Pitch presentations - Saturday 12th Nov

Time (CET) / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 12th
Alpha 5
A. Strengthening health systems: improving population health 9.A. - Pitch presentations: Strengthening primary and secondary care
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Lorena Dini (EUPHA-HSR), Shiran Bord (Israel)

Primary care management strategies and COVID-19 related hospitalization: a population-based study
Lucia Palandri (Italy)

The health system and health impacts of primary healthcare reform in China: A systematic review
Chang Cai (United Kingdom)

A composite index of avoidable hospitalization to assess primary care quality: an Italian experience
Gianfranco Damiani (Italy)

The impact of SARS-CoV-2 on emergency health care in a referral acute-care center in northern Italy
Allegra Ferrari (Italy)

COVID-19 incidence on Emergency Departments accesses. Health need and fear of infection, what wins?
Roberta Bosco (Italy)

Characterizing post-covid conditions in a Turkish cohort: A prospective study
Öykü Turunç (Turkey)

WICID 2.0: Integrating evidence and ethics in decisionmaking and guideline development on SARS-CoV-2
Jan Stratil (Germany)

Sat 12th
Alpha 6
B. Preparing for the unexpected: lessons learned from Covid-19 9.B. - Pitch presentations: Lessons learned from COVID-19
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Ornella Punzo (Italy), Nadia Noreen (Pakistan)

Leadership in public health crisis: a review to summarize lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic
Angelica Valz Gris (Italy)

Learning from COVID-19: The inclusion of vulnerable groups in COVID-19 responses across Europe
Jil Molenaar (Belgium)

Disparities in COVID-19 intensive care hospitalization and death by country of birth in Sweden
Mikael Rostila (Sweden)

Readiness of Community Health Agents for COVID19
Anya Vieira-Meyer (Brazil)

COVID-19 and psychological distress in Belgium: individual and group vulnerabilities
Pierre Smith (Belgium)

The top three causes of prematuremortality in Belgrade 2020
Milena Šantrić Milićević (Serbia)

Covid-19 Vaccination and the issue of insurance status
Daniel Schröpfer (Switzerland)

Sat 12th
Alpha 2
C. European public health / Food and nutrition 9.C. - Pitch presentations: Dietary patterns in Europe
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): João Lima (Portugal), Franziska Bertram (Germany)

Sharp Increase in Eating Disorders among University Students since the COVID-19 Pandemic
Marie-Pierre Tavolacci (France)

Real-life effects of nudging and pricing strategies in the supermarket to promote healthy diets
Josine Stuber (Netherlands)

Circadian nutritional behaviours and risk of cardiovascular disease in NutriNet-Santé
Alice Bellicha (France)

Plant-based dietary pattern and the risk of dementia: a population-based study
Tosca de Crom (Netherlands)

The association between food insecurity and diet quality among Finnish private sector workers.
Hanna M Walsh (Finland)

The Southern European Atlantic Diet and depression incidence: a multicohort study
Adrián Carballo-Casla (Spain)

Ultra-processed food intake is associated with worse mental health in Southern Italian individuals
Giuseppe Grosso (EUPHA-FN)

Sat 12th
Beta 1
D. Chronic diseases 9.D. - Pitch presentations: Risk factors for chronic diseases
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Sarah Cuschieri (Malta), Ute Mons (Germany)

Gambling disorder and chronic diseases in Finland: a nationwide register study
Tanja Grönroos (Finland)

Smoking cessation at diagnosis and cancer survival: systematic review and meta-analysis
Marco Del Riccio (Italy)

Rapid systematic review of smoking cessation interventions for people who smoke and have cancer
Kate Frazer (Ireland)

The burden of musculoskeletal disorders in Belgium: a national population-based study
Vanessa Gorasso (EUPHA-ECO)

Healthcare use among cancer survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic
Ana Rute Costa (Portugal)

Gender bias in cardiovascular practice guidelines: the example of ischemic heart diseases
Kathleen Bastian (France)

Social environment and cardiometabolic health outcomes: systematic review and meta-analysis
Taymara Abreu (Netherlands)

Association of birthweight with lung function and respiratory diseases: results from the GEIRD study
Ilaria Tocco Tussardi (Italy)

Sat 12th
Beta 2
E. Environment, climate and health 9.E. - Pitch presentations: Health hazards and sustainability
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Maria Papadakaki (EUPHA-INJ), Nason Maani (United Kingdom)

Association between high temperature and heatwaves with heat-related illnesses: a systematic review
Clare Faurie (Australia)

Covid-19 pandemic in north-west Italy: the potential role of meteorology, air pollution and pollens
Giulia Squillacioti (Italy)

Ethnic and socioeconomic inequalities in relation to air pollution exposure in the Netherlands
Lieke van den Brekel (Netherlands)

PLAN HEALTH FAIRE: an innovative and efficient tool to train health actors in sustainable healthcare
Jérémy Guihenneuc (France)

Policies out of sync – are healthy ageing agendas fit for the future?
Angelique Mavrodaris (United Kingdom)

Identifying cross-sectoral cooperation for urban health
Kaija Matinheikki (Finland)

To what degree are health insurance enrollees aware of the restrictive conditions of their policies?
Frank van der Hulst (Netherlands)

Let's not forget those who forget! Participatory design in the context of dementia built environment
Evangelia Chrysikou (EUPHA-URB)

Exposure to phthalates, potential endocrine disruptors, in an infant cohort in Modena, Italy.
Camilla Lugli (Italy)

Sat 12th
Beta 6
F. Digital health and communication 9.F. - Pitch presentations: Digital solutions and experiences
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Stefanie Maria Helmer (Germany), Eileen Heumann (Germany)

Perceived quality and willingness to continue using telemedicine services in patients with diabetes
Francesco Sanmarchi (Italy)

Specchio-COVID19: a digital cohort study to improve public involvement in epidemiological research .
Helene Baysson (Switzerland)

Content related with preschool children's health on Facebook: a study of parental informational needs
Indre Liepinaite (Lithuania)

Youth health promotion in countries affected by forced migration: The role of mHealth technologies
Ozge Karadag (United States)

Real-time classification of causes death using Artificial Intelligence – sensitivity analysis
Patrícia Pita Ferreira (Portugal)

Using real-world data (RWD) for policy making in Europe: status quo and unmet stakeholder needs
Timo Clemens (Netherlands)

