Magali Dumontet - France

Thu 21st
B. Migration and health MyHealth Project 2.B. - Workshop: Developing interventions to improve migrants’ healthcare access in Europe
Chairperson(s): Núria Serre-Delcor - Spain, Stella Evangelidou - Spain

Community engagement towards the development of health promotion tools: Summary findings of Metaplan sessions in Barcelona
Stella Evangelidou - Spain

In the search of solutions to improve healthcare access for migrants and refugees in Athens, Greece
Maria Ntetsika - Greece

Informing the development of a pilot intervention to improve migrants’ healthcare assess in Brno, Czech Republic
Narine Movsisyan - Czech Republic

Participatory research for developing health promotion campaigns for migrants and host community in Berlin, Germany
Nur Kirkgöze - Czech Republic

Thu 21st
C. Digital applications in health 2.C. - Pitch presentations: Digital health
E-health for healthcare system users & social and geographic health inequalities, literature review
Viviane Ramel - France

Could machine learning aid the production of evidence reviews? A retrospective test of RobotAnalyst
Amy Hookway - United Kingdom

MS-Diet, a tailored nutrition counselling web-application based on mathematical diet optimization
Rozenn Gazan - France

National survey on telemedicine education and training among medical students and residents in France
Robin Ohannessian - France

Research Implications for future telemedicine studies and innovations
Lorenz Harst - Germany

Telepathology and second opinion for cancer diagnosis in sub-Saharan French-speaking countries
Louise Petit - France

Digital media : How to adapt digital media to promote health of young people?
Manon Colard - France

Children and digital devices: a survey on risk perception and use.
Loredana Covolo - Italy

Thu 21st
D. European and global health WFPHA 2.D. - Workshop: NCDs prevention through integrated approaches: reducing obesity from individuals to populations
Chairperson(s): Marta Lomazzi - Switzerland, Walter Ricciardi - Italy

Will the world be obese in 2050?
Bettina Borisch - Switzerland

Why integration matters
Marta Lomazzi - Switzerland

Ihe Italian case – reversing the obesity trend
Walter Ricciardi - Italy

Is the solution really the 'Nanny State'. Arm wrestling with industry.
Michael Moore - Australia

Thu 21st
E. Public health policy and politics University of Bordeaux 2.E. - Workshop: Quantifying burden of disease to support public health policy: exchange of views and experiences
Chairperson(s): François Alla - France, Jean-Claude Désenclos - France

The GBD project
Spencer James - United States

The « cartographie » tool (CNAM, France)
Christelle Gastaldi-Ménager - France

Global Burden of Disease Study: overview and experience from England
John Newton - United Kingdom

The joint action of health information
Anne Gallay - France

Thu 21st
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health 2.F. - Pitch presentations: Cultural and health behavioural change in adolescents
Cultural values and adolescents’ health inequalities in 21 European countries
Maxim Dierckens - Belgium

Changes in patterns of adolescent substance use from 1988 to 2011 in Sweden: a latent class analysis
Brittany Evans - Sweden

Lifestyle of young adults – changes and accumulation
Tuija Jääskeläinen - Finland

Which are the communication styles of anti-tobacco spots that most impress adolescents?
Alice Mannocci - Italy

Participation of disadvantaged school age children (7-18) in health inequality projects
Maja Jovanovic - Germany

Transition into secondary education and health-compromising behaviours: A longitudinal study
Arja Rimpelä - Finland

Use of e-cigarettes by young people in Great Britain before and after Tobacco Products Directive
Linsay Gray - United Kingdom

Homophily in social networks and alcohol use among young Swedes with different ethnic backgrounds
Alexander Miething - Sweden

Thu 21st
G. Chronic diseases 2.G. - Pitch presentations: Multiple chronic conditions: monitoring and care delivery
Implementing integrated care for multi-morbidity: analysis of experiences in 17 European programmes
Verena Struckmann - Germany

Monitoring of non-communicable diseases in Belgium
Brecht Devleesschauwer - Belgium

Multimorbidity and quality of life: longitudinal analysis of the European SHARE database
Tatjana Makovski - Luxembourg

Personalized action plans for patients with multiple chronic diseases in Andalusia
Ana M Carriazo - Spain

Distribution of Cancer cases and survival analysis results: A retrospective cohort study
Erkan Pehlivan - Turkey

Association between cancer and neurodegenerative disorders including dementias; a systematic review
Louisa Gagatsis - United Kingdom

Metabolic syndrome and renal cell cancer risk in Chinese males: a population-based prospective study
Xin Li - China

Sugary drink consumption and cancer risk: results from NutriNet-Santé prospective cohort
Eloi Chazelas - France

Thu 21st
H. Health services research, systems and economics 2.H. - Oral presentations: Health services and innovative technologies
Challenges in building image-based diagnostic support deep-learning algorithm for acute burns
Constance Boissin - Sweden

Evaluating a digital sepsis alert in a multi-site hospital: a natural experiment
Kate Honeyford - United Kingdom

An automated diagnostic device for children under 5 years of age: A proof-of-concept study in Malawi
Mohammad Shah - United States

Impact of deprivation on hospital efficiency and financial balance in paediatrics
Morgane Michel - France

The effect of an mhealth clinical decision-making support system on neonatal mortality in Ghana
Hannah Brown Amoakoh - Netherlands

Thu 21st
I. Infectious diseases control RIVM 2.I. - Workshop: Sharing best practices and building effective training at European points of entry
Chairperson(s): Aura Timen - EUPHA (IDC), Christos Hadjichristodoulou - Greece

Effective training in cross-border infection prevention and response
Doret de Rooij - Netherlands

Public health events in the maritime transport sector
Carmen Varela Martinez - Greece

Best practices for core capacities at ports
Christos Hadjichristodoulou - Greece

Best practices and training for preparedness and response at airports
Jan Heidrich - Germany

Thu 21st
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities EUPHA (SGMH) 2.K. - Workshop: Predictors and developmental timing of mental health problems among sexual minority individuals
Chairperson(s): Corina Lelutiu-Weinberger - United States, Richard Bränström - EUPHA (SGMH)

Depression and self-harm from adolescence to young adulthood in sexual minorities compared with heterosexuals in the UK: a population-based cohort study
Gemma Lewis - United Kingdom

Sexual orientation openness and depression symptoms: A population-based study
Arjan van der Star - EUPHA (SGMH)

Minority stress, intra-minority stress and social anxiety: Examining an extended psychological mediation framework among sexual minority men
Conor Mahon - Ireland

Untethered lives: Barriers to societal integration as predictors of the sexual orientation disparity in suicidality
John Pachankis - United States

Thu 21st
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer 2.L. - Oral presentations: Determinants of frailty
Sex, age and socioeconomic inequalities in older people’s unscheduled care
Kate Levin - United Kingdom

Influence of Physical Activity, Protein Intake and Social Network on the Frailty development
Sandra Haider - Austria

Risk of fall among the hospitalized over-49 population. A retrospective cohort study in a hospital
Francesco Gilardi - Italy

The contribution of eHealth to improve fall and balance disorder care in the elderly
Luís Velez-Lapão - Portugal

Traumatic brain injury as a risk factor for dementia
Elisabetta Mezzalira - United States

Thu 21st
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition 2.M. - Oral presentations: Obesity and diabetes: preventing disease
Body mass index and mortality in relation to age and follow-up of 30 years in large Austrian cohorts
Gabriele Nagel - Germany

Association between psychosocial stress and obesity among migrant and non-migrant Ghanaians
Charles Agyemang - Netherlands

A National Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme: Feasible, acceptable and effective?
Elizabeth Murray - United Kingdom

Association between detection of non-diabetic hyperglycaemia and vascular complications
Raffaele Palladino - United Kingdom

2early? Clinical and psychosocial profile of adults with early onset type 2 diabetes in Denmark
Anne Bo - Denmark

Thu 21st
N. Health information and health literacy EUPHAnxt, Global Health Next Generation Network, EUPHA (PHPP) 2.N. - Workshop: How to Advocate Scientific Evidence to Decision-makers?
Chairperson(s): Viveka Guzman - Ireland, Keitly Mensah - France

WHO Approach
Tanja Kuchenmueller - WHO EURO

Strategies and practical examples
Tugce Schmitt - Germany

Thu 21st
O. Global health and environmental change Academic Collaborative Centre Environment and Health 2.O. - Workshop: Climate change and the impact on public and occupational health
Chairperson(s): Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV), Moniek Zuurbier - Netherlands

Occupational health effects during periods with heat
Moniek Zuurbier - Netherlands

Preventing heat stroke and heat illness on the workplace: a study on knowledge, attitudes and practices of safety representatives from Northern Italy (2016-2017)
Matteo Riccò - Italy

The role of youth in de climate change debate
Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV)

The health impact of heat waves in Europe: insights from national plans and key informant interviews
Joris van Loenhout - Belgium

Thu 21st
P. Data, evidence and practice 2.P. - Oral presentations: Population health metrics and innovative data sources
Slowing improvements in life expectancy across European Economic Area countries
John Ford - United Kingdom

Disease burden in the Nordic region. Results from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 (GBD 2017)
Ann Kristin Knudsen - Norway

People with a disability status in the French claim database: which characteristics and diseases?
Antoine Rachas - France

Compared to whom? Reference groups in socio-economic comparisons and self-reported health
Alexi Gugushvili - United Kingdom

Neurodevelopmental multimorbidity and educational outcomes of 766,244 Scottish schoolchildren
Ehsan Salim - United Kingdom

Thu 21st
Q. Health workforce / Health at work 2.Q. - Pitch presentations: Risk of disability pension and morbidity
Do poor health behaviors have an impact on the transition from sick leave to disability pension?
Pia Svedberg - Sweden

Job control and risk of disability pension in the nationwide Danish Work Life Course Cohort
Ida E. h. Madsen - Denmark

Socioeconomic consequences for adults with atrial septal defect: A register based follow-up study
Kirsten Fonager - Denmark

Copenhagen Burnout Inventory On A National Representative Sample Of Pre-School Teachers
Pavle Piperac - Serbia

Earnings among people with multiple sclerosis in Sweden, by education and occupation.
Chantelle Murley - Sweden

Implementation of health promotion activities in mental health care in Denmark
Loni Ledderer - Denmark

RT Accidents mortality in Italy: a population-based study in Piedmont on Vulnerable Road Users
Alessio Pitidis - Italy

Poster walks - Thursday 21st Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Thu 21st
2.R. - Poster walk: Overweight, underweight and diet
2.R.1 - Variation in uptake of Healthy Start Food Vouchers in the Six Health and Social Care Partnerships
Ehsan Salim - United Kingdom

2.R.2 - Prenatal exposure to extra vitamin D from fortification and risk of developing coeliac disease
Caroline Moos - Denmark

2.R.3 - Interventions for gestational diabetes prevention: An umbrella review of meta-analyses of RCTs
Demetris Lamnisos - Cyprus

2.R.4 - Relationship between perception of emotional home atmosphere and fruit and vegetable consumption
Monica Hunsberger - Sweden

2.R.5 - Impact of an excise tax on the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in Catalonia, Spain
Miguel Ángel Royo Bordonada - Spain

2.R.6 - How the French Nutri-Score can impact sales of processed-foods? A complex system perspective
Eric Breton - France

2.R.7 - Salt reduction in bread: Is it enough? Preliminary results of a HIA in Portugal
Joana Raquel Raposo Santos - Portugal

2.R.8 - Joint associations of fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity with mortality risk
Elina Mauramo - Finland

2.R.9 - The dynamics of the occurrence of overweight and obesity in military recruits to the army in Poland
Monika Binkowska-Bury - Poland

2.R.10 - Medical costs associated with childhood maltreatment history among Japanese older people
Aya Isumi - Japan

2.R.11 - Body size, Mental health and Inequalities: The burden of obesity in South Africa
Ilona Koupil - Sweden

2.R.13 - Trends of sarcopenia and physical activity in elderly Koreans using KNHNES 2007-2017
Hyungsoon Ahn - Korea, South

2.R.14 - The Trends of Underweight in South Korean between 1998 and 2015
Kyungjin Lee - Korea, South

2.R.15 - Evaluation of Malnutrition and Depression in Elderly People: An Epidemiological Study in Turkey
Sevil Aydoğan - Turkey

Thu 21st
2.S. - Poster walk: Child and adolescent health
2.S.1 - The Evaluation of Stigmatization and Related Factors in Students of Health-Related Faculties
Sevil Aydoğan - Turkey

2.S.2 - Socioeconomic disparities in diabetes prevalence and quality of care among Israeli children
Yiska Loewenberg Weisband - Israel

2.S.3 - Family environment risk factors for overweight in childhood
Vesselka Duleva - Bulgaria

2.S.4 - Factors associated with self- and other-directed aggression in Slovak adolescents
Anna Janovska - Slovakia

2.S.5 - Suicidal ideation among Tunisian adolescents and the association with adverse life experiences
Jihene Sahli - Tunisia

2.S.7 - Mood disorders with onset in early adulthood and socio-economic outcomes over the long run
Christian Hakulinen - Finland

2.S.8 - Intrapersonal/interpersonal factors related to alcohol use and smoking cigarettes among juveniles
Beata Gajdosova - Slovakia

2.S.9 - What should parents do to emphasise their disapproval of adolescents’ substance use?
Maria Bacikova-Sleskova - Slovakia

2.S.10 - Adolescent tooth brushing frequency evolution (2006-2014), risk factors and causality hypothesis
Gabriel Fernandez de Grado - France

2.S.11 - Adolescent suicide behaviour profiles: comparing unplanned attempts, planned attempts and ideation
Claire van Duin - Luxembourg

2.S.13 - Association between positive mental health and family background among young people in Finland
Kaija Appelqvist-Schmidlechner - Finland

2.S.14 - Social capital and students’ health: results of the splash study
Insa Backhaus - Italy

2.S.15 - Regional Differences in Pediatric Asthma Admission Rates – Israeli National Data: 1996-2017
Isabella Karakis - Israel

Thursday 21st Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Thu 21st
OP - Opening Ceremony
Thu 21st
WHO EURO, EUPHA PL1 - Plenary 1: Bridging for an interdisciplinary approach to public health to implement the Sustainable Development Goals
Thu 21st
A. Solidarity in health Erasmus MC, Rotterdam 3.A. - Round table: Re-thinking health inequalities
Chairperson(s): Johannes Siegrist - Germany

Johan Mackenbach - Netherlands

Johannes Siegrist - Germany

Alastair Leyland - United Kingdom

Olle Lundberg - Sweden

Ramune Kalediene - Lithuania

Thu 21st
B. Migration and health Bielefeld University 3.B. - Workshop: The Effects of Shared Accommodations on Refugee Health in Germany: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Chairperson(s): Alexander Krämer - Germany, Kerstin Schmidt - Germany

Housing facilities for asylum seekers in Germany: Ethical concerns regarding social exclusion, othering and negative effects on health
Sylvia Agbih - Germany

The impact of the housing situation on the health-related quality of life of refugees located in North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany
Matthias Belau - Germany

The Effect of Refugee Women’s Accommodation on Maternal Health Care Provision
Anne Kasper - Germany

Antibiotic resistances of S. aureus in refugee accommodations – an investigation from the microbiological perspective
Ines Kiemann - Germany

Spiritual participation and its relation to housing conditions for refugees in Germany
Sakin Özisik - Germany

Thu 21st
C. Digital applications in health EUPHA (DH) 3.C. - Workshop: Bridging the Gap in Digital Public Health in Europe
Chairperson(s): Luís Velez-Lapão - Portugal, Anthony Staines - Ireland

The Challenge of Digital transformation in Public Health in Europe?
Luís Velez-Lapão - Portugal

Q-Methodology Evaluation of a European Health Data Analytic End User Framework
Anthony Staines - Ireland

Artificial Intelligence-based tools to control healthcare associated infections: where do we stand
Alessandro Scardoni - Italy

Thu 21st
D. European and global health SFSP 3.D. - Skills building seminar: Develop collaborative tools among public health societies to mutually reinforce their interventions
Chairperson(s): Yves Charpak - France, Emmanuel Rusch - France

Public Health, Ministry of Health and Economic Actors: the case of food and information of public
Pierre Lombrail - France

The construction of alliances in the field of health : about addictions
Loïc Josseran - France

