Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Linhart Hall
A. Winds of change and innovation 4.A. - Pitch presentations: Innovations in public health
Chairperson(s): Apostolos Vantarakis - Greece

The Healthy Lifestyle Pyramid- a Polish innovation in health education
Magdalena Wrzesinska - Poland

Engagement ecosystem: reccomandations from the first consensus conference on patient engagement
Guendalina Graffigna - Italy

Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines by Walking in Older Adults from Three-Middle Income Countries
Chevelle Davis - United States

Health in all policies: lessons learned and next steps in Utrecht
Miriam Weber - Netherlands

Individual and interpersonal correlates of cardiorespiratory fitness in adults - The case of Germany
Katherine J. Ombrellaro - Germany

Fostering youth participation for environment and health in Slovenia
Tomaž Gorenc - Slovenia

Fri 30th
Gallus Hall
B. European and global health issues American University of Beirut 4.B. - Workshop: Corporations, conflict of interest and the impacts on public health in the global south
Chairperson(s): Jihad Makhoul - Lebanon

Knowledge translation to counteract COI from corporations: a case from Lebanon
Rima Nakkash - Lebanon

Emerging actions, relations and interference of non-state actors after the 2014 Mexican soda tax implementation.
Benjamin Hawkins - United Kingdom

Alcohol industry funding for university research: a conflict of interest
Amina Saban - South Africa

Fri 30th
Lily Novy Club
C. E-Health technology, communication / Elderly health 4.C. - Pitch presentations: Social determinants to food
Chairperson(s): Tatjana Buzeti - EUPHA (FN), Urška Erklavec - Slovenia

Factors associated with obesity in children in Brighton & Hove: An analysis of cross-sectional data
Anjum Memon - United Kingdom

Junk food cafés’ impact on public health, deprived communities and food waste in North West England
Greg Williams - United Kingdom

Housing first and food insecurity: an experimental trial in Vancouver, Canada
Milad Parpouchi - Canada

School interventions’ effect on enhancing healthy weight: interaction with sociodemographic factors
Konstantina Zota - Greece

Comparison of food-related health literacy in Slovenia, United Kingdom and Australia
Igor Pravst - Slovenia

The Healthy Food Environment Policy Index: Comparing nutrition policy implementation in 10 countries
Stefanie Vandevijvere - Belgium

If it works, I like it: Predicting acceptance of food-related nudging.
Ingrid Djupegot - Norway

Fri 30th
D. Health promotion, lifestyles and behaviour 4.D. - Pitch presentations: Addiction (alcohol, drugs and gambling)
Chairperson(s): Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Do safer gambling environments disturb non-problem gamblers?
Ekaterina Ivanova - Sweden

Is Gambling a Public Health issue for Wales, UK?
Claire Beynon - United Kingdom

Tackling binge drinking in university students: a European public health challenge.
Joel Ladner - France

Patterns of drunkenness and binge drinking initiation among French young adults: a survival analysis.
Joffrey Marchi - France

Subtypes of students misusing prescription stimulants for performance enhancement
Sara De Bruyn - Belgium

Frequent binge drinking between 18 and 25 years old: a risk of adulthood alcohol dependence?
Marie-Pierre Tavolacci - France

Polydrug abuse in general population: an italian pilot study
Niccolò Vonci - Italy

Misuse of anxiety medications in adult population in Serbia-National survey
Zorica Terzic Supic - Serbia

Fri 30th
E. Environment and health / Obesity and nutrition 4.E. - Oral presentations: Environmental health
Chairperson(s): Lucija Perharič - Slovenia

Exposure to particulate matter and DNA methylation in women from Catania, Italy
Andrea Maugeri - Italy

Health effects of livestock farms: An updated analysis of seven consecutive years
Christos Baliatsas - Netherlands

Risk assessment for children health from environmental exposure to inorganic arsenic
Lucija Perharič - Slovenia

Perceived noise control and its value in the association of road traffic noise with noise annoyance
Natalie Riedel - Germany

Age-friendly environments, active lives? A study of physical activity among older adults in Ireland
Sinead Shannon - Ireland