Sat 12th
Beta 7
G. Health data, information and assessments EUPHA-HIA, EUPHA-PHPP, EUPHA-ECO, EUPHA-LAW 9.G. - Workshop: Health in all Policies: key driver for better health still awaiting of greater governing stewardship
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Piedad Martin-Olmedo (EUPHA-HIA), Odile Mekel (EUPHA-HIA)

Health in All policies: what do we mean and where are we now?
Liz Green (United Kingdom)

Alternative routes to HiAP implementation
Marleen Bekker (EUPHA-PHPP)

Economics and health economics as a major determinant towards HiAP
João Vasco Santos (EUPHA-ECO)

(panellist-vision from Law and Public health section within EUPHA)
Nikhil Gokani (EUPHA-LAW)

Sat 12th
Beta 8
H. Health determinants and health inequalities Research Unit FOR2723 9.H. - Workshop: Understanding the institutional context of health inequalities. A life stage approach
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Irene Moor (Germany), Dennis Jepsen (Germany)

Socioeconomic position and self-rated health among adolescents: the mediating role of the family
Petra Rattay (Germany)

Do family characteristics explain a social gradient in overweight in early childhood?
Stephanie Hoffmann (Germany)

A sport focus of ECEC centres appears especially health-promoting for boys from lower socio-economic background
Alena Mayer (Germany)

The impact of the school-to-work transition on self-rated health & subjective well-being in Germany
Marvin Reuter (Germany)

The role of regional health policy for socioeconomic inequality in health services utilization
Wiebke Schüttig (Germany)

Sat 12th
Beta 3
J. Health services and welfare systems PHIRI, EUPHA-PHMR, EUPHA-LAW, WHO 9.J. - Round table: Experiences on infodemic management in public health authorities in Europe and internationally
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Petronille Bogaert (EUPHA-PHMR), Tina Purnat (WHO )

Elena Petelos (EUPHA-HTA)

Sonia Boender (Germany)

Neville Calleja (Malta)

Cherstyn Hurley (United Kingdom)

Stefan Mandić-Rajčević (Serbia)

Sat 12th
Gamma 6-7
K. Health promotion, health literacy, behavioural insights 9.K. - Oral presentations: Health promotion tools
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Luís Saboga-Nunes (EUPHA-HP), Samantha Belfrage (United Kingdom)

A gamification-based intervention to encourage active travel
Marc Harris (United Kingdom)

Quality changes of workplace health promotion in Austrian companies over time
Gert Lang (Austria)

Assisted Reproductive Technology: Gaps in young adults’ perceptions and information from clinics
José Miguel Carrasco (Spain)

Leo&Giulia: a cartoon series to promote health and prevention in primary school-aged children
Anna Odone (EUPHA-DH -IDC)

Are French local health contracts promising in addressing determinants of diet and physical activity?
Yann Le Bodo (France)

Sat 12th
Beta 4
L. Health workforce, training and practice Technische Universität Berlin 9.L. - Workshop: A motivated, healthy and high-performing workforce: Innovation in health workforce research in Europe
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Reinhard Busse (Germany)

Walter Sermeus (Belgium)

Ronald Batenburg (EUPHA-HWR)

Lode Godderis (Belgium)

Rudolf Kubik (Czechia)

Claudia Maier (Germany)

Sat 12th
Beta 5
M. Infectious diseases, preparedness and vaccines 9.M. - Pitch presentations: Antimicrobial resistance and infection control
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Zohar Mor (Israel), Sophie Wang (Germany)

Role of surfaces and sinks in the control of multiresistant bacteria in Intensive Care Unit
Elvira Marin Caba (Spain)

Prevalence of unnecessary antibiotic use in European hospitals – a systematic review
Lea Tyllack (Germany)

Impact of sepses caused by three Multi-Drug Resistant bacteria in a tertiary hospital in 2018-2020
Jacopo Garlasco (Italy)

Trends in mortality associated with surgical site infections: a cohort study in Italy, 2009-2019.
Giovanni Paladini (Italy)

Aetiology of influenza-like illnesses in the pre-COVID-19 season 2019-2020: role of coronaviruses.
Irene Amoruso (Italy)

Flu vaccination coverage in healthcare workers during a 3-year period in the context of the pandemic
Giuditta Scardina (Italy)

Information technology systems to support antimicrobial stewardship programs
Veronica Gallinoro (Italy)

A systematic review of randomized clinical trials on quadrivalent influenza vaccines for adults
Andrea Pellacchia (Italy)

Sat 12th
Gamma 8-9
N. Maternal, child and adolescent public health EUPHA-CAPH 9.N. - Workshop: ‘It Takes Two To Improve European Child Health (Care)’
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Danielle Jansen (EUPHA-CAPH)

The vision of Dutch paediatric care until the year 2030: prevention and collaboration as key ingredients
Danielle Jansen (EUPHA-CAPH)

Toward a digital child health booklet
Julia Dratva (EUPHA-CAPH)

Sat 12th
Alpha 4
O. Mental health / Migration and minority health / LGBTQI+ 9.O. - Pitch presentations: Access to health services by migrants
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Charles Agyemang (Netherlands), Cristina Teixeira (Portugal)

Ethnic differences in COVID-19 deaths across various waves of Coronavirus pandemic in Netherlands.
Felix Chilunga (Netherlands)

Unseen abilities – how refugee women with disabilities experience social participation
Sarah Scheer (Germany)

Which effects had the pandemic in migrants’ health and well-being? A mixed-methods approach
Ana Gama (Portugal)

Resilience in Syrian refugee youth
Cecilie Dangmann (Norway)

Elevated stress during pregnancy in women of Turkish origin: Results from a prospective cohort study
Laura Scholaske (Germany)

Stressful life events as predictors of refugee adolescents’ subjective mental health need
Alexandra Fretian (Germany)

Training peer researchers for CBPR on racism in health care in Germany
Tanja Gangarova (Germany)

Sat 12th
Alpha 3
P. Policy, politics and public health 9.P. - Pitch presentations: Mental health policies
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Claudia Habl (Austria), Muhammad Alkasaby (United Kingdom)

Reform of the mental health care system in the Republic of Croatia
Danijela Stimac Grbic (Croatia)

Self-cutting in bullying victimized adolescents is mediated by depression and dissociation
Manisha Hamal (Finland)

Evaluating Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Canada Through a Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Lens
Shant Torkom Yeretzian (Armenia)