Thu 21st
E. Public health policy and politics INSERM 3.E. - Workshop: Cohorts: coordinated tools for decision support
Chairperson(s): Charles Persoz - France

Development of a French ecosystem to support cohorts
50 Durrleman - France

The Constances cohort
Marie Zins - France

The Sweden cohort consortium (
Johan Sundstrom - France

The German National Cohort: aims, study design and current status
Wolfgang Ahrens - Germany

Thu 21st
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health EUPHA (CAPH) 3.F. - Round table: Applying multidisciplinary sciences to improve paediatric primary care for children in Europe
Chairperson(s): Danielle Jansen - EUPHA (CAPH), Jochen Ehrich - Germany

Organization and content of primary care for adolescents – comparison of actual and desired situation.
Danielle Jansen - EUPHA (CAPH)

Children deserve adequately trained doctors
Karoly Illy - Netherlands

Improving child and adolescent public health from a sociological point of view
Sakari Karvonen - Finland

Clinical philosophy in the context of pediatric care
Jochen Ehrich - Germany

Thu 21st
G. Chronic diseases EUPHA (FN), EUPHA (CHR) 3.G. - Workshop: Impact of nutrition on non-communicable chronic diseases: a global perspective
Chairperson(s): Tatjana Buzeti - EUPHA (FN), Iveta Nagyova - EUPHA (CHR)

Global trends of chronic non-communicable diseases risk factors
Mariachiara Di Cesare - United Kingdom

Impact of nutritional risk factors on chronic non-communicable diseases
Giuseppe Grosso - Italy

Socio-economic determinants of nutrition transition in Southern European countries
Licia Iacoviello - Italy

Epidemiological and nutritional transition in low- and middle-income countries
Saverio Stranges - Luxembourg

Identifying best practices in junk food taxation and other food policies: Selected examples and their assessment
Piotr Romaniuk - Poland

Thu 21st
H. Health services research, systems and economics INSERM 3.H. - Workshop: Access to health services in health systems providing universal coverage
Chairperson(s): Olivier Grimaud - France, Helmut Brand - Netherlands

: “Living long in India”– India’s progress towards Universal Health Coverage
Lakshmi Balraj - Netherlands

Variations in the use of caesarean section: a Comparison between France and Australia
Karine Chevreul - France

Socio-economic inequalities in timing of childhood immunizations in Scotland
Anna Pearce - United Kingdom

Geographical variations in access to expert centers for multiple sclerosis in France
Emmanuelle Leray - France

Care trajectories of patients initiating dialysis as planned versus emergency procedure
Maxime Raffray - France

Thu 21st
I. Infectious diseases control EUPHA (IDC), ECDC 3.I. - Round table: Using evidence for action – the story on life-course vaccination
Chairperson(s): Anna Odone - Italy, Karl Ekdahl - ECDC

Investing in communication education- the example of vaccine hesitancy
Irina Ljungqvist - ECDC

Understanding the perspectives of older adults and elderly regarding vaccination; a snapshot in four European countries
Aura Timen - EUPHA (IDC)

Reflections on life-course vaccination: the England experience
Michael Edelstein - United Kingdom

The EU Joint Action on Vaccination – capitalizing on existing knowledge
Jonas Sivela - Finland

Designing and evaluating an information campaign on HPV vaccination in Denmark
Bolette Soborg - Denmark

Thu 21st
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities EUPHA, EUPHA (PMH), EUPHA (ETH) 3.K. - Round table: Liberté, égalité and fraternité in public health
Chairperson(s): Jutta Lindert - EUPHA (PMH)

Mauro Giovanni Carta - Italy

Dineke Zeegers Paget - EUPHA

Els Maeckelberghe - Netherlands

Thu 21st
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer EUPHA (HTA), EUPHA (HSR) 3.L. - Workshop: It’s time for timeliness in Health Technology Assessment
Chairperson(s): Chiara de Waure - EUPHA (HTA), Carlo Favaretti - EUPHA (HTA)

Striking a balance between accuracy and timeliness in HTA: an elusive task
Elena Petelos - Greece

Why do we need for timeliness of research in decision-making?
Judith de Jong - EUPHA (HSR)

Sharing hospital-based health technology assessments internationally
Marco Marchetti - Italy

Thu 21st
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition THL, EuroHealthNet, EU JointAction ChrodisPlus, EUPHA (HP), EUPHA (INJ) 3.M. - Workshop: Tools and opportunities for health promotion
Chairperson(s): Caroline Costongs - EuroHealthNet, Anne Lounamaa - EUPHA (INJ)

Health promotion and primary prevention in 21 European countries
Andrew Barnfield - Belgium

How to institutionalise health promotion through legislation?
Heli Hätönen - Finland

Assessing health promotion practice in Finland with a benchmarking tool
Timo Ståhl - Finland

Public health policy implementation and evaluation in portugal and israel (Project PH.PIE): the intersectoral pledge and the case of health literacy for tobacco control in the building of the Homo Salus
Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Multimodal health promotion – An approach to successful aging
Janus Gudlaugsson - Iceland

Thu 21st
N. Health information and health literacy InfAct, EUPHA (PHMR), WHO EURO, Sciensano 3.N. - Skills building seminar: Learning to assess Health Information Systems
Chairperson(s): Neville Calleja - Malta, David Novillo Ortiz - Denmark

The WHO support tool: how is it used and what kind of adaptations are needed?
Nicole Rosenkötter - EUPHA (PHMR)

The WHO support tool: what can you learn and how have others experienced it?
Petronille Bogaert - Belgium

Thu 21st
O. Global health and environmental change INSERM 3.O. - Workshop: Social-to-biological processes over the lifecourse and social inequalities in health
Chairperson(s): Michelle Kelly Irving - France, Marc Chadeau-Hyam - France

Early life socioeconomic position and adult systemic inflammation: the role of gene regulation
Cristian Carmeli - France

Parental socioeconomic position and chronic inflammation during adolescence
Silvia Fraga - France

Social patterning of inflammation over the lifecourse and its relationship with mortality
Raphaële Castagné - France

A socially patterned Biological Health Score and mortality in Understanding Society and UKBiobank
Marc Chadeau-Hyam - France

Thu 21st
P. Data, evidence and practice EUPHA (HP), Austrian Public Health Institute 3.P. - Workshop: A methodology for monitoring population health literacy in Europe – the HLS19 project
Chairperson(s): Jürgen M Pelikan - Austria, Dietscher Christina - Germany

A methodology for monitoring population health literacy in Europe – the HLS19 project.
Jürgen M Pelikan - Austria

Using data on population health literacy as a basis for evidence-informed health policy
Dietscher Christina - Germany

Using survey data on population health literacy for developing a National Action Plan in Germany
Eva-Maria Berens - Germany

WHO Action Network on Measuring Health Literacy: the Italian pilot for the Survey 2019 Title
Luigi Palmieri - Italy

Italian participation to the WHO action network on measuring health literacy: policy implications
Chiara Cadeddu - Italy

Thu 21st
Q. Health workforce / Health at work EUPHA, WHO Collaborating Centre Investment for Health and Wellbeing, WHO EURO, WHO RHN 3.Q. - Skills building seminar: How to make the case for advocating for investment in wellbeing and health equity
Chairperson(s): Natasha Azzopardi Muscat - EUPHA, Francesco Zambon - WHO EURO

Step-by-step process of making the case for sustainable investment in wellbeing and health equity
Mariana Dyakova - United Kingdom

Tools and approaches towards sustainable investment for health equity
Tatjana Buzeti - EUPHA (FN)

Panellists one & two
Marleen Bekker - EUPHA (PHPP)

Panellist three
Aileen Clarke - United Kingdom

Panellist four
Ana M Carriazo - Spain

Poster walks - Thursday 21st Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Thu 21st
3.R. - Poster walk: Health in education: from childcare to college
3.R.1 - Developing a regional strategy to disseminate physical activity promotion in childcare centers
Holger Hassel - Germany

3.R.2 - 'The Pyramid of Success” the health promotion program for school- children with visual impairment
Magdalena Wrzesinska - Poland

3.R.3 - Food and lifestyle education at primary and secondary school: an Italian project on health promotion
Marco Tarroni - Italy

3.R.4 - Obesity prevention - is school an effective place? A systematic review
Ulla Walter - Germany

3.R.5 - Effectiveness of a drug use prevention program on alcohol use and drunkenness among schoolchildren
Marcela Štefaňáková - Slovakia

3.R.6 - Adopting healthy habits through the collaboration of health, education and culture systems
Ana Puljak - Croatia

3.R.7 - School ethos and recurring sickness absence: a multilevel study of ninth grade students in Stockholm
Sara Brolin Låftman - Sweden

3.R.8 - Effects of educational policy on unhappiness of middle and high school students in Korea, 2006-2016
Sang Jun Eun - Korea, South

3.R.9 - Satisfaction with health and oneself and the Unplugged program among Slovak Schoolchildren
Olga Orosova - Slovakia

3.R.10 - Bullying and pain in school-aged children and adolescents
Guðrún Kristjánsdóttir - Iceland

3.R.11 - Risks and success conditions for the French sanitary service of health students
Laurent Gerbaud - France

3.R.12 - The trends in health behaviour of the first-year students from Kaunas universities, 2000 - 2017
Janina Petkeviciene - Lithuania

3.R.13 - Perception of Social Gender Roles in Medical Faculty Students
Hatice Aygar - Turkey

3.R.14 - A cluster randomised controlled trial to improve teacher mental health support and training
Judi Kidger - United Kingdom

3.R.15 - School connectedness and adult depressiveness, longitudinal study of the Northern Swedish Cohort
Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdottir - Sweden

Thu 21st
3.S. - Poster walk: Chronic disease and burden
3.S.1 - An ordinary life with chronic condition as a goal for medicine
Marie Gaille - France

3.S.2 - A Diabetes Paradox in India: Case of Kerala and Bihar
Rajeshwari Biradar - India

3.S.3 - Education and T2DM: the role of differential exposure and susceptibility to overweight and obesity
Jimmi Mathisen - Denmark

3.S.4 - Machine learning application to the reduction of ambulatory care sensitive admissions (ACSA)
Tu Ngo - France

3.S.5 - Presence of intimate family and cancer screening behavior: a cross-sectional study of 4237 workers
Naomi Miyamatsu - Japan

3.S.7 - The status of compliance with guidelines of cancer screening in Japan
Kanako Kono - Japan

3.S.8 - Patients’ participation in the colorectal cancer screening program and their health beliefs
Snieguole Kaseliene - Lithuania

3.S.9 - Standardization of the Cancer Health Literacy Test – 6 in a non-cancer populations
Levent Dumenci - United States

3.S.10 - Comparison of Cardiovascular Disease Risks of Actual and Perceptions of Men's that 40-65 Years Old
Sebahat Gözüm - Turkey

3.S.11 - Increased risk of Roma for 10-year development of CVDs based on Framingham Risk Score calculation
Peter Piko - Hungary

3.S.12 - Economic burden of diabetes in France between 2012 and 2017 based on French national claim database
Pierre Denis - France

3.S.13 - Economic burden of cardiovascular diseases from 2012 to 2017 based on French national claim database
Muriel Nicolas - France

3.S.14 - Individual and social factors influence the Quality of Life of Knee OA patients: a systematic Review
Marianna Vitaloni - Spain

Thursday 21st Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Thu 21st
ECDC, EUPHA (IDC) PL2 - Plenary 2: Building bridges for migration in a planetary context

Friday 22nd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 22nd
A. Solidarity in health 4.A. - Pitch presentations: Health disparities
Visualising the complex relationships between ethnic group and health in Scotland: 2001-2013
Laurence Gruer - United Kingdom

Mobile clinic approach towards hard-to-reach populations’ health in Roman suburban settings.
Alice Corsaro - Italy

ED visits and hospital admissions of foreigners for psychiatric disorders in Rome from 2007 to 2018
Angelo Nardi - Italy

Sleep problems among immigrants
Carine Øien-Ødegaard - Norway

Immigration status and cervical test screening: more underscreening and inequality social health.
Jeanne Sassenou - France

Risk of macrosomia and low birthweight among immigrants in Belgium, a perfect mirror?
Judith Racape - Belgium

Promoting sexual health literacy among migrants in Sweden
Pia Svensson - Sweden

Refugee Escape Room©: a new gamification tool to deepen learning about Migration and Health.
Núria Serre-Delcor - Spain

Fri 22nd
B. Migration and health 4.B. - Pitch presentations: Cross cultural competence and access to health services for migrants
Transnationalism and Caring for Migrant Families with Young Children
Lisa Merry - Canada

Undocumented migrants’ right to health care: Physicians’ rejection of law in their gatekeeper roles
Josephine T. V. Greenbrook - United Kingdom

Utilization, satisfaction and barriers of medical care among adults of Turkish descent in Germany
Christina Dornquast - Germany

The health situation of children and adolescents with migration background in Germany
Claudia Santos-Hövener - Germany

Health of adolescents with migration background in Germany: cross-sectional results from KiGGS wave 2
Carmen Koschollek - Germany

Transnational medication management by elderly migrants – a mixed-methods approach
Hürrem Tezcan-Güntekin - Germany

Development of a dictionary for transcultural care in Europe: a deliverable of the TNP project
Giagkos Lavranos - Cyprus

A mixed-method evaluation study of a comprehensive cross-cultural training program in Stockholm
Jordanos Tewelde - Sweden

Fri 22nd
C. Digital applications in health DPH 4.C. - Round table: AI and Big Data: Ethical Challenges and Health Opportunities
Chairperson(s): Patty Kostkova - United Kingdom

Ethical challenges associated with health-related big data research
Marcello Ienca - Switzerland

Cloud-computing and precision medicine: Big data offers big opportunities
Alain April - Canada

Two presentations will be added to this roundtable at a later date
Caroline Wood - United Kingdom

The importance of ensuring artificial intelligence and machine learning can be understood at the human level
Sudha Ram - United States

Fri 22nd
D. European and global health MigHealthCare consortium 4.D. - Workshop: MigHealthCare - strengthening Community Based Care to minimize health inequalities
Chairperson(s): Pania Karnaki - Greece

Survey on the physical and mental health among migrants and refugees in ten European countries
Pania Karnaki - Greece

Analysis of needs, expectations and capacities of health and social care professionals in order to provide culturally adapted care
Adele Lebano - Sweden

Best practices addressing healthcare care access of immigrants and refugees in European countries
Eleni Riza - Greece

Modelling healthcare access for immigrants and refugees in europe: the algorithm of MigHealthCare project
Alejandro Gil-Salmerón - Spain

Predictions concerning the use of health care services in europe by migrants/refugees
Konstantina Zota - Greece

Fri 22nd
E. Public health policy and politics 4.E. - Pitch presentations: Public health: politics and policies
The European Semester 2015-2018: themes and progress of country specific recommendations on health
Timo Clemens - Netherlands

Deindustrialisation, Foreign Investment and Social Development: Mortality in the Hungarian Rustbelt
Gabor Scheiring - Italy

Deaths of despair and support for Brexit across local authorities in England and Wales
Jonathan Koltai - Italy

Right-wing populism and self-rated health in Europe: a multilevel analysis
Insa Backhaus - Italy

The equity impact of a universal child health promotion programme
A.M. Pulkki-Brännström - Sweden

Shifting from out of pocket health expenditure to national health insurance for the Indian poor
Taneya Singh - India

The effect of health care financing on the control of hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes
Benjamin Palafox - United Kingdom

Prevalence of inadequate health literacy in Europe: it is a public health issue? A systematic review
Carolina Di Paolo - Italy

Fri 22nd
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health 4.F. - Oral presentations: Healthy start to life
Maternal immigrant status and signs of neurodevelopmental problems in early childhood
Heiko Schmengler - Netherlands

Association between legal status, prenatal care utilization, severe perinatal and maternal morbidity
Maxime Eslier - France

Could increasing income in lone-parent households reduce inequality in child mental health problems?
Sungano Chigogora - United Kingdom

A comparison of the effects of maternal anxiety and depression on child development
Shakked Gete - Israel

Degree of consistency of parental dietary and sedentary behavior rules as indicators for overweight
Emilie Ruiter - Netherlands