Fri 30th
F. Health systems and health care 4.F. - Oral presentations: Health care delivery
Chairperson(s): Elena Petelos - Greece

Higher Openness is Associated with Lower Mortality rates among 137 Acute English NHS Trusts
Veronica Toffolutti - Italy

Stakeholders’ views on scenarios on EU child healthcare systems and how changes might be achieved
Eline Vlasblom - Netherlands

Social Determinants of avoidable hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions
Lorenzo Paglione - Italy

Regional Outcome Evaluation Program: inequities in access to health care in Lazio region of Italy.
Martina Ventura - Italy

Comparison of avoidable emergency hospitalizations between foreign and Italian minors in Rome
Annamaria Mele - Italy

Fri 30th
G. Health services research 4.G. - Pitch presentations: Access to health services
Chairperson(s): Tit Albreht - Slovenia, Borjan Pavlovski - Macedonia

Characteristics of primary care non-users in Latvia
Anita Villerusa - Latvia

Public Home Health Care Services: Thoughts, Experiences of Family Medicine Practitioners in Ankara
Pınar Güner - Turkey

Quality of clinical documentation and readmission rates: physician’s gender based differences
Lucia Kundisova - Italy

Developing a simulator of operating room scheduling to decrease waiting lists
Daniele Rosadini - Italy

Socioeconomic differences in use of public, occupational and private health care in Finland
Jenni Blomgren - Finland

Changes in the inequalities in antenatal health service utilization in Serbia from 2005 to 2014
Željka Stamenković - Serbia

Barriers to access to adequate maternal care in Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Latvia
Elina Miteniece - Netherlands

Fri 30th
H. Health workforce / Health at work 4.H. - Oral presentations: Data, forecasting, evaluation: producing and using evidence
Chairperson(s): Odile Mekel - EUPHA (HIA)

Published Mortality Datasets – is Perfection the Enemy of Credibility?
Michael Rigby - Ireland

Essential health benefits in Italy: a dream came true after sixteen years. How will it be evaluated?
Alessandra Sinopoli - Italy

Competence demands for future health promotion
Kaija Matinheikki - Finland

Evidence-Informed Health Policy (EIHP): implementation strategies for Kazakhstan
Vitaliy Koikov - Kazakhstan

Care coordination across levels in the Catalan health system: results of the COORDENA.CAT survey
M Luisa Vázquez Navarrete - Spain

Fri 30th
Kosovel Hall
I. Infectious diseases, vaccination / Global health 4.I. - Oral presentations: Infectious Diseases: outbreak, prevention, vaccination
Chairperson(s): Koos Van Der Velden - Netherlands

Attitudes and practices towards human papillomavirus vaccination among general practitioners in Italy
Italo Francesco Angelillo - Italy

Results of a 15-year targeted HBV-vaccination program for high behavioral risk groups
Anouk Urbanus - Netherlands

Assessment of key infectious diseases among asylum seekers at the French-Italian border (Liguria)
Ilaria Barberis - Italy

Seasonal influenza vaccine procurement systems in Europe
Caterina Rizzo - Italy

Managing 2018 Measles Outbreak in a healthcare setting in Porto, Portugal
Mariana Perez Duque - Portugal

Fri 30th
K. Chronic diseases 4.K. - Oral presentations: Obesity and physical activity
Chairperson(s): Michele Cecchini - OECD, Polonca Truden-Dobrin - Slovenia

Early-life rapid weight gain and child-to-adolescent BMI trajectories: UK Millennium Cohort Study
Yi Lu - United Kingdom

A mixed methods study of childhood overweight across ethnic groups in Coventry
Marie Murphy - United Kingdom

How to educate and promote physical activity among children and adolescents? An umbrella review
Valeria D'Egidio - Italy

HEPA Europe as exchange platform to foster progress in health care approaches to physical activity
Andrea Backović Juričan - Slovenia

Harnessing Gamification for population level changes in physical activity
Marc Harris - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
Stih Hall
L. Migrant, LGBT and minority health 4.L. - Pitch presentations: Refugees, migrants, ethnic minorities and health services
Chairperson(s): Vincent Lorant - Belgium, Natalia Skogberg - Finland