Mental health problems, low economic capability, and social marginalization among 28,047 adults
Siri Havas Haugland (Norway)

Low-quality employment trajectories and mental health disorders among Swedish and migrant workers
Roxana Pollack (United Kingdom)

The within-person relationship of school climate and mental wellbeing in adolescence
Helga Urke (Norway)

Femicides in Turkey: Analysis of the last two decades’ cases
Nüket Paksoy Erbaydar (Turkey)

Sat 12th
Beta 9
Q. Public health monitoring, reporting and foresight COST Action CA18218–European Burden of Disease Network 9.Q. - Skills building seminar: Redistribution of ill-defined deaths: a methodological conundrum
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Brecht Devleesschauwer (Belgium)

Redistribution down under—dealing with ill-defined deaths in the Australian Burden of Disease Study
Richard Juckes (Australia)

Redistribution of ill-defined deaths: the Scottish Burden of Disease approach
Eilidh Fletcher (United Kingdom)

Redistributing ill-defined deaths in the German Burden of Disease study BURDEN 2020
Annelene Wengler (Germany)

Years of life lost for 137 causes of death in Belgium by age, sex, and region, 2004-2018
Aline Scohy (Belgium)

Poster walks - Saturday 12th Nov

Time (CET) / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 12th
Beta level
9.R. - Poster walk: Mental health 1
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Arjan van der Star (EUPHA-SGMH), Michele Tancredi Loiudice (Italy)

9.R.01 - Is mental health coverage in other high-income countries better than Medicare in the U.S.?
Munira Gunja (United States)

9.R.03 - Depression among survivors of 1988 Spitak earthquake in Armenia: a prospective cohort study
Anahit Demirchyan (Armenia)

9.R.05 - Change in the financial situation of students during COVID-19 and its impact on depressive symptoms
Sarah Negash (Germany)

9.R.06 - COVID-19 impact on familial relationships and mental health in a representative sample of adults
Giacomo Pietro Vigezzi (Italy)

9.R.07 - Country-level determinants of gender differences in major depression and alcohol use disorder
Daniel Hagen (United States)

9.R.08 - An analysis of hospital-treated attempted hanging and drowning in Ireland, 2007-2019
Philippa White (Switzerland)

9.R.09 - Risk factors for internet addiction among Croatian university students during the COVID-19 pandemic
Maja Miskulin (Croatia)

9.R.10 - Preoperative anxiety and health literacy in patients applying to the anesthesia outpatient clinic
Mehmet Mutlu (Turkey)

9.R.11 - The association of loneliness and social isolation with healthcare utilization in Denmark
Julie Christiansen (Denmark)

9.R.12 - Care obligations, employment and mental health
Uwe Rose (Germany)

9.R.13 - Risk factors associated with depression among French university students during covid-19 lockdown
Thibaut Sabatier (France)

9.R.14 - Burden of Depressive disorders in Balkan countries
Aleksandar Stevanović (Serbia)

9.R.15 - Burden of alcohol use disorder in Balkan countries
Aleksandar Stevanović (Serbia)

Sat 12th
Gamma level
9.S. - Poster walk: Public health monitoring and reporting
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Nicole Rosenkötter (Germany), Irina Kislaya (Portugal)

9.S.01 - Sexual and Contraceptive Behaviour of Adolescents and Young Adults in Germany - CANCELLED
Sara Scharmanski (Germany)

9.S.02 - Temporal trends in adolescent sport participation in the south-east of France from 2001 to 2019
Maxime Luiggi (France)

9.S.03 - Trends and serotype distribution of human Salmonella strains in central Italy (2015-2021)
Valeria Russini (Italy)

9.S.04 - The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tuberculosis case reporting in Kazakhstan
Mukhtar Kulimbet (Kazakhstan)

9.S.05 - Major economic burden of musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases in Slovenia
Marjetka Jelenc (Slovenia)

9.S.06 - The HAPPEN Wales primary school network: Bridging the gap between research and practice
Emily Marchant (United Kingdom)

9.S.07 - The Portuguese observatory on occupational psychosocial factors: contribution for public health
Claudia Fernandes (Portugal)

9.S.08 - Changing life expectancy in Europe 1990-2019: Global Burden of Disease Study 2019
Nicholas Steel (United Kingdom)

9.S.09 - Causes of death in Germany: A time series analysis of official statistics from 1990 to 2020
Diego Montano (Germany)

9.S.10 - Social inequalities in multimorbidity patterns in southern Spain: findings from the DEMMOCAD survey.
Jesús Carretero-Bravo (Spain)

9.S.11 - Standardized blood pressure self-measurement – feasibility study (MeinBlutdruck)
Tim Weihrauch (Germany)

9.S.12 - Strategies to recruit people with selected nationalities for the interview survey GEDA Fokus
Carmen Koschollek (Germany)

9.S.13 - The impact of perceived discrimination on subjective health among adolescents
Katja Kajikhina (Germany)

9.S.14 - An analysis of RMNCH data quality on technological applications and methods to improve it
Harhini Harhini (India)

9.S.15 - Trends in working years lost due to different types of work disability and unemployment
Taina Leinonen (Finland)

Plenary session - Saturday 12th Nov

Time (CET) / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 12th
Plenary Hall
ASPHER, EHMA PL5 - Plenary 5: Sustaining high quality care: interprofessional training for our clinical and public health workforce
Abstracts in EJPH


Keynote speakers:


  • Fatai Ogunlayi, Public Health Specialty Registrar UK, Health Security Agency, United Kingdom
  • Laurent Chambaud, EHESP School of Public Health, France 
  • Anett Ruszanov, Director of Policy and Programmes, EHMA

Sat 12th
Alpha 5
A. Strengthening health systems: improving population health European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies 10.A. - Workshop: Integrated primary care: reform experiences from Estonia, Poland, and Slovenia
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Ewout Van Ginneken (Germany), Katherine Polin (Germany)

Trends in health reforms in the Health System and Policies Monitor network: increasing interaction of primary health care and care coordination
Katherine Polin (Germany)

Primary health care reforms in Estonia: using financial incentives to encourage multidisciplinary care
Kaija Kasekamp (Estonia)

Primary health care reforms in Poland: ambitions versus reality
Iwona Kowalska-Bobko (Poland)

Primary health care reforms in Slovenia: leveraging existing structures to expand care
Pia Vracko (Slovenia)