Fri 22nd
G. Chronic diseases 4.G. - Pitch presentations: Chronic diseases: surveillance and management
Transitional care models for chronic patients: preliminary results from an umbrella review.
Maria Teresa Riccardi - Italy

The use of quality indicators (QIs) to evaluate the oncologic care in CCCN: a systematic review
Rosario Andrea Cocchiara - Italy

Clinicians’ decision making about Parkinson’s treatment plans using self-report vs digital data
Lada Timotijevic - United Kingdom

Perceived health and quality of life in chronic and end-stage kidney disease
Karine Legrand - France

Development of ethical governance framework for an mHealth platform for the management of Parkison’s
Lada Timotijevic - United Kingdom

A Developmentally Appropriate Patient Education during Transition
Maxime Morsa - France

FC Prostate - Football for men with prostate cancer in local football clubs
Christian Doesing Soerensen - Denmark

A cross sectional survey to estimate prevalence of asthma in Reunion Island, Indian Ocean
Jean-Louis Solet - La Réunion

Fri 22nd
H. Health services research, systems and economics Observatory 4.H. - Workshop: How to enhance collaboration between primary care and public health?
Chairperson(s): Matthias Wismar - European Observatory

How to enhance collaboration between primary care and public health?
Bernd Rechel - European Observatory

Panellist 1
Stefan Eichwalder - United Kingdom

Panellist 2
Birger Forsberg - Sweden

Fri 22nd
I. Infectious diseases control 4.I. - Oral presentations: Antimicrobial resistance and health care associated infections (HAI)
Does practice characteristics explain the impact of a financial incentive on antibiotic prescribing?
Philip Anyanwu - United Kingdom

Multimodal Surveillance of HAI in an Intensive Care Unit of a Large Teaching Hospital.
Giuseppe Migliara - Italy

Modeling Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae episodes' evolution in France over 2010-2020
Jonathan Roux - France

Risk factors for E. coli Susceptibility in Bloods Stream Infections in England Between 2013-2017
Shirin Aliabadi - United Kingdom

The PACASurvE laboratory network for real-time infection surveillance and alert at a regional scale
Philippe Colson - France

Fri 22nd
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities EUPHA (PMH) 4.K. - Round table: Toward a better living with schizophrenia
Chairperson(s): Jutta Lindert - EUPHA (PMH)

Community Mental Health Care in Italy: Basaglia's ashes in the wind of the crisis of the last decade
Mauro Giovanni Carta - Italy

Improving access to integrated mental health services in community-based settings in Portugal
Graça Cardoso - Portugal

Toward a Better Living with Schizophrenia
Viviane Kovess-Masfety - France

Effect of family psychoeducation and access to information on illness negative perceptions: a study on French families of persons experiencing schizophrenia
Murielle Villani - France

Fri 22nd
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer 4.L. - Pitch presentations: Innovative care for older adults
The Nordic @geing Online project: Co-creating a social application together with older adults
Johanna Nordmyr - Finland

Neighborhood walkability related to knee and low back pain for older people: A multilevel analysis
Daichi Okabe - Japan

Interrupted time series analyses on the effect on integrated care among the older population
Janne Agerholm - Sweden

Assessments, evolutions and transformations in French nursing homes
Tiba Delespierre - France

In-home monitoring evaluation by home-dwelling older adults, caregivers and healthcare providers
Valérie Santschi - Switzerland

Impact of integrated care on the use of emergency care among older people in Stockholm County
Megan Doheny - Sweden

Factors associated with uptake of abdominal aortic aneurysm screening by older men living in Scotland
Kalonde Kasengele - United Kingdom

Impact of a community respiratory service on emergency hospital admissions
Kate Levin - United Kingdom

Fri 22nd
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition 4.M. - Pitch presentations: Food, nutrition and diet
The European FOOD programme (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand)
Romane LEAUTE - Belgium

Eating habits trajectories of students using university canteens
Valentina Lorenzoni - Italy

Energy drink consumption pattern among university students in North East England
Shelina Visram - United Kingdom

Health impact of substituting red meat by fish: addressing variability in risk-benefit assessments
Sofie Theresa Thomsen - Denmark

Macro- and micro-nutrient intake among Hungarian general and Roma adults
Erand Llanaj - Hungary

Taste and food preferences of the Hungarian Roma population
Judit Diószegi - Hungary

A multicentre study of street foods purchased in urban areas of Central Asia: the FEEDCities Project
Sofia Sousa - Portugal

Could chips and nuts be vector of food-borne outbreaks during happy hour?
Francesco Gori - Italy

Fri 22nd
N. Health information and health literacy European Blood Alliance, Vifor Pharma 4.N. - Patient blood management: a win for all
Fri 22nd
O. Global health and environmental change 4.O. - Pitch presentations: Healthy places
Community infrastructure to boost social relations: a systematic review
Anne-Marie Bagnall - United Kingdom

Do perspectives on healthy environment differ between health/social professionals and urban planners?
Kristine Mourits - Netherlands

Building bridges: Sustainable Urban Health in Hamburg, 2018
Rainer Fehr - Germany

Who, why, when and how do people use urban green spaces? A study of users from 18 parks in France
Marion Porcherie - France

School environment and obesity in primary schools. An analysis of the WHO European COSI in Austria.
Anna Lena Aufschnaiter - Austria

Deterioration of housing environment and mental health of asylum seekers – a multi-level analysis
Amir Mohsen Mohsenpour - Germany

Prevalence of home smoking bans in six European cities: a repeated cross-sectional study (2013-2016)
Daniela Anastasi - Italy

Fri 22nd
P. Data, evidence and practice 4.P. - Oral presentations: Innovative approaches to professionalism, communication and care
Differences in attitudes of medical and dental students about e-professionalism on social media
Tea Vukusic Rukavina - Croatia

A MOOC to disseminate key concepts related to the future challenges of the French health system
Cécile You - France

Evaluation of communication skills among physicians: A systematic review of existing assessment tools
Vincent Gosselin Boucher - Canada

Use of voice messaging via mobile phone to communicate female adolescents in Bangladeshi urban slum
Mohammad Shah - United States

MANTRA: a serious game improving knowledge of maternal and neonatal health and geohazards in Nepal
Sonja Mueller - United Kingdom

Fri 22nd
Q. Health workforce / Health at work 4.Q. - Pitch presentations: Work participation and sickness absence
Creating national guidelines for assessing functional and work capacity of recently settled persons
Misha Henriksson - Finland

The relation between hearing loss and sustainable employability of teachers
Arnold Schriemer - Netherlands

Goal-focused group intervention; sustainable health improvement but no effect on work participation.
Nils Fleten - Norway

Work stress, migration background and risk of long-term sickness absence in Denmark
Reiner Rugulies - Denmark

Socioeconomic differences in paid sickness allowances in Finland
Jenni Blomgren - Finland

Work participation trajectories in 1098748 Finns: determinants and the incidence of sickness absence
Tea Lallukka - Finland

Sickness absences among young employees in private and public sectors
Jurgita Narusyte - Sweden

Organizational climate and work commitment as predictor of 10-year registered sickness absence.
Marit Knapstad - Norway

Poster walks - Friday 22nd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 22nd
4.R. - Poster walk: Infectious diseases control between policy and epidemiology
4.R.1 - Considering the integration of HIV programmes in Universal Health Coverage
Krista Kruja - United Kingdom

4.R.2 - Tuberculosis screening for foreign students change : good saving and bad idea ?
Laurent Gerbaud - France

4.R.3 - Healthcare workers and measles outbreaks in Italy: is it time to act? A systematic review
Valentina Baccolini - Italy

4.R.4 - Monitoring measles outbreaks using emergency department data in France.
Guilhem Noel - France

4.R.5 - Assessement of the influenza burden in nursing homes during two influenza seasons
Delphine Hequet - Switzerland

4.R.6 - Characteristics of hospitalizations with influenza diagnosis, France, 2012-2017
Mathilde Pivette - France

4.R.7 - Epidemiology of pertussis in Tunisia; results of five years 2013-2017
Hind Bouguerra - Tunisia

4.R.8 - Prevalence and risk factors of hepatitis B in Tunisia
Aicha Lahchaichi - Tunisia

4.R.9 - Human papillomavirus infections and cervical cancer screening in Tunisian women
Hind Bouguerra - Tunisia

4.R.10 - Outbreak of Hepatitis A related to Men who have Sex with Men in Piedmont Region, Italy
Maria chiara Ottino - Italy

4.R.11 - Invasive pneumococcal disease in Latvia eight years after PCV10 introduction
Larisa Savrasova - Latvia

4.R.12 - Antimicrobial resistance among bacterial isolates from Intensive Care Unit patient samples

4.R.13 - Overview of three-year trends of antimicrobial consumption and resistance in Sicilian hospitals
Martina Barchitta - Italy

4.R.14 - Spatial patterns and hotspots of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Portugal
Olena Oliveira - Portugal

4.R.15 - Community use of antibiotics and development of bacterial resistance: a case-control study in Italy
Gianluigi Ferrante - Italy

Fri 22nd
4.S. - Poster walk: Health outcomes and social determinants
4.S.1 - Changes in disease burden in Poland, 1990-2017: a systematic analysis for the GBD Study 2017
Maria Ganczak - Poland

4.S.2 - Daylight saving time and acute myocardial infarction: a meta-analysis
Maria Elena Flacco - Italy

4.S.4 - Association of nationality and education with oral health: a screening programme in Northern Italy.
Massimo Del Pin - Italy

4.S.5 - Monitoring inequalities in self-rated health over 36 years among Finnish women and men
Eero Lahelma - Finland

4.S.6 - Welfare state impact on mental wellbeing of the oldest old in Europe: A multilevel survey data study
Jorid Kalseth - Norway

4.S.7 - Changes in mortality inequalities by marital status in Lithuania during 2001-2014
Skirmante Sauliune - Lithuania

4.S.8 - Social Inequalities in Multimorbidity Patterns in Europe: A Latent Class Analysis
Javier Alvarez-Galvez - Spain

4.S.9 - Public health monitoring in Sweden focusing on inequality – a developmental work
Karin Engström - Sweden

4.S.10 - Development of a barometer to display and monitor health and wellbeing on the neighborhood level
Kristina Hoffmann - Germany

4.S.11 - The applicability of methods for assessing comorbidities: The Cumulative Illness Rating Scale (CIRS)
Margherita Napolitani - Italy

4.S.12 - Population health indicators availability at regional level across the European Union
Claudia Costa - Portugal

4.S.13 - How to build and share an experiential knowledge in public health ?
Anne Laurent - France

4.S.14 - The European Platform on Rare Disease Registration (EU RD Platform)
Simona Martin - Italy

4.S.15 - French national Platform for end-of-life research : a first overview of research forces in France
Elodie CRETIN - France

Friday 22nd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 22nd
EC, EUPHA PL3 - Plenary 3: Health as a tool for better integration of migrants
Fri 22nd
A. Solidarity in health 5.A. - Pitch presentations: Place and other social determinants of health disparities
Rural primary care: a scoping review
Mark Bosmans - Netherlands

Assessment of the spatial accessibility to health professionals at French census block level
Fei Gao - France

Levelling the Playing Fields: A Pilot Intervention
Stephanie Alexander - France

Health care in Amazon communities for education and awareness about health in low resource settings
José Rodrigues Jr - Brazil

Multi-morbidity in Ghanaian migrants in Europe and residents in Ghana: the RODAM study
Anna Marza Florensa - Netherlands

Income inequality in disability-free life expectancy in Denmark
Henrik Brønnum-Hansen - Denmark

Population disparities in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis in southern Israel.
Orly Kerub - Israel

Social networks as a public health tool - “Non-smoking bars and restaurants”
Anđelka Grujičić - Serbia

Fri 22nd
B. Migration and health EUPHA, WFPHA, SFSP 5.B. - Building bridges for public health across the Mediterranean
Fri 22nd
D. European and global health Chafea, EUPHA, DG Sante 5.D. - Paving the path to the health systems of the future
Fri 22nd
E. Public health policy and politics EUPHA, EUPHAnxt 5.E. - Skills building seminar: Making the elevator pitch work: how to convince a policymaker in less than 2 minutes
Chairperson(s): Dineke Zeegers Paget - EUPHA, Maaike Droogers - EUPHA

Anne-Marie Yazbeck - Luxembourg

Fri 22nd
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health 5.F. - Pitch presentations: Sexual life, sexual health and gender: connecting the dots
Does Sense make sense? Mixed methods study of a Dutch sexual health program
Rosa Joosten - Netherlands

Sexuality education in Europe – An assessment of the current state, challenges and good practice
Laura Brockschmidt - Germany

Sexual orientation-related differences in sexual satisfaction and sexual problems
Charlotte Björkenstam - Sweden

PrEP users among Lisbon MSM Cohort participants – A first look after PrEP implementation in Portugal
Francisco Fernandes - Portugal

Prevalence of gonorrhea and chlamydia in a community clinic for Men who Have Sex with Men in Portugal
Sofia Ribeiro - Portugal

Vulnerability to HIV and STIs of men who have sex with men of different ethnic groups in Bulgaria
Momchil Baev - Bulgaria

How to reach migrant transgender women in Paris? An example of collaborative sexual health action
Antoine Deslandes - France

Gender-specific health literacy of individuals with a migrant background: A mixed-method approach
Angela Aldin - Germany

Fri 22nd
G. Chronic diseases 5.G. - Pitch presentations: Cardiovascular risk factors
Identifying patients at risk of readmission for heart failure in the French national claim database
Panayotis Constantinou - France

Role of nurses to improve self-care in heart failure patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Azzurra Massimi - Italy

Cardiovascular disease risk factors of military: A comparative assessment with civilians
Bienvenu Bongue - France

Cardiovascular hospitalisation before and during the financial crisis among occupations in Taiwan
Yu-Hung Chang - Taiwan

Educational Inequalities in Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Turkey, 2008-2016
Erdem Erkoyun - Turkey

Risk of cardiovascular diseases after breast cancer: an analysis on a cohort of 1.3 million women
Fulvio Ricceri - Italy

Long working hours and mortality in Central and Eastern Europe: the HAPIEE study
Hynek Pikhart - Czech Republic

The Role of Niacin in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Elvira D'Andrea - Italy

Fri 22nd
H. Health services research, systems and economics TO REACH Consortium, EUPHA 5.H. - Workshop: Transferring innovation in health systems: The role of national mirror groups
Chairperson(s): Natasha Azzopardi Muscat - EUPHA, Karine Chevreul - France

The need for a transformation health systems research programme in Europe
Walter Ricciardi - Italy

Learning between European health systems: the nature of the challenge
Nick Fahy - United Kingdom

The achievements of the ToREACH project and next steps
Sabrina Montante - Belgium

Coriine Alberti - France

Matthias Wismar - European Observatory

Fri 22nd
I. Infectious diseases control Observatory 5.I. - Workshop: How to improve vaccination coverage in the European Union?
Chairperson(s): Josep Figueras - European Observatory, Isabel de La Mata - European Commission - DG Sante

Recent European Union (EU) initiatives to support national vaccination efforts
Isabel de La Mata - European Commission - DG Sante

Vaccination programmes and health systems in the European Union. Report of the Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in Health
Martin McKee - United Kingdom

State of vaccine confidence in the European Union in 2018
Emilie Karafillakis - United Kingdom

The organization and delivery of vaccination services in the European Union
Bernd Rechel - European Observatory

Vaccination coverage in the European Union
Lucia Pastore Celentano - Sweden

Fri 22nd
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities EUPHA (PMH) 5.K. - Skills building seminar: Measuring children mental health
Chairperson(s): Viviane Kovess-Masfety - France, Kerry Keyes - United States

Comparing children mental health across countries : challenges and results
Viviane Kovess-Masfety - France

Academic performance in mathematics and reading and self-reported mental health problems in children across Europe
Mathilde Husky - France

Psychiatric comorbidity and intellectual disability
Kerry Keyes - United States

Fri 22nd
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer 5.L. - Oral presentations: Risk factors for cancer
Smokeless tobacco and waterpie use and risk of lunbg cancer
Priyamvada Paudyal - United Kingdom

Occupational exposure and risk of bladder cancer adjusted with smoking in the Nordic countries.
Kishor Hadkhale - Finland

Mapping variation in breast cancer screening: Where to intervene?
Cindy Padilla - France