Federal health monitoring in Germany: How can we integrate populations with migration background?
Claudia Santos-Hövener - Germany

Satisfaction with maternal care in migrants and natives: a population-based study from Portugal
Anna Muralova - Portugal

Personal health record for migrants: A Systematic Review
Valentina Chiesa - Italy

A review of training programmes addressing healthcare for migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe
Antonio Chiarenza - Italy

Impact of migration on health and wellbeing of left-behind families: a systematic review
Priyamvada Paudyal - United Kingdom

Have Romanians changed the use of Italian healthcare services after their entry into EU?
Carolina Di Paolo - Italy

Being homeless in an unequal society: A qualitative analysis of stories of homeless people
Mzwandile Mabhala - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
M. Mental health 4.M. - Pitch presentations: Mental Health through life
Chairperson(s): Marija Jakubauskiene - Lithuania

Addressing stigma and mental health literacy in childhood and adolescence
Alexandra Fretian - Germany

An efficient and valid test for the identification of children with emotional and behavioral problems
Meinou Theunissen - Netherlands

Could child mental health problems be reduced by increasing physical activity?
Sungano Chigogora - United Kingdom

Academic performance and depression: 26 000 adolescents followed into adulthood
Alma Sörberg Wallin - Sweden

Retrospective study of risk factors for postnatal depression symptoms in Hungary
Edit Paulik - Hungary

Recession-related stress, mental health, and the buffering role of psychosocial resources
Jonathan Koltai - Italy

Psychiatric hospitalizations of chronic psychotic disorder patients with/out SUD, Israel, 1963-2016
Yehuda Neumark - Israel

Inequalities in determinants and mental health in Sweden- results from a governmental initiative
Sara Fritzell - Sweden

Fri 30th
N. Maternal, child and adolescent health EUPHA (CAPH) (EPI) (ENV) 4.N. - Workshop: How can we reduce inequalities in child health? Perspectives from across Europe
Chairperson(s): Alastair Leyland - United Kingdom, Danielle Jansen - EUPHA (CAPH)

Health literacy in children and adolescents: associations between health literacy and health inequalities
Orkan Okan - EUPHA (HP)

A preventive and environment-centered approach of parent support in a deprived neigbourhood in the city of Groningen: experiences from professionals, parents and their children
Jolanda Tuinstra - Netherlands

How might improvements to maternal mental wellbeing reduce inequalities in child health in the UK? A simulation of hypothetical interventions using a causal mediation method.
Anna Pearce - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
Club CD1
O. Impact assessment / Health literacy 4.O. - Oral presentations: Assessment of innovative interventions: data, costs and collaboration
Chairperson(s): Fabiana Rubba - Italy

“Why do they want my data?” – Cancer patients' views on the use of genomic information in health care
Wannes Van Hoof - Belgium

Future pathways for EU cooperation on HTA
Anja Laschkolnig - Austria

The appropriateness of genetic testing in Europe: a survey of national experts
Annalisa Rosso - Italy

Impact of new HCV therapies on liver transplantation: the European Liver Transplant Registry study
Paolo Angelo Cortesi - Italy

Exploring differences in the use and impact of technology on health in Wales: a population survey
Alisha Davies - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
Club CD
P. Public health monitoring, reporting and screening 4.P. - Pitch presentations: Monitoring environmental determinants
Chairperson(s): Marija Jevtic - EUPHA (ENV)

Label misrepresentation in seized anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing substances
Barak Shapira - Israel

Big data and earthquake: databases integration for studies on medium-long term effects on health
Francesco D'Aloisio - Italy

Smoking and distribution of adipose tissue
Donatas Austys - Lithuania

Socioeconomic inequalities in current daily smoking: Further analysis of GATS Turkey 2012
Hur Hassoy - Turkey

Hygienic conditions of gyms in the city of Milan, Italy. First results of a cross-sectional study
Gianuario Aulicino - Italy

Impact of environmental risk perception on the smoking behavior of French pregnant women
MP Sauvant-Rochat - France

Tobacco control in healthcare: results from Russian Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Survey
Marine Gambaryan - Russia