Sat 12th
Alpha 6
B. Preparing for the unexpected: lessons learned from Covid-19 University of Augsburg 10.B. - Round table: Shelter in place: lessons from policy making during the COVID-19 pandemic in three countries
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Verina Wild (Germany), Angus Dawson (Australia)

Report from public health decision-maker interviews
Keren Landsman (Germany)

Report from NGO interviews on impact on vulnerable communities
Sylvia Agbih (Germany)

Report from school interviews
Quintus Sleumer (Germany)

Report on selected key ethical issues arising from analysis
Verina Wild (Germany)

Building for the future: some thoughts on a comprehensive ethics assessment
Angus Dawson (Australia)

Sat 12th
Alpha 2
C. European public health / Food and nutrition UK Faculty of Public Health, EUPHA-ETH, EUPHA-PHPP 10.C. - Round table: Is public health just science?
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Farhang Tahzib (EUPHA-ETH)

John Coggon (United Kingdom)

Martin McKee (United Kingdom)

Marleen Bekker (EUPHA-PHPP)

Farhang Tahzib (EUPHA-ETH)

Sat 12th
Beta 1
D. Chronic diseases EUPHA-INJ, EUPHA-EPI, EUPHA-PHMR, EUPHA-ECO 10.D. - Workshop: Injury Severity Classification and burden of disability measurement
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Maria Papadakaki (EUPHA-INJ), João Vasco Santos (EUPHA-ECO)

Severity in a Norwegian hospitalized injury material (N=177,663) by two severity measures: threat-to-life and threat of disability
Johan Lund (EUPHA-INJ)

Methodological considerations when assessing the Burden of Disease due to injuries
Robby De Pauw (Belgium)

Quantification the cost of injuries
Juanita Haagsma (Netherlands)

Sat 12th
Beta 2
E. Environment, climate and health ASPHER, Ecorys, EUPHA-ENV 10.E. - Round table: Climate emergency, health and equity education: policy and practice recommendations for Europe
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Rana Orhan (ASPHER), Marija Jevtic (EUPHA-ENV)

Tara Chen (Belgium)

Dorota Sienkiewicz (Belgium)

Daniek Korver (Netherlands)

Laurent Chambaud (Belgium)

Sat 12th
Beta 6
F. Digital health and communication 10.F. - Pitch presentations: Communicating public health messages
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Svenja Matusall (Germany), Melanie Roth (Austria)

Storytelling to communicate public health messages during the COVID-19 pandemic; A systematic review
Priyamvada Paudyal (United Kingdom)

Effectiveness of a health literacy intervention targeting kidney patients and professionals
Marco Boonstra (Netherlands)

Improving the quality of translation for patients with language barriers
Rebecca Newell (United Kingdom)

Health literacy, consciousness, and locus of control in relation to vaccine hesitancy and refusal
Alexandros Heraclides (Cyprus)

Designing a bilingual health prevention website : challenges of using a participatory approach
Johann Cailhol (France)

A novel stream of collaborative National portals to enhance preparedness and informed choices
Fabrizio Carinci (Italy)

Sat 12th
Beta 7
G. Health data, information and assessments 10.G. - Oral presentations: Health information and infodemic management
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Tina Purnat (WHO )

Semi-Automatic Knowledge Extraction from COVID-19 Scientific Literature: the COKE Project
Davide Golinelli (Italy)

Infodemic management for public health practitioners: landscape analysis and practical tools
Atsuyoshi Ishizumi (WHO)

Delivering actionable infodemic insights and recommendations for the COVID-19 pandemic response
Atsuyoshi Ishizumi (WHO)

PHIRI Rapid Exchange Forum (REF): A key tool for cross-country exchange in times of crisis
Claudia Habl (Austria)

Effect of a client-accessible record on autonomy of parents and adolescents in Dutch care for youth
Janine Benjamins (Netherlands)

Sat 12th
Beta 8
H. Health determinants and health inequalities EUPHA-HTA, EUPHA-LAW, EAHL 10.H. - Round table: Access, equity and the relevance of the Pandemic Treaty: lessons from the COVID-19 response
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Dineke Zeegers Paget (EUPHA), Elena Petelos (EUPHA-HTA)

Rosa Castro (Belgium)

Tom Buis (Netherlands)

Aurelie Mahalatchimy (France)

Sat 12th
Beta 3
J. Health services and welfare systems 10.J. - Pitch presentations: Health services research across the world
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Koustuv Dalal (Sweden), Eva Cloet (Belgium)

Diabetic ketoacidosis among patients admitted to a general hospital in Ethiopia: a spatial analysis
Roberto Benoni (Italy)

health service utilization among older population in a terai region of nepal
Baburam Subedi (Nepal)

Health facilities readiness to provide primary cardiometabolic healthcare in Burkina Faso, 2012-2018
Kadari Cissé (Burkina Faso)

Mortality among internal and international migrants in the 100 Million Brazilian Cohort
Julia Pescarini (United Kingdom)

Inequalities in adverse birth outcomes and survival in early childhood: birth cohort in South Korea
Minjin Jo (Korea, South)

Mortality and Adverse Health Outcomes Associated with Telehealth: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Giovanna Failla (Italy)

Sat 12th
Gamma 6-7
K. Health promotion, health literacy, behavioural insights EUPHA Working Group on Health Literacy, COVID-Health Literacy Network, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Technical University Munich 10.K. - Workshop: School health during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Perspectives from the COVID-HL school principal study.
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Kevin Dadaczynski (Germany), Orkan Okan (EUPHA-HP)

The COVID-19 pandemic as an disruptive event in school health promotion. Survey results from Germany
Kevin Dadaczynski (Germany)

Beliefs about vaccines and information about coronavirus, COVID-19 and the pandemic. Findings from Italy
Chiara Lorini (Italy)

Life-work balance of school-principals during the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland
Karina Leksy (Poland)

School health promotion during the COVID-19 pandemic: Associations with school leaders’ health literacy
Simona Betschart (Switzerland)

The COVID-19 HL School Principal Survey (Wales) linked to routinely collected anonymised health data
Emily Marchant (United Kingdom)

Sat 12th
Beta 4
L. Health workforce, training and practice Careum Center for Health Literacy (Switzerland), Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (Austria), University of Bielefeld (Germany) 10.L. - Round table: Health literacy in health professionals – conceptualising and piloting a new measuring instrument
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Doris Schaeffer (Germany), Saskia De Gani (Switzerland)