Clinical and policy contexts for cancer care: Evidence from Denmark, Ireland and Ontario (Canada).
Melanie Morris - United Kingdom

The positive effect of workplace accommodations on employment five years after a cancer diagnosis
Caroline Alleaume - France

Fri 22nd
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition 5.M. - Pitch presentations: Nutrition and food safety
A population-based survey of knowledge and behaviour about salt intake in Italy
Paola Iaccarino Idelson - Italy

Children’s food intake in relation to preschool-level facilitators and barriers of healthy nutrition
Reetta Lehto - Finland

How does education affect diet in women? A comparison between Central and Southern Europe cohorts
Antonella Agodi - Italy

Impact of Danish ban of industrial produced trans fatty acids on serum cholesterol levels 1993 – 2006
Kirsten Schroll Bjørnsbo - Denmark

Ultra-processed food intake and risk of type 2 diabetes in a French cohort of middle-aged adults
Bernard Srour - France

Effects of salt reduction on cardiovascular risk factors. The STRIVE-study.
Ulla Toft - Denmark

Nutritional management of malnourished children under 5 years infected with HIV
Fassou KOLIé - Egypt

Dietary pesticide exposure profiles in the NutriNet-Santé cohort
Pauline Rebouillat - France

Fri 22nd
N. Health information and health literacy EUPHA (HP) 5.N. - Round table: Health literacy and life skills: children and adolescents’ tools for health promotion
Chairperson(s): Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP), Carine Simar - France

French validation of a measurement scale of life skills for children.
Carine Simar - France

Portuguese cultural adaptation and validation of the European Health Literacy Survey (HLS-EU) for children aged 9 to 10 (HLS-EU-PTc)
Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Health Literacy questionnaire development for 9 and 10 years old: a discussion of assessment tools!
Alcinda Reis - Portugal

Fri 22nd
O. Global health and environmental change EUPHA (ENV) 5.O. - Workshop: Climate change and energy issues in our life-course and our environment
Chairperson(s): Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV), Marija Jevtic - EUPHA (ENV)

Climate and energy issues as preconditions for health and well being
Marija Jevtic - EUPHA (ENV)

Impacts of transboundary coal air pollution from Balkan region to European public health
Vlatka Matkovic Puljic - Belgium

Healthy schools, healthy children – achieving climate-friendly and health promoting buildings for future generations
Anne Stauffer - Belgium

How to frame our behaviour in order to limit climate change?
Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV)

Fri 22nd
P. Data, evidence and practice 5.P. - Pitch presentations: Prepare, prevent and protect
Development of a European Public Health Emergency Preparedness Training Toolkit
Stefano Guicciardi - Italy

Heat Waves and occupational injuries: the importance of a consistent working definition
Matteo Riccò - Italy

Google Trends and forecasting of influenza epidemics in Lithuania
Donatas Austys - Lithuania

Socioeconomic Status, Health Inequalities, and Solidarity Trends in a Mass Vaccination Campaign
Aviad Tur-Sinai - Israel

A practical composite risk score for the development of HUS from STEC infection
Douglas Hamilton - Ireland

Impact of safety-engineered devices (SEDs) on the prevention of percutaneous injuries
Jacopo Garlasco - Italy

Comprehensive rabies prevention strategies for travelers: costs and consequences
Anita Suijkerbuijk - Netherlands

Disinfection of positive pressure respiratory protective hood using fumigation sterilization cabinet
Zongxing Zhang - China

Fri 22nd
Q. Health workforce / Health at work EUPHA (HSR), EUPHA (HWR) 5.Q. - Workshop: Health workforce meets HSR: Tackling regional inequalities in health service provision
Chairperson(s): Judith de Jong - EUPHA (HSR), Ellen Kuhlmann - Germany

Rural and urban general practice: a comparison in 34 countries
Peter Groenewegen - Netherlands

Regional shortages in a small country: how to provide the right care in the right place?
Johan Hansen - Netherlands

eHealth solutions to regional shortages in the health workforce
Luís Velez-Lapão - Portugal

Poster walks - Friday 22nd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 22nd
5.R. - Poster walk: Digital health and social media
5.R.1 - Educational Tools for the development of psychosocial skills in patient education
Pierre Sonnier - France

5.R.2 - Commuter e-bike use is associated with increased total physical activity over time
Bruno Chabanas - France

5.R.3 - Using e-health to shorten treatment delay in patients with severe aortic stenosis
Morgane Michel - France

5.R.4 - The use of digital devices in the field of healthcare in Bulgaria
Kristina Kilova - Bulgaria

5.R.5 - Assessment of the e-health system in the Kaunas City Outpatient Clinic
Snieguole Kaseliene - Lithuania

5.R.6 - E-health and governance models - a scoping review
Line Linstad - Norway

5.R.7 - How effective is AAL? Results from an RCT among older persons in Austria
Kerstin Loeffler - Austria

5.R.8 - Visualising Q - from the bootstrap to interactive graphics.
Anthony Staines - Ireland

5.R.9 - A pilot survey on health communication training among european PH residents: social media's role
Francesca de Nard - Italy

5.R.10 - A digitalized methodology to strengthen health equity: control, influence and participation
Maria Magnusson - Sweden

5.R.11 - Social network and grief: a text mining analyis
Walter De Caro - Italy

5.R.12 - Media Freedom is the Primary Culprit for Depressive Disorders: A Cross-National Analysis
Yuchun Lin - Taiwan

5.R.13 - Parents and health professionals’ opinions on information tools on mandatory childhood vaccines
Pierre Verger - France

5.R.14 - School bullying, internet use and social factors linked to mental illness in adolescents in Manila
Stephanie Sangalang - Germany

5.R.15 - The professional experience of a public health intern: How to promote health through a comic strip
Laetitia Leuci - France

Fri 22nd
5.S. - Poster walk: Health at work, sickness absence and disability pension
5.S.1 - Empowerment: a key to promote the health of people with disabilities
Séverine Lafitte - France

5.S.2 - How often do partial disability pensioners end up on a full disability pension?
Anu Polvinen - Finland

5.S.3 - Sickness absence and disability pension sequences before and after a bicycle crash; a Swedish study
Linnea Kjeldgård - Sweden

5.S.4 - Sickness absence trajectories following labour market participation patterns in Catalonia, 2012-2014
Julio Cesar Hernando Rodriguez - Spain

5.S.5 - Sick leave and disability pension before and after breast cancer diagnosis: a Swedish cohort study
Lingjing Chen - Sweden

5.S.6 - The introduction of person-centred care and sickness absence in hospital wards in West-Sweden.
Cornelia van Diepen - Sweden

5.S.7 - The impact of leadership on phychological distress at the workplace
Florian Schnabel - Austria

5.S.8 - Effects of a work-stress intervention in Swedish primary care versus treatment as usual: RCT-study
Christine Sandheimer - Sweden

5.S.9 - Work disability before and after incident myocardial infarction and subsequent common mental disorder
Syed Rahman - Sweden

5.S.10 - Childhood adversities and chronic pain among midlife employees
Aino Salonsalmi - Finland

5.S.11 - Job demands & control among employees in Sweden aged 55-64 and labour market status 11 years later
Kristin Farrants - Sweden

5.S.12 - Health inequality and self-employment in South Korea
HyeJin Kim - Korea, South

5.S.13 - Age-group differences in associations of working hour characteristics and short sickness absences
Annina Ropponen - Finland

5.S.14 - Gender and psychological distress: contribution of work-family balance
Satu Viertiö - Finland

Friday 22nd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 22nd
Observatory, ASPHER PL4 - Plenary 4: Building global bridges between public health communities
Fri 22nd
A. Solidarity in health 6.A. - Oral presentations: Ferenc Bojan: young investigator award session
Health coach online - health benefits on the citizens terms
Moa Kuitunen - Sweden

Egg consumption and risk of total and cause-specific mortality in a Mediterranean population
Emilia Ruggiero - Italy

Nutritional quality of food consumed (graded by the FSAm-NPS / Nutri-Score) and mortality in Europe
Mélanie Deschasaux - France

Consumption of ultra-processed foods and the risk of overweight, obesity, and weight trajectories
Bernard Srour - France

Relationship between sleep patterns and multimorbidity in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging
Kathryn Nicholson - Canada

Fri 22nd
B. Migration and health 6.B. - Pitch presentations: Health of refugees in Europe
Difference in access to health care for newly arrived refugees in Germany: a natural quasi-experiment
Judith Wenner - Germany

Explaining healthcare among unaccompanied minor refugees: a realist review
Hanna-Sophie Ulrich - Germany

Contraceptive use among undocumented migrant women seen by Médecins du Monde in the Humanitarian Hub
Felipe Rojas Lopez - Belgium

Injuries of adult asylum seekers in Finland: results of the 2018 TERTTU-health and well-being survey
Persephone Doupi - Finland

Health of asylum seeker children in Finland: a total population health examination survey (TERTTU).
Natalia Skogberg - Finland

Chronic pain and migration-related factors among Syrian refugees: a cross-sectional study
Elisabeth Strømme - Norway

Antonovsky meets Honneth or: The sense of coherence and intersubjective forms of recognition
Ulrike Garstenauer - Austria

Contexts between mental health of fledged people and compassion competence in the care
Sabine Steiner - Austria

Fri 22nd
C. Digital applications in health 6.C. - Oral presentations: The impact of digital technologies on health management
The impact of Internet use on mental wellbeing and health behaviours among persons with disability
Mariusz Duplaga - Poland

An automatic platform to monitor Web 2.0 presence of Healthcare Providers in Italy
Angelo D'ambrosio - Italy

Identifying and describing a model region to evaluate the impact of telemedicine
Lorenz Harst - Germany

Health and web for women: preliminary results of “SEI Donna” survey
Loredana Covolo - Italy

Short-term and long-term effectiveness of an e-coaching application; the INHERIT project
Pania Karnaki - Greece

Fri 22nd
D. European and global health WHO EURO 6.D. - Round table: Measuring values: enhancing how WHO monitors and reports on health and well-being
Chairperson(s): Nick Fahy - United Kingdom

Jane South - United Kingdom

Glenn Laverack - Switzerland

Mark Hanson - United Kingdom

Scott Greer - United States

Fri 22nd
E. Public health policy and politics IARC, INCa 6.E. - Population attributable fraction: methodologies, utilization and translations into public health messages
Fri 22nd
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health 6.F. - Pitch presentations: Maternal and perinatal health
Physical violence during pregnancy: national data from France
Marie-Josephe Saurel-Cubizolles - France

Effects of maternity waiting homes on perinatal deaths in an Ethiopian hospital.A case-control study
Sofia Zanovello - Italy

Breatsfeeding supression in a Spanish referral hospital (2011-17): a retrospective cohort study
Anna Llupià i García - Spain

Dietary patterns and gestational weight gain: evidence from the “Mamma & Bambino” cohort
Andrea Maugeri - Italy

Tobacco smoking in pregnant women: fifty years of evolution in France
Nolwenn Regnault - France

Monitoring Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder during the neonatal period in France
Nolwenn Regnault - France

Deprivation & preterm birth predict speech & language at 27-30 months among 26,341 British children.
Daniele Ene - United Kingdom

Adverse pregnancy outcomes and long-term risk of maternal renal disease: a systematic review
Peter Barrett - Ireland

Fri 22nd
G. Chronic diseases 6.G. - Pitch presentations: Trends in diabetes and hypertension management
The Entred 3 study: a national representative sample of people with diabetes, 3rd edition-France-2019
Valerie Henry - France

Trends of diabetes-delated preventable hospitalizations in an italian region from 2006 to 2015
Fabrizio Cedrone - Italy

Motivation for change, cornerstone of diabetes self-management in patients with type 2 diabetes
Marija Jevtic - EUPHA (ENV)

Peer support for socially vulnerable citizens with diabetes: Bridging the gap to the health system
Stine Dandanell Garn - Denmark

Trends by gender and predictors of diabetes-related lower extremity amputations in an Italian region
Piera Scampoli - Italy

Trends in diabetes prevalence, awareness, treatment, control in Yangon, Myanmar between 2004-2014
Wai Phyo Aung - Norway

Prevalence of hypertension and diabetes in Finland by different data sources
Päivikki Koponen - Finland

Education and hypertension in the CONSTANCES cohort: which factors mediate this association?
Lola Neufcourt - France

Fri 22nd
H. Health services research, systems and economics Observatory 6.H. - Workshop: Quality strategies in European health systems: assessing their nature, use and effectiveness
Chairperson(s): Ewout Van Ginneken - Germany, Niek Klazinga - Netherlands

Understanding quality of care and analyzing different strategies to assure and improve it
Reinhard Busse - Germany

Key components of international and European governance for quality of care
Willy Palm - Belgium

Regulation of health care professionals as a quality strategy
Dimitra Panteli - Germany

External institutional strategies for health care organizations as a quality strategy
Elke Berger - Germany

“Pay for Quality” (P4Q) as a quality strategy
Wilm Quentin - Germany

Fri 22nd
I. Infectious diseases control 6.I. - Pitch presentations: Vaccination policy and infectious diseases
Increasing HPV vaccination uptake among adolescents: A Systematic Review
Chiara de Waure - EUPHA (HTA)

Knowledge and attitudes about Human Papillomavirus and its prevention in Italian students, 2018.
Federico Romanese - Italy

Awareness of HPV and drivers of HPV vaccine uptake among university students in Italy
Marco Fonzo - Italy

Determinants of the intention to vaccinate with MMR among pregnant women from the City of Rome.
Annalisa Rosso - Italy

Measles outbreak at the Val Thorens ski station, France, 2019
Elise Brottet - France

Measles outbreak in a public hospital, Szczecin, Poland, January 2019
Cyrus Alain Koenig - France

Screening for tuberculosis among newly arrived migrants in France. Results from a practice study.
Nicolas Vignier - France

HCV test&treat in Milan prisons-an effective strategy for microelimination and health gaps reduction
Virginia Casigliani - Italy

Fri 22nd
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities EUPHA (SGMH) 6.K. - Workshop: Addressing the mental health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations
Chairperson(s): John Pachankis - United States, Arjan van der Star - EUPHA (SGMH)

Web-based training and supervision for LGBT-affirmative mental health practice: A randomized controlled trial
Corina Lelutiu-Weinberger - United States

Reduction in mental health treatment utilization among transgender individuals after gender-affirming surgeries: A total population study
Richard Bränström - EUPHA (SGMH)

Well Being of Older Gay and Bisexual Men and Women in England: Results of a Cross-Sectional Population Based Study
Igor Grabovac - Austria

The role of country-level structural stigma on sexual orientation disclosure and discrimination in health care settings among lesbian, gay, and bisexuals across Europe
John Pachankis - United States

Fri 22nd
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer Imperial College Health Partners 6.L. - Workshop: Evaluating impact and impactability of wider determinants of health on population health outcomes
Chairperson(s): Andi Orlowski - United Kingdom, Heather Humphreys - United Kingdom

A review of published studies evaluating impact and impactability of wider determinants of health
Heather Humphreys - United Kingdom

A tool to support the adoption of practical interventions to tackle social and environmental factors influencing health
Henry Ireland - United Kingdom

Standardising data collection and reporting on wider determinants of health
Andi Orlowski - United Kingdom

Fri 22nd
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition 6.M. - Pitch presentations: Health behaviours
Healthy behaviours and risk of all-cause mortality
Jouni Lahti - Finland

Smoking among immigrants in Norway, results from the Living Condition Survey among immigrants 2016
Marte Kjøllesdal - Norway

Is problematic Internet use associated with substance use among youth? A systematic review
Stéphanie Lanthier-Labonté - Canada

Educational differentials in domain specific physical activity by ethnicity, age, and gender
Meg Fluharty - United Kingdom

Whole systems approaches to obesity and other complex public health challenges: a systematic review
Anne-Marie Bagnall - United Kingdom

How to help smokers quit? Case study of Ukraine
Kateryna Rymarenko - Ukraine

Electronic cigarette use and smoking reduction – longitudinal data from CONSTANCES cohort study.
Ramchandar Gomajee - France

Combined healthy lifestyle factors and risk of all-cause and cardiovascular first hospitalization
Marialaura Bonaccio - Italy