Fri 30th
Q. Social security, work and health 4.Q. - Pitch presentations: Health at work and employment
Chairperson(s): Gunnel Hensing - EUPHA (SSH)

Innovation in home care sector and its impact on workers' well-being: a participatory diagnosis
Rachida Bensliman - Belgium

Type of treatment for low back pain, social insurance regulation changes and later work disability
Syed Rahman - Sweden

Occupational exposures and HBV infection: a meta-analysis about non-healthcare settings
Matteo Riccò - Italy

Disability pension and permanent medical impairment among injured car occupants of working ages
Rasmus Elrud - Sweden

ICF-linking of health information regarding functioning in sickness certificates
Magdalena Fresk - Sweden

Educational differences in working life expectancy in the Netherlands
Suzan Robroek - Netherlands

Occupational differences in sickness presenteeism trend
Taina Leinonen - Finland

Poster walks - Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Level -1
4.R. - Poster walk: Reproductive and child health
Chairperson(s): Mika Gissler - Finland, Camilla Sandal Sejbaek - Denmark

4.R.1 - Vitamin A Supplementation Among Children Aged 6-59 months in 23 sub-Saharan African Countries
Lanthé Kruger - South Africa

4.R.3 - Physical growth from childhood to adolescence: a reflection of socioenvironmental conditions. Brazil
Sheila Alvim Matos - Brazil

4.R.6 - Evaluation of the Level of Osteoporotic Fracture Prevention of Postmenopausal Women
Ceren Varer Akpınar - Turkey

4.R.7 - Reproductive health, consanguineous and teenage marriages among farmworkers in Turkey
Ilker Kayi - Turkey

4.R.8 - Impact of impregnated net’s use and efficacy on malaria during the pregnancy’s first trimester,Benin
Cornélia Hounkonnou - France

4.R.9 - Long-acting reversible contraception free of charge decreases abortion rates
Mika Gissler - Finland

4.R.11 - Current practice of counseling smoking cessation during pregnancy among gynecologists in Slovenia
Tjasa Pibernik - Slovenia

4.R.12 - Informed choice in systematic newborn screening (for cystic fibrosis)
Guido Van Hal - Belgium

4.R.13 - Women’s health before pregnancy in a large cohort of first-time mothers in Ireland - CANCELLED
Francesca Wuytack - Ireland

4.R.15 - Intersectional stigma and sexual health: A pharmacy-based service for women on opioid treatment
Laura Medina-Perucha - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
Level -2
4.S. - Poster walk: Occupational Health and Health Workforce
Chairperson(s): Ellen Kuhlmann - Germany, Jana Babjakova - Slovakia

4.S.1 - Work participation trajectories before and after vocational rehabilitation in Finland
Taina Leinonen - Finland

4.S.2 - Impact of the doctor deficit on hospitals management in Poland – a mixed methods study
Katarzyna Dubas-Jakóbczyk - Poland

4.S.3 - Food allergy knowledge and attitudes among restaurant staff in Germany
Adrian Loerbroks - Germany

4.S.4 - Impact of coping, illness cognitions and perceived health on treatment adherence in disabled workers
Tialda Hoekstra - Netherlands

4.S.5 - The relationship between employment at older age and health in Italy
Aldo Rosano - Italy

4.S.7 - Length of sickness absence and sustained return to work
Johanna Kausto - Finland

4.S.8 - Network on the Coordination and Harmonisation of European Occupational Cohorts (OMEGA-NET)
Ingrid Sivesind Mehlum - Norway

4.S.9 - Physician’s views on social insurance officers’ encounters and competence regarding sick-leave cases
Veronica Svärd - Sweden

4.S.10 - Physical activity promotion among hospital health workers. A prospective cohort study in France, 2017
Sorina Dana Mihailescu - France

4.S.11 - Health promotion through mindfulness training: a study among Dutch primary care physicians
Miek Jong - Sweden

4.S.12 - Why small-sized companies implement workplace health promotion and what they expect
Isolde Sommer - Austria

4.S.13 - The prevalance of hepatitis B among health personnel: A systematic review
Emine Gokcen Selcuk - Turkey