Robert Griebler (Austria)

Lennert Griese (Germany)

Alexander Haarmann (Germany)

Rebecca Jaks (Switzerland)

Sat 12th
Beta 5
M. Infectious diseases, preparedness and vaccines 10.M. - Pitch presentations: COVID-19 vaccination strategies
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Chiara de Waure (EUPHA-HTA), Sam Tweed (United Kingdom)

COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy in Kazakhstan
Gaukhar Mergenova (Kazakhstan)

Development of a strategy to control COVID-19 in hard-to-reach migrant communities
Annalisa Rosso (Italy)

Impact of COVID-19 vaccination on risk perception: a cross- sectional study on vaccinated people
Valentina De Nicolò (Italy)

How to deal with COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in pregnant and breastfeeding women? A meta-analysis
Francesco Paolo Bianchi (Italy)

Impact of booster vaccination on COVID-19 outcomes in Portuguese population aged 80 or more years old
Irina Kislaya (Portugal)

A dynamic transmission model to calculate vaccination coverage needed to control COVID-19 in Germany
Maria Waize (Germany)

Case-case study on comparative vaccine effectiveness against Delta and Omicron SARS-CoV-2 infections
Irina Kislaya (Portugal)

Sat 12th
Gamma 8-9
N. Maternal, child and adolescent public health 10.N. - Pitch presentations: Family planning and early childhood
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Mika Gissler (Finland), Elizabeth J King (United States)

Smoking during pregnancy and children’s emotional and behavioural trajectories
Mathilde Fekom (France)

Evaluation of the factors affecting family planning attitudes of postpartum women in Izmir Turkey
Zeynep Sedef Varol (Turkey)

The impact of conscientious objection on voluntary abortion in Italy in the last two decades
Emanuele Koumantakis (Italy)

Factors influencing the first thousand days of life
Elena Capitani (Italy)

Future in Pediatrics: prevention in maternal child chronic diseases in the first 1000 days
Barbara Hugonin-Rao (Italy)

A stigma-reduction intervention targeting abortion and contraceptive use among adolescents in Kenya
Marlene Makenzius (Sweden)

Household deprivation, comorbidities and COVID-19 hospitalization in 690,115 children/adolescents
Nico Dragano (Germany)

Sat 12th
Alpha 4
O. Mental health / Migration and minority health / LGBTQI+ EUPHA-SGMH, EUPHA-CAPH 10.O. - Workshop: Developmental and School-Based Factors Shaping Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Mental Health
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Arjan van der Star (EUPHA-SGMH), Richard Ma (United Kingdom)

Sexual orientation and mental health disparities in US pre-teens: A longitudinal mediation study
Arjan van der Star (EUPHA-SGMH)

Suicide attempts in LGBTQ+ youth in Switzerland: Qualitative insights in school-based risk factors
Niolyne Jasmin Bomolo (Switzerland)

Sexual attraction-based disparities in adolescent mental health: The role of school norms
Wouter Kiekens (Netherlands)

Envisioning supportive and safe learning environments: A dialogical study with LGBTQ+ adolescents living with chronic conditions or diagnoses
Lourdes Cantarero Arevalo (Denmark)

Structural and school factors, affirmation and well-being among gender minority youth across Europe
Sandra Sevic (Croatia)

Sat 12th
Alpha 3
P. Policy, politics and public health SESPAS, EUPHA-PHPP, ASPHER 10.P. - Round table: Public health of the future: innovations in surveillance, communication and knowledge translation
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Enrique Bernal-Delgado (Spain), Gabriela Barbaglia (Spain)

Robert Otok (ASPHER)

Sofia Ribeiro (EUPHA-PHPP)

Manuel Franco (Spain)

Rok Hrzic (Netherlands)

Sat 12th
Beta 9
Q. Public health monitoring, reporting and foresight Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 10.Q. - Workshop: Imbalance in use and impact of public psychotherapy–A Finnish working-age population register study
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Ari Väänänen (Finland), Sanna Selinheimo (Finland)

Psychotherapy and change in mental health-related work disability - A prospective population level register-based study in Finland
Johanna Kausto (Finland)

Psychotherapy – A Sound Investments In (Mental) Health Capital?
Jarno Turunen (Finland)

Socioeconomic factors affecting psychotherapy use rates
Sanna Selinheimo (Finland)

Occupational class, gender, mental distress and use of psychotherapy
Lauri Kokkinen (Finland)

Distinctive mental health profiles in the working population: A nation-wide study from Finland
Ari Väänänen (Finland)

Poster walks - Saturday 12th Nov

Time (CET) / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 12th
Beta level
10.R. - Poster walk: Mental health 2
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Johan Bilsen (EUPHA-PMH), Ivy-ananda Etuk (United Kingdom)

10.R.01 - Prevention of postpartum depression by promoting breastfeeding
Cristina Franco Antonio (Spain)

10.R.02 - A German study on the impact of stress on interparental relationship strain after preterm birth
Alinda Reimer (Germany)

10.R.03 - Perceived discrimination and mental health among adolescents in Germany
Miriam Blume (Germany)

10.R.04 - Metabolomic component during pregnancy predictive of maternal BMI and mental disorders in children
Polina Girchenko (Finland)

10.R.05 - Normalisation of mental health problems: Adolescents’ views on mental health problems and stigma
Veronica Hermann (Sweden)

10.R.06 - Multi-method analysis of gender differences in psychological distress among the elderly during COVID
Ieva Reine (Latvia)

10.R.07 - Poor School-Related Well-Being among Adolescents with Disabilities or ADHD
Sanna Maria Tiikkaja (Sweden)

10.R.08 - Enhancing the understanding of parental burnout from an empirical and psychometric perspective
Katharina Prandstetter (Austria)

10.R.09 - Managing Minds at Work: development of a digital line manager training programme
Holly Blake (United Kingdom)

10.R.10 - Exploring ethical issues arising from a problem-solving intervention in the Swedish Primary Care
Ida Karlsson (Sweden)

10.R.11 - Effect, economic and process evaluation of a mental health return to work intervention: study design
Fiona Starke (Germany)

10.R.12 - Mental health care in the post-partum: differences between Danish-born, migrants and descendants.
Paula Santia (Spain)

10.R.13 - Having mental health problems but not sickness absent: factors of importance among privately employed
Jurgita Narusyte (Sweden)

10.R.14 - Job resources do not mitigate the impact of job demands for workers with depression
Patricia Ots (Netherlands)