Fri 22nd
N. Health information and health literacy EUPHA (FN) 6.N. - Skills building seminar: Innovative future meal services targeting old people in Europe
Chairperson(s): Enni Mertanen - Finland, Lise Justesen - Denmark

An innovative rehabilitating meals-on-wheels service for frail old people
Anette Due - Denmark

The Breakfast Club – co-creational meal practices as rehabilitation strategies in nursing homes
Lise Justesen - Denmark

More variable food and nutrition services for young old
Enni Mertanen - Finland

Fri 22nd
O. Global health and environmental change EUPHA, EUPHA (HIA), EUPHA (ENV) 6.O. - Workshop: Greening the European Public Health conferences, and beyond
Chairperson(s): Rainer Fehr - Germany, Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV)

Greening the European Public Health conferences – The Green Club
Julian Mamo - Malta

Using the WHO EURO checklist for healthy and sustainable meetings
Dineke Zeegers Paget - EUPHA

Towards quantifying CO2 emissions from EPH conference travel
Rainer Fehr - Germany

Fri 22nd
P. Data, evidence and practice University of Copenhagen 6.P. - Workshop: The Danish MAMAACT trial as an example for discussing evaluation methods in complex interventions
Chairperson(s): Sarah Fredsted Villadsen - Denmark, Helle Johnsen - Denmark

Differences in stillbirth and infant mortality by maternal country of birth and descent in Denmark
Trine Damsted Rasmussen - Denmark

What can we learn from the national implementation of The MAMAACT intervention?
Helle Johnsen - Denmark

Ethnic disparity in health literacy related to interaction with the health care provider
Sarah Fredsted Villadsen - Denmark

Fri 22nd
Q. Health workforce / Health at work EUPHA (HP) 6.Q. - Workshop: Health Literacy in the workplace: from health literate organizations to resilient individuals
Chairperson(s): Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP), Carine Simar - France

Health literacy and ehealth tools to improve quality of life
Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

From health care hospitals to health literate organizations: the case of health literacy of health workers in Brazil
Rosane Martins - Brazil

Migration and integration: the case of health literacy (HLS-EU-PT) as a foundation to promote cultural sensitiveness
Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Communicating with migrants: children's health literacy, digital technology, health promotion tools
Alcinda Reis - Portugal

Health literacy and physical activity as buffers to counter act work related stress
Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Poster walks - Friday 22nd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 22nd
6.R. - Poster walk: Mother and child health
6.R.1 - Preterm delivery is associated with long-term risk of maternal renal disease
Peter Barrett - Ireland

6.R.2 - Global trends in incidence and mortality of neonatal encephalopathy due to birth asphyxia and trauma
Kathryn Lau - United States

6.R.4 - Breastfeeding and Birth mode: comparative analysis between elective and in-labor caesarean section
Margherita Napolitani - Italy

6.R.5 - Maternal obesity and severe preeclampsia among immigrant women: a mediation analysis
Ayesha Siddiqui - France

6.R.6 - Combined effect of adverse childhood experiences and young age on self-harm ideation after birth
Satomi Doi - Japan

6.R.7 - The impact of psychosocial factors on breastfeeding duration in the BaBi cohort study, Germany
Celine Miani - Germany

6.R.8 - Postpartum women’s experience of abuse in childhood, postnatal depression, and thoughts of self-harm
Sung-Hyun Cho - Korea, South

6.R.9 - Prenatal care: missed opportunity for HBV prevention in women of childbearing age in rural Senegal
Tchadine Djaogol - France

6.R.10 - Perception of health risk linked to environmental factors by pregnant women.
MP Sauvant-Rochat - France

6.R.11 - Effect of smoking behaviour before and during pregnancy on Low head circumference at birth
Olga Kharkova - Russia

6.R.12 - Does the over-medicalisation of pregnancy help to improve neonatal outcomes?
Claudia Cuccaro - Italy

6.R.13 - Maternal dietary patterns during early pregnancy and birth weight in Japan
Takahiro Yamashita - Japan

6.R.14 - Capacity Building in Nurturing Care in Serbia
Svetlana Jankovic - Serbia

6.R.15 - Breastfeeding-related social media: an online survey of UK mothers’ perceptions
Shelina Visram - United Kingdom

Fri 22nd
6.S. - Poster walk: Environmental health
6.S.1 - Household disaster preparedness: a survey research results after the wildfires in Portugal, 2017
Mariana Neto - Portugal

6.S.2 - Monitoring air pollution effects on children for supporting public health policies (MAPEC_LIFE study)
Elisabetta Ceretti - Italy

6.S.3 - Neighborhood disparities in stroke and socioeconomic, urban-rural factors using stroke registry.
Cindy Padilla - France

6.S.4 - Measuring safety climate in vineyards
Jean-François Viel - France

6.S.5 - Individual and process factors influencing user’s satisfaction with Housing First services
Sandrine Loubiere - France

6.S.6 - Do heat contingency plans reduces heat related deaths? A Diference-in-Diference study in Portugal
Catarina Leitao - Portugal

6.S.7 - Effects of smoking regulation on hospital admissions for pulmonary diseases in Russian regions
Anna Kontsevaya - Russia

6.S.8 - Comprehensive unhealthy lifestyle is associated with alcohol consumption as J-shaped curve
Ippei Shimoshikiryo - Japan

6.S.9 - Impairment always rings twice? Assistance and un(der)met needs for people aging with disabilities
Alain Paraponaris - France

6.S.10 - Prenatal exposure of extra vitamin D from fortification and later risk of inflammatory bowel disease
Katrine Sidenius Duus - Denmark

6.S.11 - Individual-level high definition spatial distribution of mammography uptake in Geneva (Switzerland)
José Luis Sandoval - Switzerland

6.S.12 - Prognostic and Predictive biomarkers in a Mediterranean cohort (Review from Atena Project)
Fabiana Rubba - Italy

6.S.13 - 'Household cooking fuel and anaemia in sub-Saharan women and children: a cross-sectional study'
Eunice Phillip - Ireland

6.S.14 - Against lead poisoning: effectiveness of housing first and counselling in the home
Remi Laporte - France

6.S.15 - HTA and evaluation for funding purposes of in vitro diagnostic and screening technologies in the UK
Olga Loblova - United Kingdom

Friday 22nd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 22nd
A. Solidarity in health Babes-Bolyai University 7.A. - Workshop: Capacity building in public health in Northern Africa.A common effort to develop training programmes
Chairperson(s): Razvan M Chereches - Romania, Arja Aro - Denmark

Strengthening public health research capacity to inform evidence-based policies in Tunisia / CONFIDE
Elena Maria Bozdog - Romania

Centres for Evidence-base Public Health in Tunisia- development, tasks and opportunities
Cheikhrouhou Fatma - Tunisia

Dissemination of the capacity building results - tools adapted to the local context
Kalthoum Kallel - Tunisia

How does capacity building in public health work? Insights from the midterm evaluation of the CONFIDE project
Maria Palianopoulou - Denmark

Capacity building process – medical curricula implications on the long term
Mohamed Ben Rejeb - Tunisia

Fri 22nd
B. Migration and health INSERM 7.B. - Workshop: Screening infectious diseases amongst migrants in Europe: The diversity of policies
Chairperson(s): Martin Duracinsky - France, Manish Pareek - United Kingdom

Community-based testing of migrants for infectious diseases in the UK (COMBAT-ID)
Manish Pareek - United Kingdom

A new strategy for screening infectious diseases amongst migrants: the STRADA study
Martin Duracinsky - France

Screening TB in asylum seekers in Switzerland: comparing chest X-ray and interview-based system
Jean Pierre Zellewegerjp - Switzerland

Integrating HBV, HCV and HIV screening in tuberculosis entry screening for migrants in the Netherlands
Eline Freriks - Netherlands

Fri 22nd
C. Digital applications in health BZgA, RIVM, EuroHealthNet 7.C. - Workshop: Best practice portals for public health policies and interventions
Chairperson(s): Yvette Shajanian Zarneh - Germany, Anne-Catherine Viso - France

The good practice portal in Germany and considerations towards integrating best evidence
Yvette Shajanian Zarneh - Germany

Innovative strategies for the implementation of best practices
Djoeke Dale Van - Netherlands

Challenges to create an evidence-based programme register in France
Pierre Arwidson - France

Development and use of best practice portals: a European perspective
Alison Maassen - Belgium

Fri 22nd
D. European and global health EUPHA 7.D. - Round table: The new EUPHA strategy 2020-2025: what are the new skills public health professionals need
Chairperson(s): Dineke Zeegers Paget - EUPHA, Marieke Verschuuren - Netherlands

The changing context of public health in Europe
Martin McKee - United Kingdom

EUPHA strategy 2020-2025: Achieving a triple A rating for health in Europe
Natasha Azzopardi Muscat - EUPHA

Fri 22nd
E. Public health policy and politics Observatory 7.E. - Workshop: Everything you always wanted to know about EU health policy but were afraid to ask
Chairperson(s): Matthias Wismar - European Observatory

Scott Greer - United States

Holly Jarman - United States

Nick Fahy - United Kingdom

Willy Palm - Belgium

Fri 22nd
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health EHESP 7.F. - Workshop: How can data on adolescents’ health behavior contribute to public health policies? Lessons from HBSC
Chairperson(s): Emmanuelle Godeau - France

Using HBSC data as part of Ireland’s key policy documents: the example of wellbeing
Michal Molcho - Ireland

Using data from the HBSC study for evidence-based suicide prevention in Luxembourg
Claire van Duin - Luxembourg

School Health Research Network Wales: Development, implementation & contributing to public health policy
Honor Young - United Kingdom

Learning from success: implementation & evaluation of a national program
Yossi Harel-Fisch - Israel

Biosocial perspectives on adolescent wellbeing: time trends and cross-national patterns
Candace Currie - United Kingdom

Fri 22nd
G. Chronic diseases MILDECA, WHO EURO 7.G. - Implementing cost-effective policies to reduce the burden of alcohol in the European region: national and local experiences?
Fri 22nd
H. Health services research, systems and economics EUPHA (PHMR), EUPHA (URB) 7.H. - Skills building seminar: Population health monitoring goes upstream to improve the uptake of the wider health determinants
Chairperson(s): Nicole Rosenkötter - EUPHA (PHMR), Claudia Costa - Portugal

Geospatial data sources to produce new evidence for routine population health monitoring
Claudia Costa - Portugal

TEAviisari – benchmarking health promotion capacity-building in Finnish municipalities
Vesa Saaristo - Finland

Measuring health and well-being with the help of the community
Greg Williams - United Kingdom

Monitoring upstream determinants of dietary health to increase action on nutrition: The INFORMAS initiative
Stefanie Vandevijvere - Belgium

Fri 22nd
I. Infectious diseases control RIVM 7.I. - Workshop: Reaching out to engaging the risk groups: online respondent-driven methods for public health
Chairperson(s): Aura Timen - EUPHA (IDC), Anna Thorson - Sweden

Example A: Using online respondent-driven sampling among men who have sex with men in Vietnam
Luis Rocha - United Kingdom

Example B: Using online respondent-driven sampling among Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands
Nora Hamdiui - Netherlands

Example C: Using online respondent-driven detection for communicable disease control
Yannick Helms - Netherlands

Fri 22nd
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities PICUM 7.K. - Workshop: Leaving no one outside: strategies for improving delivery of care undocumented migrants in Europe
Chairperson(s): Alyna Smith - Belgium

Santino Severoni - WHO EURO

Jeffrey Lazarus - Denmark

Adjunct Professor
Daniel Lopez-Acuña - Spain

Advocacy Officer
Alyna Smith - Belgium

Fri 22nd
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer EUPHA (HIA), EUPHA (ENV) 7.L. - Workshop: Health in Environmental Impact Assessment: getting serious about primary prevention
Chairperson(s): Piedad Martin-Olmedo - Spain, Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV)

The amended EIA directive creates opportunities for public health
Ben Cave - United Kingdom

Political support for the institutionalization of health assessment within Environmental Impact Assessment
Francisco Javier Rodríguez Rasero - Spain

Role of the health sector in EIA
Marco Martuzzi - Germany

Skills and knowledge to facilitate competence for health and wellbeing in Environmental Impact Assessment
Liz Green - United Kingdom

Health in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Gaining strength from the ‘Family of health assessments’ approach
Rainer Fehr - Germany

Fri 22nd
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition THL, ANPAA, EUPHA (PHPP) 7.M. - Workshop: Alcohol policy reforms in European countries – challenges and solutions
Chairperson(s): Sofia Ribeiro - Portugal

Estonia: Problems created by border-trade for applying high-tax alcohol policy
Triinu Täht - Estonia

Finnish alcohol policy reform: battle over public health objectives
Pia Mäkelä - Finland

The Scottish case: minimum unit pricing for alcohol
Shona Hilton - United Kingdom

Fri 22nd
N. Health information and health literacy EUPHA (HP), Bielefeld University, NIVEL, CAPHRI at Maastricht University, Newcastle University, Global Health Literacy Academy, M-POHL Network WHO 7.N. - Workshop: Health literacy: an asset to public health policy
Chairperson(s): Orkan Okan - EUPHA (HP), Jany Rademakers - Netherlands

Health literacy policy to promote public health in Europe
Gill Rowlands - United Kingdom

Health literacy policies and activities: developments in the past five years
Jany Rademakers - Netherlands

Health literacy policy-making regarding children and adolescents
Orkan Okan - EUPHA (HP)

Cancer literacy applied in national cancer control plans – from policy to strategic guidelines in the EU
Kristine Sørensen - Denmark

The action network for measuring population and organizational health literacy (M-POHL) and its Health Literacy Survey 2019 (HLS19)
Dietscher Christina - Germany

Fri 22nd
O. Global health and environmental change WHO RHN, Østfold University College, Norwegian University for Life Sciences 7.O. - Round table: Academic institutions and regional governments: two worlds apart?
Chairperson(s): Francesco Zambon - WHO EURO

Joining two worlds - When academia meets real life and vice versa
Jo Ese - Norway

Partnerships for public health between regional governments and academic institutions – status quo in European regions
Camilla Ihlebaek - Norway

Panel discussion
Klara Dokova - Bulgaria

Panel discussion
Liesbeth van Holten - Netherlands

Panel discussion
Cordell Neudorf - Canada

Fri 22nd
P. Data, evidence and practice Region Västra Götaland 7.P. - Workshop: Digital quality assurance of equitable public health interventions: why, how and examples
Chairperson(s): Maria Magnusson - Sweden, Katharina Wretlind - Sweden

Ground pillars of a method for quality assurance of public health work
Maria Magnusson - Sweden

Health Equilibrium Methodology (HEM), a digital tool in public health work for health equity
Moa Hallmyr - Sweden

Implementing HEM in the assessment of oral health promotion to families in underserved areas
Katharina Wretlind - Sweden

Fri 22nd
Q. Health workforce / Health at work EUPHA (HWR), EUPHA (HSR), EUPHA (PHPP) 7.Q. - Workshop: Care4Care: the migrant care workforce in Europe
Chairperson(s): Ellen Kuhlmann - Germany, Judith de Jong - EUPHA (HSR)

The migrant health workforce in European countries: does anybody care?
Ellen Kuhlmann - Germany

Italy: nationalist anti-migrant policies and emigration of Italian health professions
Emmanuele Pavolini - Italy

Austria: target country for care workers despite increased anti-migration policies
Michelle Falkenbach - United States

Panel: Care4Care: what is it about the migrant care workforce and how to improve inclusion?
Gabrielle Jacob - Denmark

Poster walks - Friday 22nd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 22nd
7.R. - Poster walk: Health systems and economics
7.R.1 - The Public Health Implications of Brexit: A Health Impact Assessment Approach
Liz Green - United Kingdom

7.R.2 - Unpaid carer inequalities : a public health concern
Susan Carr - United Kingdom

7.R.3 - Shifting the Gravity of Spending: Assessing the impact of PHE’s Prioritisation Framework
Gregory Maniatopoulos - United Kingdom

7.R.4 - Determinants of frequent use of primary care in the German healthcare system
Alexander Rommel - Germany

7.R.5 - Does the take up of public insurance programs improves health care consumption of poor individuals ?
Benoît Carré - France

7.R.6 - Evaluation of polypharmacy in Japan using the national health insurance claim database in 2015-2017
Jinsang Park - Japan