4.S.14 - Level of technical term recognition on the radiation effect by healthcare workers of Japan
Yoshitoku Yoshida - Japan

4.S.15 - Essential competences of the practitioners in the changing health and social sector in Finland
Laura Hietapakka - Finland

Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Gallus Hall
ASPHER, ECDC, EHMA PL3 - Plenary 3: Public health resources - core capacities to address the threat of communicable diseases

Organisers: ASPHER, ECDC, EHMA

Moderators: Katarzyna Czabanowska, ASPHER, Karl Ekdahl, ECDC 

Keynote speaker:

  • Dame Anne Johnson, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, University College London, United Kingdom, Andrija Štampar Medallist 2018


  • Jeanette de Boer, ASPHER
  • Usman Khan, Executive Director EHMA
  • Dorit Nitzan,Coordinator, Health Emergency Information and Risk Assessment, WHO Health Emergencies Programme
  • Wolfgang Philipp, Head of Unit Crisis Management and Preparedness in Health, DG SANTE, European Commission
  • Svetla Tsolova, Senior Expert Monitoring and Evaluation, ECDC

Fri 30th
Linhart Hall
A. Winds of change and innovation NIJZ, Observatory 5.A. - Workshop: Strengthening health promotion through public health and primary care innovations
Chairperson(s): Vesna-Kestrin Petric - Slovenia, Bernd Rechel - European Observatory

Tackling inequalities through health promotion centres in primary care in Slovenia
Radivoje Pribakovic - Slovenia

Harnessing civil organizations for health promotion and disease prevention
Scott Greer - United States

The Act to Strengthen Health Promotion and Prevention in Germany
Klaus D. Pluemer - Germany

Strengthening health promotion: the example of public health units in Portugal
Jorge Simões - Portugal

Fri 30th
Gallus Hall
B. European and global health issues FPH UK, EUPHA (MIG) (ETH) 5.B. - Round table: Migration, Ethics and public’s health on planet earth
Chairperson(s): Farhang Tahzib - United Kingdom, Allan Krasnik - EUPHA (MIG)

Nadav Davidovitch - Israel

Peter Schröder-Bäck - EUPHA (ETH)

William Sherlaw - France

Johann Cailhol - France

Elena Petelos - Greece

Fri 30th
Lily Novy Club
C. E-Health technology, communication / Elderly health 5.C. - Oral presentations: Ferenc Bojan: young investigator award
Chairperson(s): Julian Mamo - Malta, Iveta Nagyova - EUPHA (CHR)

Positive impact of a regional Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: Friuli Venezia Giulia's experience
Antonio Madia - Italy

Electronic health records implementation: can the European Union learn from the United States?
Fabrizio Toscano - Italy

The impact of multimorbidity on health outcomes in older adults between 2006 and 2015 in Europe
Raffaele Palladino - United Kingdom

Do parties make a difference? A systematic review of partisan effects on health and the welfare state
Michelle Falkenbach - United States

The impact of a public smoking ban on smoking socioeconomic inequalities in a Swiss urban population
José Luis Sandoval - Switzerland

Fri 30th
D. Health promotion, lifestyles and behaviour 5.D. - Oral presentations: Alcohol harm and alcohol policy
Chairperson(s): Guido Van Hal - Belgium, Marina Karanikolos - United Kingdom

Alcohol control policies and hazardous drinking socioeconomic inequalities in Geneva (Switzerland)
José Luis Sandoval - Switzerland

Impact of Alcohol Consumption upon Healthcare Utilization: Evidence from Moli-sani study
Licia Iacoviello - Italy

Increasing life expectancy in Russia and Ukraine: What’s the role of alcohol policy?
Erica Richardson - United Kingdom

Timing of alcohol consumption and risk of liver cirrhosis: a prospective study of UK women
Rachel Simpson - United Kingdom

What’s in a shopping basket? Alcohol and grocery purchases among Finnish loyalty-card holders
Liisa Uusitalo - Finland