10.R.15 - Co-locating public mental health services in communities: a realist evaluation
Shamini Gnani (United Kingdom)

Sat 12th
Gamma level
10.S. - Poster walk: Policy, politics and public health
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Chiara Cadeddu (Italy), Philippa White (Switzerland)

10.S.01 - Transformation of the long-term care system in Poland in the light of the maps of health needs
Jan Olminski (Poland)

10.S.02 - The frequency of UTIs in people who undertake intermittent catheterization: A systematic review
Floriana D'Ambrosio (Italy)

10.S.03 - Anticipating & assessing adverse consequences of public health interventions - CONSEQUENT framework
Jan Stratil (Germany)

10.S.05 - Tobacco outlet availability in Dutch rural and urban areas
Tessa van Deelen (Netherlands)

10.S.06 - Public perceptions uncovered: engaging in decision-making regarding non-pharmaceutical interventions
Sophie Kemper (Netherlands)

10.S.07 - Determinants influencing municipal decision-makers in Germany regarding community health promotion
Lisa Paulsen (Germany)

10.S.08 - Swedish local and regional politicians’ views on their role in health promotion
Sara Svanholm (Sweden)

10.S.10 - How effective are regulatory policies on digital alcohol marketing: a systematic review
Sandra Rados Krnel (Slovenia)

10.S.11 - Preparing for the unexpected: Comparing plans for post-terror health response in Norway and France
Lisa Govasli Nilsen (Norway)

10.S.12 - Impact of the kidney transplantation moratorium in France because of the COVID-19 pandemic
Vincent Bonnemains (France)

10.S.13 - Public Health Guideline to prevent and control SARS-CoV-2 in schools: development and evaluation
Brigitte Strahwald (Germany)

10.S.14 - The role of socioeconomic status and political attitudes in the spread of Covid-19 in Austria
Anja Stradner (Austria)

10.S.15 - European Reference Networks and integration into national health system: an inventory
Timo Clemens (Netherlands)

Join the network meetings - Saturday 12th Nov

Time (CET) / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 12th
Alpha 2
EUPHA-HTA JTN26 - Health technology assessment - Join the network

EUPHA Sections and working groups are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections and working groups are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Sat 12th
Alpha 3
EUPHA- PHMR JTN27 - Public health monitoring and reporting - Join the network

EUPHA Sections and working groups are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections and working groups are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Sat 12th
Alpha 4
EUPHAnxt JTN28 - EUPHAnxt - Join the network

EUPHA Sections and working groups are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections and working groups are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Sat 12th
Beta 1
EUPHA-OH JTN29 - Oral Health - Join the network

Workshops - Saturday 12th Nov

Time (CET) / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 12th
Alpha 5
A. Strengthening health systems: improving population health Montpellier University Hospital 11.A. - Workshop: Leveraging meso-level data to advance population health in Europe: further directions
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Gregoire Mercier (France)

Meso-level ambulatory care and ambulatory care sensitive hospitalizations in Germany
Wiebke Schüttig (Germany)

Geographic variation in COVID-19 hospital admissions in France: a population-based study
Gregoire Mercier (France)

Characterizing population-based health care needs at the departement level in France
Ulysse Rodts (France)

Data-driven policy making: a key step for the healthcare system
Angele Malatre (France)

Sat 12th
Alpha 6
B. Preparing for the unexpected: lessons learned from Covid-19 ASPHER 11.B. - Round table: From Science to Policy Making: Lessons learned from ASPHER’s COVID-19 Task Force
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Nadav Davidovitch (Israel), Ines Siepmann (Belgium)

Alison Mc Callum (United Kingdom)

John Reid (United Kingdom)

Rok Hrzic (Netherlands)

Sat 12th
Alpha 2
C. European public health / Food and nutrition 11.C. - Pitch presentations: Food, nutrition and children
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Josefine Björkqvist (Finland), Laura Scholaske (Germany)

Preschool children’s temperament and its associations with energy intake
Riikka Pajulahti (Finland)

Awareness, compliance and effectiveness of school nutrition guidelines in Canadian schools
Katerina Maximova (Canada)

Trans fatty acid intake and risk of type 2 diabetes in the NutriNet-Santé prospective cohort
Alice Bellicha (France)

The path to evidence-based guidelines for food insecurity during pregnancy
Fiona McKay (Australia)

The bidirectional relationship between growth and appetite regulation in the first year of life
Christiana Demetriou (Cyprus)

Children’s and family’s determinants of cognitive performance among children: The I-MOVE Study
Francesco Esposito (Italy)

Anemia in children aged 6 to 59 months attending a quaternary health facility in Maputo, Mozambique
Reka Maulide Cane (Portugal)

Understanding eating-related health outcomes: connections between anxiety and eating behavior
Felix Hussenoeder (Germany)

Sat 12th
Beta 1
D. Chronic diseases Tuebingen University (Germany) 11.D. - Workshop: Depression comorbidity in prediabetes and diabetes: evaluating risk factors and outcomes
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Norbert Schmitz (Germany)

Childhood trauma, depression, and the risk of incident prediabetes in young adults: findings from the Lifelines Cohort Study
Sonya Deschenes (Ireland)

Systemic inflammation and the risk of depression in people with type 2 diabetes
Norbert Schmitz (Germany)

Depression, diabetes and change in cognitive functioning: results from the Canadian Longitudinal study on Aging
Mahdieh Shojaa (Germany)

Time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic: a prospective examination of psychosocial health in people with and without type 2 diabetes using digital phenotyping
Amy Mc Inerney (Ireland)

Sat 12th
Beta 2
E. Environment, climate and health EUPHA-URB, EUPHA-PMH, EUPHA-ENV 11.E. - Workshop: Urban Green Spaces, Built Environment and Urban
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Stefano Capolongo (EUPHA-URB), Marija Jevtic (EUPHA-ENV)

Bridging Epidemiological Data with Features of the Urban Context: An experience of Urban Public Health within the City of Milan, Italy.
Andrea Rebecchi (Italy)

Urban places and Mental Health challenges (lessons learned from Covid-19 crisis).
Marija Jevtic (EUPHA-ENV)

Green space availability and mental health – results from a cross-sectional study in Northwestern Germany.
Felix Sisenop (Germany)

How breaks in nature can affect the users’ wellbeing: an experience based survey during the lockdown.
Stefano Capolongo (EUPHA-URB)