7.R.7 - Older adults' access to Emergency Room according to frailty: three-years follow up
Giuseppe Liotta - Italy

7.R.8 - Unmet dental health care needs among adults in Serbia, Survey on Income and Living Conditions 2017
Zorica Terzic Supic - Serbia

7.R.9 - Atlases of variation for elective surgery to tackle wasteful care
Brigitte Piso - Austria

7.R.10 - Pay for performance scheme for general practitioners in France : results in 2018
Alice Atramont - France

7.R.11 - Cost-effectiveness analysis of the Un Chez Soi d’Abord randomized controlled trial in France
Coralie Lemoine - France

7.R.13 - Trade vs. Health? Enablers and barriers to elevate health interests in intersectoral governance
Dori Patay - Australia

7.R.14 - Mathematical modeling of medical equipment needs for public health purposes
Jelena Gajic - Serbia

7.R.15 - Economic burden of HIV disease from 2012 to 2016 based on the French national claim database (SNDS)
Laurence Pestel - France

Fri 22nd
7.S. - Poster walk: Infectious diseases control
7.S.1 - The recent Italian vaccination law and the role of Local Health Authorities: the case of LHA Roma 1
Emanuela Maria Frisicale - Italy

7.S.2 - Azienda Sanitaria Locale Roma 4: the external evaluation as strategy to improve vaccination services
Clara Fusillo - Italy

7.S.3 - A systematic review of factors influencing pregnant women’s future vaccination choices
Annalisa Rosso - Italy

7.S.4 - Are midwives ready to fight vaccine hesitancy? First results from an Italian cross-sectional study.
Azzurra Massimi - Italy

7.S.5 - Healthcare Workers’ attitudes towards mandatory influenza vaccination: a systematic review
Michele Corezzi - Italy

7.S.6 - Impact of hepatitis B vaccine in Tunisia 20 years after its introduction
Aicha Lahchaichi - Tunisia

7.S.8 - Vaccine Prevention of Exacerbations In Paediatric Chronic Lung Disease: The CHiRRP Study
Magdalene Parkes - Australia

7.S.9 - Serologic antibody response to quadrivalent influenza vaccination in Polish elderly patients
Paulina Dubiel - Poland

7.S.10 - Being Born during a Flu Pandemic as Risk Factors for Development of Schizophrenia
Francisco Guillen Grima - Spain

7.S.11 - Severe outcomes following invasive pneumococcal disease in adults in France
Kostas Danis - France

7.S.12 - Evaluating the Impact of Integrating Mental Health Services Within existing TB Facilities
Hasha Siddiqui - Pakistan

7.S.14 - Improving access to post-exposure prophylaxis for Lyme disease: a role for community pharmacists
Geneviève Baron - Canada

7.S.15 - Advancement of hepatic fibrosis among general women with/without NAFLD
Rie Ibusuki - Japan

Saturday 23rd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 23rd
A. Solidarity in health 8.A. - Pitch presentations: Women's health
“People expect you to work like you don’t have a child but be a mum like you don’t have a job'
Lynne Rush - United Kingdom

Risk factors associated with repeated voluntary termination of pregnancy in Tuscany, Italy
Margherita Napolitani - Italy

Nation-wide profile of women using hormonal contraception in Finland in 2017
Elena Toffol - Finland

Reproductive and contraceptive healthcare for vulnerable people in the Netherlands: Pregnant not now!
Connie Rijlaarsdam - Netherlands

Prevalence of female genital mutilation and associated obstetric outcomes in rural Northern Ghana
Engelbert Nonterah - Ghana

Health situation and health care of women aged 50 years and older in rural regions in Germany
Franziska Prütz - Germany

Health service provision for women 50+: the “Frauen 5.0” project in the north-east region in Germany
Lorena Dini - Germany

Mothers’ Oral Health Literacy and children’s oral health: study in the department of Pikine, Senegal.
Serigne Name Dieng - France

Sat 23rd
B. Migration and health 8.B. - Oral presentations: Welcoming refugees: from monitoring to practice
Surveillance of health and primary care of asylum seekers in reception centers: concept and results
Rosa Jahn - Germany

The health of asylum seekers in Finland: a total population health examination survey (TERTTU).
Natalia Skogberg - Finland

Health monitoring among refugees: a state-wide, cross-sectional, population-based study in Germany
Louise Biddle - Germany

Treatment gap and mental health service use among Syrian refugees in Turkey
Daniela Fuhr - United Kingdom

Participatory practice with queer refugees in Germany
Tanja Gangarova - Germany

Sat 23rd
C. Digital applications in health 8.C. - Pitch presentations: Digital technologies: future in care
Establishment of Centrе of competence “Leonardo Da Vinci” in Medical University of Pleven, Bulgaria
Silviya Yankulovska - Bulgaria

Final Products: a regional integrated output assessment in Public Health services, 2017-19 Italy.
Cecilia Smaniotto - Italy

European network staff eXchange for integrAting precision health in the health Care sysTems” project
Marco Mariani - Italy

International, inter-university transferability of a student health surveillance system (SuSy) tool
Ralf Reintjes - Germany

Medical records completeness: can Link Professionals improve quality in a Rehabilitation Hospital?
Enrico Scarpis - Italy

Educational requirements for Health Information Systems: A scope review of the literature
André Beja - Portugal

Using technology and cross-cultural teams to deliver trauma-informed medication management
Thomas Buckley - United States

Digital health initiatives and the policy context in European integrated health systems.
Micol Tedeschi - United Kingdom

Sat 23rd
D. European and global health 8.D. - Pitch presentations: Infectious disease surveillance and control in the African region
Equity in uptake of HIV testing: time trends from population-based surveys in 16 African countries
Pearl Anne Ante - France

Community hygiene against lassa fever disease and its predictors in a Nigerian rural settlement.
Abdulrazaq Gobir - Nigeria

Asymptomatic malaria : building bridges with communities through patients in Côte d'Ivoire
Daniel Yao - Cote d'Ivoire

Surveillance of dengue: evolution of surveillance strategies during a large outbreak, Réunion, France
Luce Menudier - France

Influenza-associated morbidity and mortality in Tunisia
Hind Bouguerra - Tunisia

Hepatitis B vaccination status and vaccine immune response among children in rural Senegal.
Lauren Perieres - Senegal

Multiple interventions to strengthen immunization services in an Angolan district
Mattia Fattorini - Italy

sentinel physicians network in Reunion: an essential and key actor for epidemiological surveillance
Jamel Daoudi - France

Sat 23rd
E. Public health policy and politics 8.E. - Pitch presentations: Informing the health policy process
Health and healthcare in the year 2040 – Facts for planning a complex and uncertain future
Tjede Funk - Sweden

The Public Health Implications of Brexit in Wales: A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) approach
Liz Green - United Kingdom

Danish policymakers and research evidence in public health policy process
Natasa Loncarevic - Denmark

Situation analysis on evidence-informed health policy-making in Poland
Katarzyna Dubas-Jakóbczyk - Poland

Towards a deliberative approach in public health policy making
Wannes Van Hoof - Belgium

Health is not for sale, is it?
Thomas Plochg - Netherlands

Southeastern Regional Health Information System: a mapping tool for public health actors
Marie Jardin - France

The EU Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Knowledge Gateway
Ioanna Bakogianni - Italy

Sat 23rd
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health 8.F. - Pitch presentations: Promoting child centred health systems
Validation of a Screening Tool for Social Vulnerability in Pediatrics
Remi Laporte - France

Can nurses improve self-management among pediatric patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Annamaria Mele - Italy

Importance and feasibility of implementing child and parent centeredness in routine care
Michael Eichinger - Germany

Exposure to car smoking among youth in seven countries of the European Union
Martin Mlinarić - Germany

Sleep habits and sleep characteristics at 1 year-old in the ELFE birth cohort study
Sabine Messayke -

Impact of sleep and screen times on incidence of overweight in European children and adolescents
Viveka Guzman - Ireland

Effects of school-based interventions on children’s health and hygiene literacy in Manila
Stephanie Sangalang - Germany

Determinants of health care use and cost among school-age children with asthma
Maha Dardouri - Tunisia

Sat 23rd
G. Chronic diseases 8.G. - Pitch presentations: The breadth of public health
Models and evidence of intersectoral cooperation in prevention and health promotion
Ulla Walter - Germany

The development of a monitoring instrument to measure the strength of health promoting systems
Gerdine Fransen - Netherlands

The necessity of applying Rasch measurement theory in questionnaire-based public health research
Hanne Søberg Finbråten - Norway

Trajectories of systolic blood pressure in Chinese adults born in four decades
Leah Li - United Kingdom

Tuberculosis contact investigations in congregate settings in Rome, Italy: contribution of migration.
Monica Sane Schepisi - Italy

Mesothelioma: a rare cancer in the Valencian Region’s Cancer Registry (Spain)
Clara Cavero Carbonell - Spain

Impact of the Govan SHIP case management project on emergency hospital admission and GP interactions
Kate Levin - United Kingdom

Bringing greater transparency to health workforce planning in Tajikistan: using the WISN approach
Helen Prytherch - Switzerland

Sat 23rd
H. Health services research, systems and economics 8.H. - Pitch presentations: Hospitals, public health and safety
Measuring organizational performance. A review of the dimensions of hospital performance indicators
Elettra Carini - Italy

Healthcare costs and outcomes: a value-based assessment tool for Clinical Governance
Maria Lucia Specchia - Italy

Development of the Austrian version of the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture
Šehad Draganović - Austria

Patient safety incidents in ambulatory care in Germany
Max Geraedts - Germany

The Bundle approach to reduce SSI rate of colon surgery, Piedmont(Italy) : experience of 2012-2017
Alessandro Scacchi - Italy

Acute respiratory infection hospitalized in intensive care unit: long-term outcome in Elderly
Leslie Grammatico-Guillon - France

Obstetric interventions among native and migrant women: a survey of episiotomy in Portugal
Elsa Lorthe - Portugal

Caesarean section and neonatal outcomes among women of migrant origin in Finland
Kalpana Bastola - Finland

Sat 23rd
I. Infectious diseases control 8.I. - Pitch presentations: Improving vaccine confidence: actions and outcomes
Misconceptions and lack of vaccine confidence: even First Responders are not spared
Matteo Riccò - Italy

Compulsory vaccination policies: a systematic review about knowledge, attitudes and believes.
Gianluca Voglino - Italy

Opinions and beliefs in vaccine hesitant parents in Italy: what makes the difference.
Sofia Zanovello - Italy

Knowledge, false myths and beliefs on vaccines among pregnant women: results from NAVIDAD study.
Maria Rosaria Gualano - Italy

The use of ICT to increase vaccination uptake: state of the evidence from experimental studies
Federica Balzarini - Italy

Flu vaccination coverage in a large Italian teaching hospital: the example of the leaders
Marcello Di Pumpo - Italy

Vaccination apps: a missing opportunity from various perspectives?
Dario Catozzi - Italy

An innovative continuing medical education approach of general practitioners on vaccination: ForMéVac
Marie-christine Banide - France

Sat 23rd
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities 8.K. - Pitch presentations: Determinants of mental health
Living arrangement and mid-late life depression in England and China: a cross-country comparison
Yaoyue Hu - Germany

Physical health of people with mental illness: conditions of its constitution as a public issue
Delphine Moreau - France

Income-related inequalities in mental health in Sweden and the role of social determinants
Sara Fritzell - Sweden

Child living arrangements following separation and mental health of parents in Sweden
Sara Fritzell - Sweden

Young people’s depression trajectories: comparing social inequality in the United States and Canada
Anita Minh - Netherlands

The assessment of students anxiety and depression symptoms, sense of coherence and suicidal risk
Giedrė Žulpaitė - Lithuania

Development of the guideline ‘Challenging behaviour in adults with intellectual disability’
Marieke Kroezen - Netherlands

The impact of a national public awareness campaign on dementia knowledge and help-seeking in Ireland
Desmond Hickey - Ireland

Sat 23rd
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer 8.L. - Pitch presentations: Population health patterns
The decomposition of life expectancy for age and cause of death in Tuscany, Italy
Francesco Gori - Italy

Trends in disease burden in Poland, 1990-2017: years of life lost, and years lived with disability.
Bartosz Rudnicki - Poland

Trends in disease burden in Poland, 1990-2017: disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs).
Tomasz Nogal - Poland

Domain-specific physical activity patterns and cardiorespiratory fitness among adults in Germany
Johannes Zeiher - Germany

Cognitive function and type of physical activity: results from the FRéLE longitudinal study
Caroline Dupré - France

Monitoring of obesity in the Italian adult population: preliminary results of 1998-2018 trend
Chiara Donfrancesco - Italy

Trends in the co-occurrence of cardiovascular risk factors by education in Finland, 1997–2017
Laura Paalanen - Finland

Variants in Neuromedin U pathway genes and risk of cardiovascular disease in an Italian population
Francesco Gianfagna - Italy

Sat 23rd
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition 8.M. - Oral presentations: Interventions to change behaviours
Effects of a behavioural approach on lifestyle habits : a before-after interventional study
Emilia Guberti - Italy

The GOOD Life trial: Effects on perceived injunctive norms about smoking, alcohol and cannabis use
Lotte Vallentin-Holbech - Denmark

One year update following removal of high sugar sweetened beverages from a university campus
Patricia Fitzpatrick - Ireland

Recruitment of women from disadvantaged areas to a smoking cessation intervention: preliminary findings from the We Can Quit2 (WCQ2) cluster randomised controlled trial.
Catherine Hayes - Ireland

Using an intervention theory to build a dashboard for designing and evaluating behavior change SDApps
Olivier Aromatario - France

Sat 23rd
N. Health information and health literacy 8.N. - Pitch presentations: Citizen and patient access to information and participation
Public participation in health data governance: a scoping review
Cláudia De Freitas - Portugal

Solidarity and reciprocity in data governance: information sharing among gamete donors and recipients
Cláudia De Freitas - Portugal

Solidarity in genomic healthcare ? Results of the Belgian citizen forum (2018)
Chloe Mayeur - Belgium

Improving access of French people to health information: the National Health Information Service
Giovanna Marsico - France

Online health information seeking by parents for their children. A systematic review
Christian Kubb - Austria

“Patient participation”: Towards a conceptual model and dimensions’ descriptions.
Iness Ortiz Halabi - Belgium

The determinants of patients' opinions about physicians' services in the Internet-based ranking site
Mariusz Duplaga - Poland

Umbrella review of strategies to improve uptake of screening programmes
Lirije Hyseni - United Kingdom

Sat 23rd
O. Global health and environmental change Sciensano 8.O. - Skills building seminar: Environmental Burden of Disease: methods and applications
Chairperson(s): Brecht Devleesschauwer - Belgium

Introduction to the Environmental Burden of Disease concept – history, methods and selected results
Dietrich Plass - Germany

Environmental Burden of Disease in the Netherlands
Henk Hilderink - Netherlands

Burden of disease due to nitrogen dioxide exposure in Germany
Dietrich Plass - Germany

Burden of disease of heavy metals in population clusters: towards targeted public health strategies
Sofie Theresa Thomsen - Denmark

Sat 23rd
P. Data, evidence and practice 8.P. - Pitch presentations: Trends in primary, ambulatory and integrated care
How primary care and public health interact in local health contracts in France?
Candan Kendir - France

Organizational Culture and Readiness for Change in German pediatric outpatient centres
Sabine Georg - Germany

French GPs’ willingness to delegate tasks: may financial incentives balance risk aversion?
Alain Paraponaris - France

Time to use of primary health care after being informed about increased health risk in HUNT
Marlen Toch-Marquardt - Norway

Identification of clusters and outcomes of multimorbid patients in UK general practice
Yajing Zhu - United Kingdom

Individual and area-level factors associated with ambulatory care sensitive conditions in Finland
Markku Satokangas - Finland

Benefits of performing same day discharge lead and varicose interventions in active patients
Asma Hamid - France

The Integrated Care Performance Assessment Tool: a co-design journey
Mariana Dates - United Kingdom

Sat 23rd
Q. Health workforce / Health at work 8.Q. - Pitch presentations: Current issues in the health workforce
Supporting Primary care teams by training coordinators to combat shortage of medical services
François-Xavier Schweyer - France