Fri 30th
E. Environment and health / Obesity and nutrition EUPHA (ENV) 5.E. - Workshop: Climate and Energy issues as a priorities in Environment and Health
Chairperson(s): Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV), Marija Jevtic - EUPHA (ENV)

Parallelism in health effects in climate and energy issues
Peter Van Den Hazel - EUPHA (ENV)

Planet on the diet – Climate and Energy prescription for better environment and sustainability
Marija Jevtic - EUPHA (ENV)

Healthy Buildings- healthier people: the importance of buildings in climate action and public health
Vijoleta Gordeljevic - Belgium

Boosting health by improving air quality in the Western Balkans
Vlatka Matkovic Puljic - Belgium

Association between air temperatures and occupational injuries: a case-crossover analysis using workers’ compensation claims data in the construction industries in Northern Italy
Matteo Riccò - Italy

Fri 30th
F. Health systems and health care 5.F. - Pitch presentations: Elderly
Chairperson(s): Mariëlle Beenackers - Netherlands

The Economic and Health Challenge of Forgoing Healthcare Services among Elders
Aviad Tur-Sinai - Israel

Utilization of formal and informal care in dementia: a comparative study between Sweden and Italy
Connie Lethin - Sweden

Testing dementia-grief hypothesis: Antidepressant use before and after a spouse dies from dementia
Elina Einio - Finland

Methods to include older people into health monitoring. Results of a feasibility study in Germany
Judith Fuchs - Germany

Frequency of drug and herb use, drug-drug interaction and drug-herb interaction among elderly
Petek Eylul Taneri - Turkey

Changes in alcohol drinking before and after the statutory retirement: a longitudinal cohort study
Ossi Rahkonen - Finland

Fri 30th
G. Health services research 5.G. - Oral presentations: Primary care and reform
Chairperson(s): Marius-Ionut Ungureanu - Romania, Joanna Kobza - Poland

The impact of primary care services on mortality in an urban slum population in Rio de Janeiro
Thomas Hone - United Kingdom

Patient choice of a healthcare provider at the point of referral
Amy Potappel - Netherlands

Implementation of good practices in systems of primary child health care in EU countries
Paul Kocken - Netherlands

Regional Health Coordinators: Community Capacity Building for Health Promotion and Prevention
Ludwig Grillich - Austria

Modelling resistance in healthcare reform: the case of Cyprus
Giagkos Lavranos - Cyprus

Fri 30th
H. Health workforce / Health at work 5.H. - Oral presentations: Innovative approaches to health workforce training to develop new competences
Chairperson(s): Kasia Czabanowska - ASPHER, Danielle Agnello - Denmark

Interprofessional education for an improved health workforce: contemplating change
Marjorie Bonello - Malta

New competences and care integration in future health and social care
Timo Sinervo - Finland

Factors associated with cultural competence in health and social care professionals in Finland
Tarja Heponiemi - Finland

Job satisfaction, dual practice and intention to work abroad in the Serbian public healthcare sector
Milena Šantrić Milićević - Serbia

Collaboration between human and veterinary medicine in Europe: a systematic review.
Domenico Barbato - Italy

Fri 30th
Kosovel Hall
I. Infectious diseases, vaccination / Global health 5.I. - Pitch presentations: Infectious diseases: screening and impacts
Chairperson(s): Michael Edelstein - United Kingdom, Igor Grabovac - Austria

HIV epidemic among MSM in the Czech Republic: high time for targeted action
Michal Pitonak - Czech Republic

Surveillance systems preparedness in the face of the possibility of the reintroduction of Malaria in Portugal
Ana Ferrao - Portugal

Perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis: knowledge and attitudes among resident physicians
Gabriella Di Giuseppe - Italy

Hepatitis B in Moroccan-Dutch: a study into determinants of screening participation
Nora Hamdiui - Netherlands

Status and potential of pathogen genomics for public health practice: a scoping review
Nina Van Goethem - Belgium

The HR HPV test as preliminant screening for uterine cervical carcinoma
Claudia Cuccaro - Italy

Cost-effectiveness of tuberculosis screening in stone quarries in Northern Portugal
Sofia Carvalho Sousa - Portugal

Risk factor analysis and transmission dynamics of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Greece
Apostolos Vantarakis - Greece