Sat 12th
Beta 6
F. Digital health and communication University of Graz, EUPHA Working Group on Health Literacy 11.F. - Workshop: Can digital health literacy act as a protective factor for students in times of crisis?
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Michaela Wright (Austria)

Digital health literacy and well-being of university students in Austria during the pandemic
Franziska Reitegger (Austria)

The relationship between well-being and digital health literacy in university students from Romania
Marius-Ionut Ungureanu (Romania)

Digital health literacy and well-being of students at Sofia University – Bulgaria
Ioannis Patias (Bulgaria)

Digital health literacy and well-being of health sciences students from MU-Sofia during the pandemic
Nikoleta Leventi (Bulgaria)

Digital health literacy and well-being in university students in Germany
Kevin Dadaczynski (Germany)

Sat 12th
Beta 7
G. Health data, information and assessments EUPHA-PHMR, EUPHA-HSR, EUPHA-ECO, Sciensano, PHIRI 11.G. - Round table: Resilient health systems: harnessing health information to improve population health.
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Petronille Bogaert (EUPHA-PHMR), Johan Hansen (EUPHA-HSR)

Ebba Barany (Luxembourg)

Luciana Neamtiu (Italy)

Kenneth Grech (Malta)

Miriam Saso (Belgium)

Ruth Waitzberg (Germany)

Sat 12th
Beta 8
H. Health determinants and health inequalities EUPHA-HTA, EMA, WHO, EUPHA-LAW 11.H. - Round table: Timely access to quality-assured medicines worldwide
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Elena Petelos (EUPHA-HTA), Dineke Zeegers Paget (EUPHA)

Victoria Palmi (Netherlands)

Mariana Roldão Santos (Switzerland)

Richard Pilsudski (France)

Sat 12th
Beta 3
J. Health services and welfare systems Bielefeld University 11.J. - Workshop: Enabling participation of vulnerable groups in primary health and long-term care
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Kerstin Haemel (Germany), Anja Dieterich (Germany)

Relevance and limits of patient surveys within humanitarian primary health care in Germany
Anja Dieterich (Germany)

Primary mental health care in India for older people: stigmatization and community-orientation
Tom Kafczyk (Germany)

Participation in vulnerable old age? Barriers and opportunities in nursing homes in Germany
Susanne Kuempers (Germany)

Participation and chronic illness: Nurses’ perceptions in primary care in Brazil, Germany, and Spain
Marcus Heumann (Germany)

Sat 12th
Gamma 6-7
K. Health promotion, health literacy, behavioural insights 11.K. - Pitch presentations: Barriers and enablers in health promotion behaviours
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): John Dierx (Netherlands), Khabiso Jemima Ramphoma (South Africa)

Health literacy time trends in Germany
Eva-Maria Berens (Germany)

Health literacy among migrants in Germany – results of the quantitative cross-sectional HLS-MIG study
Eva-Maria Berens (Germany)

Motivational health coaching to increase physical activity of people with serious mental illness
Matteo Sattler (Austria)

Language barriers for primary care access in Europe: a systematic review
Priyamvada Paudyal (United Kingdom)

Exploring the involvement of representatives of migrant groups in health research
Elin Lampa (Sweden)

Public knowledge of chronic kidney disease in Portugal: a quantitative approach
Ana Rita Pedro (Portugal)

Evaluation of pediatric dentists' approaches to oral health literacy
Nevra Karamüftüoğlu (Cyprus)

An update on national recommendations for the use of the adjuvanted recombinant zoster vaccine
Romy Weller (Germany)

Sat 12th
Beta 4
L. Health workforce, training and practice 11.L. - Pitch presentations: Providing services to diverse populations
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Bernadette Kumar (EUPHA-MIG)

Utilization of secondary preventive medications after ischemic stroke in immigrants to Denmark
George Mkoma (Denmark)

Use of stroke care processes among immigrants to Denmark
George Mkoma (Denmark)

Migrants and frequents users of the emergency department: Who are they and why do they consult?
Carmen Cariello (Switzerland)

Ethnicity and paediatric healthcare utilisation: Improving the quality of quantitative research
Claire Zhang (United Kingdom)

Racially discriminatory experiences among older chronically ill people of Turkish origin in Germany
Hürrem Tezcan-Güntekin (Germany)

Diversity competence: what should be prioritised in an online course? An adapted delphi study.
Janne Sorensen (Denmark)

Foreign-born people and covid-19 in Sweden - the effect of co-morbidity
Sharareh Akhavavn (Sweden)

Health Service Experiences of Transgender Individuals from Foreign Backgrounds in Finland
Mercédesz Czimbalmos (Finland)

Sat 12th
Beta 5
M. Infectious diseases, preparedness and vaccines EURO HEALTH GROUP (Denmark), School of Public Health & Health Management (Serbia) 11.M. - Workshop: Vaccination hesitancy in the Western Balkans and inclusive governance
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Michele Gross (Denmark), Ulrich Laaser (Germany)

Global decline in vaccine coverage; COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
Ulrich Laaser (Germany)

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in five Western Balkan countries
Sanja Matovic Miljanovic (Serbia)

Does it matter who addresses whom in vaccination promotion campaign?
Smiljana Cvjetkovic (Serbia)

Inclusive governance: Enhance health literacy to reduce vaccine hesitancy
Vesna Bjegovic-Mikanovic (Serbia)

Sat 12th
Gamma 8-9
N. Maternal, child and adolescent public health University of Pisa, Federal Centre for Health Education - WHO Collaborating Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health; EUPHA-IDC 11.N. - Workshop: School-based sexual health education: from evidence to implementation and evaluation
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Lara Tavoschi (Italy), Johanna Marquardt (Germany)

School-based sexuality Education in Europe and Central Asia
Johanna Marquardt (Germany)

Co-creation of a school-based sexual health education intervention in Italy
Alice Chinelli (Italy)

Implementing a school-based comprehensive sexual health education intervention in Italy: experiences from the field
Domenico Martinelli (Italy)

How to evaluate a sexual health education intervention: experience from an Italian pilot project
Marco Ubbiali (Italy)

Sat 12th
Alpha 4
O. Mental health / Migration and minority health / LGBTQI+ 11.O. - Pitch presentations: Effects of COVID-19 on mental health
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Nikola Komlenac (Austria), Matteo Sattler (Austria)