Migration intentions among Polish physicians - the profile of a potential migrant
Alicja Domagała - Poland

Career satisfaction of Polish physicians – evidence from a survey study
Alicja Domagała - Poland

What doctors and nurses think about the residents' role within the Academic Hospital of Udine?
Edoardo Ruscio - Italy

Nurse's job satisfaction and organization's innovation propensity: organizational climate in italy
Chiara Barchielli - Italy

Status of Excessive Work and Direction of Work Style Reform for OB/GYNs in Japan
Masatoshi Ishikawa - United States

National survey of UK general practice pharmacy services
Vilius Savickas - United Kingdom

Essential knowledge for junior doctors regarding infectious disease control: a modified Delphi study
Nienke van den Berg - Netherlands

Poster walks - Saturday 23rd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 23rd
8.R. - Poster walk: Addiction and other matters
8.R.1 - Intentions to use electronic cigarettes, cigarettes, and hookah among adolescents in Kuwait
Maram Alhussaini - Kuwait

8.R.2 - Patterns of electronic cigarette, conventional cigarette, and hookah use among adolescents in Kuwait
Ali Esmaeil - Kuwait

8.R.3 - Association of electronic cigarette use with respiratory outcomes among adolescents
Abdullah Alnajem - Kuwait

8.R.4 - Treatment of the opioid use disorder in the primary health care in The City of Zagreb
Danijela Stimac - Croatia

8.R.5 - Risk factors for hazardous drinking in university students from South Africa and Belgium
Guido Van Hal - Belgium

8.R.6 - Trauma-related mortality in patients with severe psychiatric disorders: a nationwide study
Laurent Boyer - France

8.R.7 - An exploratory study on the prevalence of opiate use, abuse and treatment in tuhc
Donias Doko - United States

8.R.8 - The minimization of alcohol harm to participants at mega events
Anura Jayasinghe - New Zealand

8.R.9 - The role of unjust treatment for experienced unmet need for health care among Finnish Roma
Hannamaria Kuusio - Finland

8.R.10 - Frailty as predictor for all-cause and cause-specific mortality: 11-year follow-up cohort study
Thomas Dorner - Austria

8.R.11 - Potential predictors of unmet health needs among the elderly: a population-based study in Serbia
Milena Šantrić Milićević - Serbia

8.R.12 - Changes in work stress among doctors in Norway from 2010 to 2019: a study based on repeated surveys
Judith Rosta - Norway

8.R.13 - Midwifery matters: resilience and subjective wellbeing of midwives
Niccolò Vonci - Italy

8.R.14 - Serum modified HDL was associated with cardiovascular disease in a Japanese community-based cohort
Tomonori Okamura - Japan

8.R.15 - Alcohol use disorders and long-term risk of dementia: Mediation by cardiovascular disease
Yaoyue Hu - Germany

Sat 23rd
8.S. - Poster walk: Health workforce
8.S.1 - Evidence-based practice among health sciences students: attitudes, knowledge and skills
Mohamed Ayoub Tlili - Tunisia

8.S.2 - Measuring improved decision-making in MPH learning teams
Mark Speechley - Canada

8.S.3 - Pharmacist to improve hypertension management: concordance between Europe and North America
Valérie Santschi - Switzerland

8.S.4 - Teaching medical students multi-disciplinary team work through integrated course
Rabiga Khozhamkul - Kazakhstan

8.S.5 - Final clinical practicum of nursing education and transition experience of new nurses
Anu-Marja Kaihlanen - Finland

8.S.6 - Health Communication needs of health professionals in Europe – the H-COM cross sectional study
Konstantina Zota - Greece

8.S.7 - Engaging a wider public health workforce: bringing public health into architecture education
Rachael Marsh - United Kingdom

8.S.8 - Delegation of medical services to specially trained medical practice assistants
Susanne Schnitzer - Germany

8.S.9 - Human Resources for Health challenges during health emergencies—do numbers matter?
Mirna Amaya Amaya - United States

8.S.10 - The socio-economic planning of a community nurses programme in mountain areas
Roberto Ippoliti - Germany

8.S.11 - Informal carer in Portugal: moving towards political recognition in Portugal
Ines Fronteira - Portugal

8.S.12 - Evaluation of the impact of distractions in the operating room on teamwork, workload and stress
Wiem Aouicha - Tunisia

8.S.13 - Assessment of patient safety culture in the Tunisian intensive care units and its associated factors
Mohamed Ayoub Tlili - Tunisia

8.S.14 - Older Patients in Emergency Departments. Challenges from the health care providers' perspective
Johannes Deutschbein - Germany

8.S.15 - Attitudes of social welfare professionals of the concept of positive health in the Netherlands
Cindy De Bot - Netherlands

Saturday 23rd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 23rd
EuroHealthNet PL5 - Plenary 5: Migrant and refugee inequalities in urban settings and changing public health practice
Sat 23rd
A. Solidarity in health EUPHA (IDC), EUPHA (MIG), EUPHA (PHPP) 9.A. - Workshop: Better prison health for better public health
Chairperson(s): Ana Carina Ferreira Borges - Denmark, Sofia Ribeiro - Portugal

The health of people in prison in Europe
Eamonn O'Moore - United Kingdom

Prison health: governance and monitoring do matter
Daniel Lopez-Acuña - Spain

Evidence-based decision making for prison health
Lara Tavoschi - Italy

Case study: Drug related problems in prison settings
Marialinda Montanari - Portugal

Case study: HCV micro-elimination in prison
Fadi Meroueh - France

Sat 23rd
B. Migration and health Work group 'Economic arguments in migrant health policy making' 9.B. - Workshop: Bringing economics, health and migration together: a mutual learning experiment
Chairperson(s): Kayvan Bozorgmehr - Germany

The potential of economic evaluation studies to improve health screening and assessment policies for asylum seekers in Germany
Louise Biddle - Germany

Effects of non-health-targeted policies on migrant health
Sol Juarez - Sweden

Ethics, economics and migration: intersections, synergies and tensions
Ursula Trummer - Austria

Sat 23rd
C. Digital applications in health EUPHA (HP), DPH, EUPHA (IDC) 9.C. - Round table: Online anti-vaccination movements: the role of social media in public health communications
Chairperson(s): Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP), Patty Kostkova - United Kingdom

Role of Social Media in vaccination debate about HPV: the VAC Medi+Board study
Daniel Artus - United Kingdom

Exploring online anti-vaccination movements: the role of social media in public health communications and reporting
Bolette Soborg - Denmark

Countering anti-vaccination trends and changing online opinion
Carlo Signorelli - Italy

The role of health literacy as a public health strategy to counter act the anti-vaccination movement in the web
Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Sat 23rd
D. European and global health EHFG, EUPHA (PHPP) 9.D. - Skills building seminar: Young policy voices for our future
Chairperson(s): Natasha Azzopardi Muscat - EUPHA, Damir Ivankovic - Netherlands

A fresh look at national health policy issues
Damiet Onderstal - Netherlands

Youth Alliance - a new model for health policy development
Christian Bröer - Netherlands

Young health leaders shape their future policies
Maaike Droogers - EUPHA

Sat 23rd
E. Public health policy and politics Observatory 9.E. - Workshop: The changing politics of ageing and welfare state: Connecting politics with realities
Chairperson(s): Scott Greer - United States, Jonathan Cylus - United Kingdom

Busting the myth of the 'greedy elderly'
Julia Lynch - United States

Taking the high road: The politics of win-win approaches
Jane Gingrich - United Kingdom

The real inequalities
Clare Bambra - United Kingdom

The politics of bad policy: Why don't governments pick win-wins?
Michelle Falkenbach - United States

Sat 23rd
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health Karolinska Institutet 9.F. - Workshop: Twins: a powerful study design to examine the role of genetics and environment for work incapacity
Chairperson(s): Pia Svedberg - Sweden

Studies from the Norwegian Twin Registry on risk factors for health related work incapacity
Ragnhild Elise Orstavik - Norway

Risk factors of disability pensions – what will twin studies from Finland and Sweden add?
Annina Ropponen - Finland

Mental health in childhood and adolescence in association to sickness absence and disability pension
Jurgita Narusyte - Sweden

Education, lifestyle and life course differences in level of work incapacity – genes and environment
Karoline Brobakke Seglem - Norway

Adverse outcomes of sick leave due to mental disorders: prospective studies of discordant twin pairs
Lisa Mather - Sweden

Sat 23rd
G. Chronic diseases Scottish Government 9.G. - Skills building seminar: Capacity-building for implementing integrated care
Chairperson(s): Andrea Pavlickova - United Kingdom, Iveta Nagyova - EUPHA (CHR)

EU level actions and instruments to support the implementation of integrated care
Filip Domanski - Belgium

SCIROCCO Exchange - Capacity-building support for integrated care
Andrea Pavlickova - United Kingdom

Maturity of integrated care in Flanders region - What can we learn?
Solvejg Wallyn - Belgium

Maturity of integrated care in the Basque Country - What can we learn?
Jon Txarramendieta - Spain

Maturity of integrated care in Poland - What can we learn?
Katarzyna Wiktorzak - Poland

Sat 23rd
H. Health services research, systems and economics BZgA, Robert Koch Institut, Future Forum Public Health, ZfPH 9.H. - Workshop: National approaches to Public health; policy, strategies, legislation and implementation in Europe
Chairperson(s): Yvette Shajanian Zarneh - Germany, Svenja Matusall - Germany

The preventive health care act and the future forum public health in Germany
Freia De Bock - Germany

The future generation’s act: Wales
Catherine Weatherup - United Kingdom

The Swedish national public health policy and its achievements after ten years
Nina Lindqvist - Sweden

Slovenian PH system: reshaping and new approaches to interventions and linkages with primary care
Tit Albreht - Slovenia

The public health system in France and the structural developments during the last ten years
Pierre Arwidson - France

Sat 23rd
I. Infectious diseases control EUPHAnxt, EuroNet MRPH, YFG 9.I. - Skills building seminar: Skillscamp : from soft skills to health for all
Chairperson(s): Rafaela Tripalo - Austria, Gisela Leiras - Portugal

Introduction to soft skills
Duarte Vital Brito - Portugal

Soft skills for esearch on gender and sexual minorities
Arjan van der Star - EUPHA (SGMH)

Soft skill for research on migrants' health
Charles Agyemang - Netherlands

Soft skills to improve the health of homeless people
Freek Spinnewijn - Belgium

Interactive activity and discussion
Keitly Mensah - France

Sat 23rd
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities EUPHA 9.K. - Workshop: To regulate or not to regulate: that is still the question
Chairperson(s): Natasha Azzopardi Muscat - EUPHA, Dineke Zeegers Paget - EUPHA

Building bridges between public health and law
Farhang Tahzib - United Kingdom

An emerging trend to tax sugar sweetened beverages and other junk foods: overregulation or an effective way to modify dietary behaviours?
Piotr Romaniuk - Poland

Example 1: Danish regulations to phase out smoking
Charlotta Pisinger - Denmark

Example 2: The Italian law on compulsory vaccinations
Stefania Boccia - Italy

Example 3: The Dutch ‘polder model'
Thomas Plochg - Netherlands

Sat 23rd
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer WHO RHN, WHO ECEH, Regional Government of Andalusia, EUPHA (HIA) 9.L. - Round table: Making progress in Health Impact Assessment: from theory to practice
Chairperson(s): Francesco Zambon - WHO EURO, Piedad Martin-Olmedo - Spain

Health impact assessment: what it takes, what it can and cannot deliver
Marco Martuzzi - Germany

Systematically introducing the 'health factor' in decision-making is possible: The success case of Andalusia
Francisco Javier Rodríguez Rasero - Spain

Panellist, Flanders (Belgium)
Bart Bautmans - Belgium

Panellist, Andalusia (Spain)
Ana M Carriazo - Spain

Panellist, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
Odile Mekel - EUPHA (HIA)

Sat 23rd
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition BZgA 9.M. - Workshop: Creating healthy living environments in municipalities – European concepts, needs and actions
Chairperson(s): Christina Plantz - Germany

A common European framework on how to create healthy living environments on the local level
Eike Quilling - Germany

Current capacities and challenges for equity-oriented municipal health promotion in Europe
Christina Plantz - Germany

Country Report: How do Greek municipalities currently promote health and health equity?
Joanna Velissari - Greece

Country Report: How do Serbian municipalities currently promote health and health equity?
Dragana Jovanovic - Serbia

How the City of Utrecht develops a Health and Equity in all Policies approach
Miriam Weber - Netherlands

Sat 23rd
N. Health information and health literacy InfAct, Sciensano, EUPHA (PHMR) 9.N. - Round table: Strengthening capacities in health information for better public health practice in Member States
Chairperson(s): Claudia Habl - Austria, Herman Van Oyen - Belgium

Developing a health information (HI) training programme: strengthening the public health workforce
Luís Velez-Lapão - Portugal

Strengthening health information systems in Europe through peer review assessments
Petronille Bogaert - Belgium

Development of composite indicators to monitor burden of disease across Member States
Romana Haneef - France

Global cardiovascular risk assessment: a national training course for General Practitioners
Luigi Palmieri - Italy

Building a sustainable network of health examination surveys through training and mutual learning
Hanna Tolonen - Finland

Sat 23rd
O. Global health and environmental change GHNGN, IFGH 9.O. - Skills building seminar: Access to Medicines: A theatrical exploration of diverse perspectives
Chairperson(s): Viveka Guzman - Ireland, Eunice Phillip - Ireland

The timeline of a drug - From research and development to prescription
Sandra Del Ponzo - Spain

Access to medicines policy in Europe
Eunice Phillip - Ireland

The time to ACT in access to medicines is now!
Viveka Guzman - Ireland

Sat 23rd
P. Data, evidence and practice Bielefeld University 9.P. - Workshop: How to do (and not to do) gender in health research: methods developments and lessons from the field
Chairperson(s): Celine Miani - Germany

Conceptual framework for intersectionality-based gender sensitivity in multivariable analysis
Emily Mena - Germany

Operationalisation of gender and migration in epidemiological research – a systematic review
Lisa Wandschneider - Germany

Violation of maternal integrity during childbirth: a micro-, meso- and macrostructural perspective
Stephanie Batram-Zantvoort - Germany

A critical discussion of theoretical foundations and measurement methods of gender roles
Philipp Jaehn - Germany

Lessons from the field: Gender roles and researcher reflexivity in smoking cessation in South Asia
Melanie Boeckmann - Germany

Sat 23rd
Q. Health workforce / Health at work EUPHA (HWR) 9.Q. - Skills building seminar: Building skills and capacity for a future health workforce
Chairperson(s): Ronald Batenburg - Netherlands, Ellen Kuhlmann - Germany

Building institutional capacity for a future health workforce. The WHO Global HRH Strategy
Gabrielle Jacob - Denmark

Professionalisation of the public health workforce: why, what and how
Kasia Czabanowska - ASPHER

Internationalisation of health workforce education: the case of medicine in Romania
Marius-Ionut Ungureanu - Romania

Researching the health workforce: a framework for action
Ellen Kuhlmann - Germany

Poster walks - Saturday 23rd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 23rd
9.R. - Poster walk: Child health
9.R.1 - Parental health literacy and health behaviors in children: a 2017 cross-sectional survey in Germany
Elke de Buhr - Germany

9.R.2 - Parents' socioeconomic position, psychological problems, and emotional neglect in childhood
Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdottir - Sweden

9.R.3 - Parental mental vulnerability and use of healthcare services in infants
Signe Heuckendorff - Denmark

9.R.4 - Effects of a healthy lifestyle intervention on health behaviors and obesity for vulnerable children
Jina Choo - Korea, South

9.R.5 - The effectiveness of a web-based Dutch parenting program to prevent overweight in children age 9-13
Emilie Ruiter - Netherlands

9.R.7 - Early socioeconomic circumstances and cardiometabolic health in 10-year-old children
Sara Soares - Portugal

9.R.8 - Early socioeconomic circumstances and adverse childhood experiences in 10-year-old children
Flávia Soares Peres - Portugal

9.R.9 - Spatial analysis and mapping of child malnutrition in Burkina Faso
Ying-Chih Chuang - Taiwan

9.R.10 - Social-emotional problems among Swedish three-year-olds: an Item Response Theory Analysis
Marie Lindkvist - Sweden