Fri 30th
K. Chronic diseases 5.K. - Pitch presentations: Cancer
Chairperson(s): Josefine Emilia Björkqvist - United Kingdom, David Ritchie - Belgium

Risk of prostate cancer in firefighters: A review and meta-analysis of studies published after 2007
Ingrid Sivesind Mehlum - Norway

Adult height and risk of gastric cancer: a pooled analysis within the stomach cancer pooling project
Luca Giraldi - Italy

Occupational physical activity and the risk of breast cancer among Nigerian women
Samuel Azubuike - United Kingdom

Impact of the Colorectal Cancer Screening after 10 years in the Basque Country (Spain)
M.I. Portillo Villares - Spain

Working After Cancer. A Population—based Cohort Study Using A Life Course Perspective Approach
Régine Kiasuwa - Belgium

Level of religiosity and non-performance of mammography among Arab and Jewish women in Israel
Ronit Pinchas-Mizrachi - Israel

Changes in household income following a diagnosis of breast cancer: a Danish registry-based study
Laura Jensen - Denmark

Physical activity and gastric cancer: a pooled analysis within the Stomach cancer Pooling Project
Jovana Stojanovic - Italy

Fri 30th
Stih Hall
L. Migrant, LGBT and minority health 5.L. - Pitch presentations: Migrants and mental health
Chairperson(s): Apostolos Vantarakis - Greece, Fabienne El-Khoury - France

Need for and barriers to accessing mental health care among refugees in Turkey: a mixed methods study
Ozge Karadag Caman - Turkey

Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Young Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in European Countries
Isolde Sommer - Austria

Unaccompanied migrant minors (UMMs) needs assessment: is there a shared needs assessment tool?
Leuconoe Grazia Sisti - Italy

Prevalence and predictors of violence among Syrian refugee women resettled in Sweden
Leah Okenwa Emegwa - Sweden

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in homeless migrant women in the Paris region.
Stéphanie Vandentorren - France

Transnational ties and mental health
Melanie Straiton - Norway

Improving Health Literacy of Migrants – the Role of Language Courses
Stefanie Harsch - Germany

Fri 30th
M. Mental health 5.M. - Oral presentations: Health inequalities
Chairperson(s): Amets Suess Schwend - Spain, Katherine J. Ombrellaro - Germany

Inequalities in cancer mortality in Scotland 1981-2016: a population-based register study
Denise Brown - United Kingdom

Monitoring and reporting on health inequalities in Canada
Albert Kwan - Canada

Socio-economic inequality in the management of diabetes in high-, middle-, and low-income countries
Benjamin Palafox - United Kingdom

Systematic underestimation of social inequalities in adolescent health in 24 countries 2002-2014
Bart De Clercq - Belgium

Psychosocial determinants of health disparities among elderly women and men in Europe
Nicholas Kofi Adjei - Germany

Fri 30th
N. Maternal, child and adolescent health EUPHA (CAPH), EPA/UNEPSA, EAP, ECPCP 5.N. - Round table: Improving Primary Health Care for Children and Adolescents: What Are The Future Steps?
Chairperson(s): Danielle Jansen - EUPHA (CAPH)

Primary Pediatric Care, crossing borders
Karoly Illy - Netherlands

European primary child care - how could we improve quality and safety of community services?
Gottfried Huss - Germany

How to calculate the risk of shortage and surplus of pediatric workforce?
Massimo Pettoello-Mantovani - Italy

Primary care in Europe: starting points to improve primary care from school health services and adolescent health services for children and adolescents
Danielle Jansen - EUPHA (CAPH)

Fri 30th
Club CD1
O. Impact assessment / Health literacy 5.O. - Oral presentations: Global health
Chairperson(s): Vincent Lorant - Belgium

Rooting European HP-research!
Geir Arild Espnes - Norway

Inequalities in the sustainable development goal 3 in the European Union from 2000 to 2016
João Vasco Santos - Portugal

Multimorbidity Patterns and Implications for healthcare utilisation and quality of life in six LMICs
Grace Sum - Singapore