Anxiety and depression symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic in European countries and Australia
Katalin Gemes (Sweden)

Inequalities in psychological distress before and during the COVID-19 pandemic among UK adults
Kishan Patel (United Kingdom)

The effect of financial support on depression among young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic
Pierre-julien Coulaud (Canada)

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the stress and depression levels of new mothers
Cristina Florea (Austria)

Reactive surveillance of suicides during the COVID-19 epidemic in France, 2020- March 2022
Anne Fouillet (France)

Self-reported anxiety and depression among COVID-19 patients: A prospective cohort study from Turkey
Öykü Turunç (Turkey)

Longitudinal rate of change in depression symptoms from pre- to post-COVID-19 onset among US mothers
Julie Kapp (United States)

Establishing Covid-19 Research in UK Care Homes – Infrastructure Challenges for Trial Design.
Paul Leighton (United Kingdom)

Sat 12th
Alpha 3
P. Policy, politics and public health Tilburg University, Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam 11.P. - Workshop: Tobacco control policy strategies to contribute to the EU’s tobacco-free generation goal
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Andrea Rozema (Netherlands), Mirte Kuipers (Netherlands)

Diffusion of smoke-free policies at outdoor sports clubs in the Netherlands
Rixt Smit (Netherlands)

Policies to reduce availability of tobacco products in the retail environment
Tessa van Deelen (Netherlands)

Impact of smoke-free policies in hospitality venues and the home environment on smoking behaviour and exposure to second-hand smoke: results of two systematic reviews
Heike Garritsen (Netherlands)

Implementing a smoking cessation training for lower socioeconomic groups into local policy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Identifying preconditions and barriers among multiple stakeholder groups
Judith Visser (Netherlands)

Sat 12th
Beta 9
Q. Public health monitoring, reporting and foresight 11.Q. - Pitch presentations: Monitoring the burden of disease
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Hanna Tolonen (EUPHA-PHMR), Karl Emmert-Fees (Germany)

The global burden of neglected zoonotic diseases: current state of evidence
Carlotta di Bari (Belgium)

The changing landscape of food deserts and swamps in Flanders, Belgium
Vincent Smets (Belgium)

The prevention indicator system of the German Federal States – a tool to monitor prevention policies
Jonas D. Finger (Germany)

The pandemic impact on the Italian elderly: changing in health profile and access to services.
Benedetta Contoli (Italy)

Monitoring the burden of disease in Scotland and the contribution of risk factors.
Ian Grant (United Kingdom)

Evaluation of the quality of cause of death statistics of the last decades in the European Union.
Lluís Cirera (Spain)

Undetected hypertension in primary care – a public health iceberg?
Lauren Young (United Kingdom)

Poster walks - Saturday 12th Nov

Time (CET) / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 12th
Beta level
11.R. - Poster walk: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Ieva Reine (Latvia), Ilaria Tocco Tussardi (Italy)

11.R.01 - Flu and Covid-19: is there adherence to vaccination in target groups?
Domitilla Marconi (Italy)

11.R.02 - Immune Response After Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in the Elderly in the Czech Republic
Hana Tomaskova (Czechia)

11.R.03 - Attitudes towards mandatory vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bulgaria
Stanislava Hadzhieva (Bulgaria)

11.R.04 - Fear of infection or fear of protection – driving factors of COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Bulgaria
Stanislava Hadzhieva (Bulgaria)

11.R.05 - Hand hygiene and HAI transmission in Piedmont, Italy: an observational study, 2017-2019.
Antonino Russotto (Italy)

11.R.06 - Vaccination policy strategies before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: an overview
Jacopo Garlasco (Italy)

11.R.07 - Using default opt-out strategies to undercover the unknown HCV infections: a scoping review
Gianluca Paparatto (Italy)

11.R.08 - Impact of lockdown on football players’ injuries
Vittorio Falcone (Italy)

11.R.09 - Dietary factors and risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the Moli-sani Study Cohort
Marialaura Bonaccio (Italy)

11.R.10 - Parental perception about the pandemic impact on mental health of children: a cross-sectional study
Sonia Pinto (Italy)

11.R.11 - Participatory development of inclusive health communication on COVID-19 with homeless people
Anabell Specht (Germany)

Sat 12th
Gamma level
11.S. - Poster walk: Prenatal and maternal health
Abstracts in EJPH
Chairperson(s): Mika Gissler (Finland), Fabrice Humura (Finland)

11.S.01 - Community Perceptions of Facilitators and Barriers to Post Natal Care access in Rural Laos
Monika Christofori-Khadka (Switzerland)

11.S.02 - Using Intervention Mapping to develop an intervention to promote healthy child weight development
Camilla Thørring Bonnesen (Denmark)

11.S.03 - Interaction between MTNR1B polymorphisms and lifestyle intervention on pregnancy outcomes.
Mireille van Poppel (Austria)

11.S.04 - Impact of COVID-19 on maternal and neonatal outcomes: a population-based cohort study in Latvia
Irisa Zile-Velika (Latvia)

11.S.05 - Dietary habits of pregnant women in Bulgaria
Rositsa Chamova (Bulgaria)

11.S.06 - Late antenatal care initiation and neonatal outcomes in an ethnically diverse maternal cohort
Shuby Puthussery (United Kingdom)

11.S.08 - Health professionals’ communication and Italian pregnant women’s attitudes to the Covid-19 vaccine
Carlotta Fiammenghi (Italy)

11.S.09 - Knowledge, beliefs and experience of adopting healthy habits in pregnancy: a mixed methods study
Ourania Kolokotroni (Cyprus)

11.S.10 - Breastfeeding and allergic disease at age nine in Ireland: An Irish prospective cohort study
Ellen Juliet Cosgrave (Ireland)

11.S.11 - Assessment of maternal and newborn services in Uganda based on the Effective Coverage framework.
Marco Fonzo (Italy)

11.S.12 - Birth defects and associated antenatal care factors related with 1st trimester of pregnancy
Irisa Zile-Velika (Latvia)

11.S.13 - Health-related quality of life among five-year-old extremely preterm children with motor disorders.
Adrien M Aubert (France)

11.S.14 - The influence of paternity leave uptake on parental post-partum depression: An ELFE cohort study
Katharine Barry (France)

Plenary session - Saturday 12th Nov

Time (CET) / Location Track Organiser Activity
Sat 12th
Plenary Hall
EPH Conference CC - Closing Ceremony