9.R.11 - Associations between childhood deaths and adverse childhood experiences
Hannah Grey - United Kingdom

9.R.12 - Are neighbourhood characteristics associated with physical activity levels in schoolchildren?
Gulin Kaya - Turkey

9.R.13 - Sexual maturation in girls: association with physical activity and sedentary behaviour
Veronique Desnouck - Belgium

9.R.14 - Placing healthy kids meals on the restaurant menu by co-creation between chef-cooks and children
Kris Bevelander - Netherlands

9.R.15 - Study on Children's Health Program and Maternity Health Program, Bulgaria
Stefan Stefanov - Bulgaria

Sat 23rd
9.S. - Poster walk: Mental health inequalities and care
9.S.2 - Depression in the Portuguese population, its relation with satisfaction with life and social support
Mariana Neto - Portugal

9.S.4 - Diabetes care in individuals with severe mental Illnesses in Israel
Yael Wolff Sagy - Israel

9.S.5 - Lessons from end-of-life care among patients with cancer and mental disorder: a nationwide study
Laurent Boyer - France

9.S.6 - Associations between mental illnesses and acute cardiovascular events and cancers in France in 2016
Philippe Tuppin - France

9.S.7 - Comorbidity associated with Severe Mental illness (The APNA study)
Ines Aguinaga-Ontoso - Spain

9.S.8 - Piloting Sexual Assault Care Centers in Belgium: Who do they reach and what care is offered?
Ines Keygnaert - Belgium

9.S.10 - Adolescent’s substance use and suicidal thoughts in Tunisia
Jihene Sahli - Tunisia

9.S.11 - Occupational class and sector differences in common mental disorders in young employees in Sweden
Emma Björkenstam - Sweden

9.S.12 - Suicide mortality and its income-based inequalities in Korea, 2005-2017
Hee-Yeon Kang - Korea, South

9.S.13 - Social capital and mental health status among the residents of a neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey
Ilker Kayi - Turkey

9.S.14 - A systematic scoping review to approach the construct of gender discrimination
Laura De la Torre - Spain

9.S.15 - Gender differences in self-reported health - the significance of inequality in domestic work
Carin Nyman - Sweden

Saturday 23rd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 23rd
A. Solidarity in health UWE Bristol 10.A. - Workshop: Transforming four walls into bridges: embracing solidarity via prison health
Chairperson(s): Nasrul Ismail - United Kingdom

A public health approach to imprisonment.
Nick de Viggiani - United Kingdom

The European Court of Human Rights and the protection of prisoners’ health.
Angus E. M. Wallace - Switzerland

Nature-based health promotion: a valuable tool in prison partnerships.
Michelle Baybutt - United Kingdom

The longitudinal course of prisoners’ mental health problems during and after imprisonment.
Anja J. E. Dirkzwager - Netherlands

Impact of austerity on prison health in England: a qualitative study involving national policymakers
Nasrul Ismail - United Kingdom

Sat 23rd
B. Migration and health University of Bern 10.B. - Workshop: Active participation of migrants, refugees, and ethnic minorities in public health research
Chairperson(s): Thomas Abel - Switzerland, Annika Frahsa - Germany

Introduction of key definitions and concepts in participatory research community-based participatory health research: principles and practice
Hella von Unger - Germany

The co-design approach in the MIWOCA project
Annika Frahsa - Germany

Structural and ethical challenges in participatory research with migrant and minority groups
Nora Gottlieb - Germany

Health mediator model as a way to access to care and health information for Syrian refugees in Turkey
Ilker Kayi - Turkey

Applying Community Based Participatory Research on sexual health & sexual violence with refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants in Europe and the European Neighbourhood
Ines Keygnaert - Belgium

Sat 23rd
C. Digital applications in health EUPHA (DH) 10.C. - Workshop: EUPHA and Europe-wide action on digital public health
Chairperson(s): Dineke Zeegers Paget - EUPHA, Anna Odone - Italy

Presentation of the European Journal of Public Health 2019 supplement on Digital Health
Natasha Azzopardi Muscat - EUPHA

Assessing the impact of digital transformation of health services: Opinion by the Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health (EXPH)
Walter Ricciardi - Italy

Objectives, mission, scope and preliminary output of the proposed EUPHA Section on Digital Health
Anna Odone - Italy

Selected examples of succesfull projects on digital public health
Stefan Buttigieg - Malta

Sat 23rd
D. European and global health University of Southern Denmark, Babes Bolyai University 10.D. - Round table: International capacity building to boost public health: Can we join forces and share know-how?
Chairperson(s): Arja Aro - Denmark, Razvan M Chereches - Romania

Capacity building in the field of public health in Tunisia: processes and challenges
Razvan M Chereches - Romania

Increase Capacity in Injury Research in Eastern Europe – the iCREATE Project
Nino Chikhladze - Georgia

Capacity building in public health with two Saudi universities: Challenges of knowledge transfer
Arja Aro - Denmark

Experiences and pedagogical considerations of training the trainers in Saudi Arabia
Anne Leena Ikonen - Denmark

Sat 23rd
E. Public health policy and politics EUPHA (PHPP) 10.E. - Workshop: Political parties, health and influence in the EU
Chairperson(s): Marleen Bekker - EUPHA (PHPP), Sofia Ribeiro - Portugal

A health screening of European political party manifestos to inform priorities and strategies for influence
Nina Bos - Netherlands

An analysis of Croatian political parties’ pre-election manifestos and healthcare policies
Damir Ivankovic - Netherlands

Health in the 2018 Italian general election
Stefano Guicciardi - Italy

Do political parties matter to health?
Michelle Falkenbach - United States

Populist radical right parties, welfare policy and population health in Europe
Chiara Rinaldi - Netherlands

Sat 23rd
F. Maternal, child and adolescent health AFM Telethon 10.F. - New born screening in neuromuscular diseases
Sat 23rd
G. Chronic diseases SCIROCCO Exchange Project 10.G. - Workshop: SCIROCCO: a tool for accelerating the adoption of integrated care
Chairperson(s): Diane Whitehouse - Belgium, Cristina Adriana Alexandru - United Kingdom

Introduction to the SCIROCCO Project's online participatory tool and its evaluation
Cristina Adriana Alexandru - United Kingdom

Practical experience with SCIROCCO twinning and coaching- the perspective of a transferring region
Andrea Pavlickova - United Kingdom

Practical experience with SCIROCCO twinning and coaching- the perspective of a receiving region
Jon Txarramendieta - Spain

Steps forward for the SCIROCCO tool and its evaluation as part of SCIROCCO Exchange
Cristina Adriana Alexandru - United Kingdom

Discussion and dialogue on steps forward for the SCIROCCO tool
Diane Whitehouse - Belgium

Sat 23rd
H. Health services research, systems and economics RIVM 10.H. - Workshop: Social Cost-Benefit Analyses in Public Health
Chairperson(s): Ardine De Wit - Netherlands, Paul Van Gils - Netherlands

the SCBA methodology and to provide a brief introduction to methodological aspects
Ardine De Wit - Netherlands

Social cost-benefit analysis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for alcohol and cannabis addiction
Eelco Over - Netherlands

Social cost-benefit analysis of tobacco control policies in the Netherlands
Paul Van Gils - Netherlands

Social cost-benefit analysis of regulatory policies to reduce alcohol use in The Netherlands
Ardine De Wit - Netherlands

A social cost-benefit analysis of two One Health interventions to prevent toxoplasmosis
Anita Suijkerbuijk - Netherlands

Sat 23rd
I. Infectious diseases control University of Bielefeld 10.I. - Workshop: Bridging disciplines, sectors and systems for interdisciplinary research on antimicrobial resistance
Chairperson(s): Kayvan Bozorgmehr - Germany

Using a cultural contexts of health approach to address the challenge of antibiotic resistance
Katie Ledingham - United Kingdom

Applying a One Health approach to inter- and trans-disciplinary research on antimicrobial resistance
Timo Falkenberg - Germany

Exploring equity, social determinants of health and gender considerations for antimicrobial resistance
Victoria Saint - Germany

Sat 23rd
K. Mental health / LGBTI and minorities EUPHA (PMH) 10.K. - Workshop: Terrorist attacks and aftercare
Chairperson(s): Jutta Lindert - EUPHA (PMH)

Psychological follow-up and its perception in civilians involved in the January 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, France
Cécile Vuillermoz - France

Psychological support in short term after the January 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, France
Stéphanie Vandentorren - France

Psychosocial aid provided to and sought by rescue workers after the March 2016 terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium. A qualitative analysis.
Roel Van Overmeire - Belgium

Research under Attack: A Framework for Prospective Cross-European Research in the Wake of Terrorism
Lise Eilin Stene - Norway

Sat 23rd
L. Health assessments / Elderly care / Cancer EUPHA (HTA), EUPHA (EPI) 10.L. - Workshop: Real-world data: are we ready to take up the challenge?
Chairperson(s): Chiara de Waure - EUPHA (HTA), Stefania Boccia - Italy

Call for a European collaboration in the use of Real World Data in Health Technology Assessment
Marco Marchetti - Italy

Can we rely on non-randomised studies? Findings from a meta-epidemiological review
Maximilian Salcher-Konrad - United Kingdom

Governance of collection, use and storage of RWD in the view of data protection concerns
Mahsa Shabani - Belgium

Sat 23rd
M. Healthy living, food and nutrition EUPHA (CHR), WHO EURO, IBTN 10.M. - Workshop: Behaviour change and knowledge translation: The unlocked potential to improve people’s health
Chairperson(s): Iveta Nagyova - EUPHA (CHR), Simon Bacon - Canada

EVIPNet Europe – bridging the research-to-policy gap
Tanja Kuchenmueller - WHO EURO

Using behaviour change principles in the development and adoption of health policies
Simon Bacon - Canada

Applying behavioural science to improve physicians’ ability to help people improve their own health behaviours
Kim Lavoie - Canada

Mobilizing knowledge in behaviour change to promote health; the case of the Behaviour Change Wheel
Ariane Belanger-Gravel - Canada

Motrial - An Academic and Collaborative Search Engine Dedicated to Behavioural and/or Public Health Intervention Publications
Gregory Ninot - France

Sat 23rd
N. Health information and health literacy InfAct, Sciensano, Belgian Federal Public Health Institute 10.N. - Workshop: Leveraging evidence for policy making: lessons from the European Joint Action on Health Information
Chairperson(s): Claudia Habl - Austria, Herman Van Oyen - Belgium

Generating knowledge on data collection methods and the availability of health information in Europe
Brigid Unim - Italy

The innovative use of health information in public health policy across EU-Member States
Romana Haneef - France

Prioritizing Health Information in Europe – What do we want and need to know?
Katherine J. Ombrellaro - Germany

Real world evidence for European health policy-making: making the case for interoperability
Enrique Bernal-Delgado - Spain

The Health-Information Impact Index: a tool to monitor the uptake of evidence in policy and practice
Marie Delnord - Belgium

Sat 23rd
O. Global health and environmental change INSERM 10.O. - Workshop: Knowledge transfer strategies for more evidence-based practices: West Africa and France examples
Chairperson(s): Linda Cambon - France, Valéry Ridde - France

Evaluation of a KT scheme to improve policy making and practices in health promotion, TC-REG project
Aurelie Affret - France

Impact of the TC-REG project on decision-makers and field professionals’ practices
Karyne Pierre-Louis - France

A reflexive analysis of 10 years of knowledge transfer activities in French-speaking West Africa
Valéry Ridde - France

Knowledge translation : how can NGOs contribute to bridging the gap between researchers and health practioners?
Sophie Calmettes - France

Sat 23rd
P. Data, evidence and practice EUPHA (HP), EUPHA (PHMR), Robert Koch Intistute, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin 10.P. - Workshop: Better ask those who are concerned: co-creation in participatory epidemiology and health promotion
Chairperson(s): Nicole Rosenkötter - EUPHA (PHMR), Mario Bach - Germany

Co-Creation in participatory epidemiology
Mario Bach - Germany

Co-designing a virtual reality game for alcohol prevention
Christiane Stock - Germany

Sat 23rd
Q. Health workforce / Health at work EHESP 10.Q. - Skills building seminar: Designing accessible environments for disabled people for training, expression of views & co-working
Chairperson(s): William Sherlaw - France, Marie Cuenot - France

ParticipaTIC: Lessons from developing accessible on-line training for disabled people’s leaders
Marie Cuenot - France

Facilitating the collective expression of parents of disabled children at a scientific conference
Alain Chatelin - France

Poster walks - Saturday 23rd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 23rd
10.R. - Poster walk: Citizens engagement and patient-centered care
10.R.1 - Addressing & understanding citizens’ perceptions of homelessness: a cross-European study
Owen Taylor - France

10.R.2 - Promoting health literacy in seniors through self-reliant groups. Results of the GeWinn intervention
Holger Hassel - Germany

10.R.3 - Changing criteria of access to gamete donation: the views of donors and recipients
Inês Baía - Portugal

10.R.4 - 'I had no idea what could come'- health care support for AMD in Germany- The patients' view
Anne Thier - Germany

10.R.5 - The creation of a guide supporting actions for health advocacy by and for citizens
Denis Mannaerts - Belgium

10.R.6 - Integrating priorities of disadvantaged parents and professionals for community family health
Gerda Wink - Netherlands

10.R.7 - Appointment adherence to a free, community-wide cardiovascular disease prevention program
Jina Choo - Korea, South

10.R.8 - Health promotion with older informal caregivers: a demand-oriented organization of support.
Holger Hassel - Germany

10.R.9 - The association between frailty and satisfaction with social contacts in the general older population
Diem Nguyen - Belgium

10.R.10 - Organising preventive care and support networks: a need for citizen-centred service delivery
Marleen Fluit - Netherlands

10.R.11 - Social inequalities of postpartum depression: the mediating role of social support during pregnancy
Aurélie Nakamura - France

10.R.12 - Multidimensional assessment for patients with multimorbidity in primary care – first practice test
Gerald Gredinger - Austria

10.R.13 - Inequalities in the participation and outcomes of breast cancer screening programs in Valencia,Spain
Julio Muñoz - Spain

10.R.14 - Do the modes of invitation and responses to a survey have an influence on who is responding?
Olaf Holmboe - Norway

10.R.15 - Evaluation of “Sophia Diabetes”, a diabetic patient support programme, 8 years after its initiation
Anne-Sophie Aguadé - France

Sat 23rd
10.S. - Poster walk: Patients, risks and healthcare
10.S.1 - Evaluation of the 'sophia' asthma patient management program at two years
Anne-Sophie Aguadé - France

10.S.2 - Use of medical care in the 7 years before dementia in the French health insurance database in 2016
Antoine Rachas - France

10.S.3 - Effect of drug compliance on health care costs in newly-diagnosed dementia: a nation-wide analysis
Seung-Taek Oh - Korea, South

10.S.4 - Outpatient health care 30 days after hospitalization for heart failure in France
Thomas Lesuffleur - France

10.S.5 - Assessing patient safety culture and its associated factors in 12 emergencies across Tunisia
Wiem Aouicha - Tunisia

10.S.6 - Patient safety culture in Austrian hospitals – A qualitative study

10.S.7 - Significant improvement in cancer management in Europe
Marjetka Jelenc - Slovenia

10.S.8 - Anaemia under-reporting in a hospital setting in Italy
Francesca Lucaroni - Italy

10.S.9 - Preoperative evaluation of patients receiving bariatric surgery: a comprehensive Breton study
Astrid Barataud-Reilhac - France

10.S.10 - Evaluation of observation of the patients with coronary heart disease after surgical treatment
Zhanagul Bekbergenova - Kazakhstan

10.S.11 - Health-related quality of life and risk of hospitalization in a healthy general population
Marialaura Bonaccio - Italy

10.S.12 - Predictors of in-hospital mortality post hip fracture in Ireland 2013-2017
Helena Ferris - Ireland

10.S.13 - Avoidable hospitalization in Milan’s metropolitan area: inequalities and comparison with OECD cities
Benedetta Pongiglione - Italy

10.S.15 - Attitudes and behaviours of theology faculty students on organ donation An Eastern City Of Turkey
Ali Ozer - Turkey

Saturday 23rd Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 23rd
CC - Closing Ceremony