Using HIA as a guiding framework to address the Sustainable Development Goals
Liz Green - United Kingdom

The development of a culturally sensitive brochure on breast health for American Indian women
Eleni Tolma - Kuwait

Fri 30th
Club CD
P. Public health monitoring, reporting and screening 5.P. - Pitch presentations: New data collection opportunities: implications for health improvement
Chairperson(s): Marieke Verschuuren - Netherlands, Iris Eekhout - Netherlands

Does public reporting support patient choice? Identifying patient needs and tracking user behaviour
Alexander Geissler - Germany

The Journal of Health Monitoring - a new publishing format of Federal Health Reporting in Germany
Franziska Prütz - Germany

A multilevel study of validity of self-reported height
Alexi Gugushvili - United Kingdom

Spatio-temporal dynamics of regional mortality in EU Member States between 2002 and 2016
Rok Hrzic - Netherlands

Journal endorsement of STROBE and its extensions: a cross-sectional bibliometric survey
Melissa Sharp - Croatia

Raising awareness of health challenges through interpretative monitoring in the city of Utrecht
Marielle Beijersbergen - Netherlands

What are the consequences if we live longer than expected?
Marjanne Plasmans - Netherlands

Fri 30th
Q. Social security, work and health 5.Q. - Oral presentations: Work and disability pension
Chairperson(s): Angelique De Rijk - Netherlands

Sources of subsistence after a rejected disability pension in Finland: a sequence analysis study
Riku Perhoniemi - Finland

Association of previous disability retirement with difficulties in meeting necessities
Anu Polvinen - Finland

Levels and trends in unemployment before disability retirement: a register-based case-control study
Mikko Laaksonen - Finland

Do changes in unemployment affect disability benefit rates? A municipality-level panel study
Jenni Blomgren - Finland

Joint association of overweight and common mental disorders with disability retirement in Finland
Anna Svärd - Finland

Poster walks - Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Level -1
5.R. - Poster walk: Health systems research: performance and responses
Chairperson(s): Fabiana Rubba - Italy

5.R.1 - A framework for a health system performance assessment for Germany: development and discussion
Julia Röttger - Germany

5.R.2 - A dictator’s gift: dominant party regimes and expenditures for public health
Huangting Yan - United Kingdom

5.R.3 - Bulgarian health system response to increasing rates of population ageing (Bulgaria, 2000-2016)
Gena Grancharova - Bulgaria

5.R.4 - Solidarity in the Dutch healthcare system: monitoring trends in willingness to pay
Martijn Kooijman - Netherlands

5.R.5 - Measuring and benchmarking performance in secondary care settings: the state of the art
Angelo Maria Pezzullo - Italy

5.R.6 - Impact of universal health coverage on catastrophic health expenditure: Evidence from Ghana
Lucia Fiestas Navarrete - Italy

5.R.7 - Current genetic service delivery models in Europe: interim results of a cross-sectional study
Erica Pitini - Italy

5.R.8 - The See & Treat as a tool for the management of minor urgencies
Gioia Fineschi - Italy

5.R.9 - Reviewing the use of turnaround time in rapid identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing
Rebecca Glover - United Kingdom

5.R.10 - City-Labs: integrating laboratory services, point of care testing and digital solutions
Damien Gruson - Belgium

5.R.11 - An easily understandable patient letter improves patient health literacy after hospitalisation
Karen Voigt - Germany

5.R.12 - Care coordination across levels in Latin American public healthcare networks: cross-sectional study
Aida Oliver - Spain

5.R.13 - Enablers and barriers to develop evidence based products advocating investment in health
Elodie Besnier - Norway

5.R.14 - Income inequalities in non-communicable diseases prevalence and management in Indonesia
Joko Mulyanto - Netherlands

5.R.15 - Before and after Choosing Wisely: a systematic review of the literature
Fabrizio Toscano - Italy

Fri 30th
Level -2
5.S. - Poster walk: Adolescents and healthy lifestyle
Chairperson(s): Michelle Kelly Irving - France

5.S.1 - Children oral health the key challenge for public health in Poland, comparing to European countries
Joanna Kobza - Poland

5.S.2 - Costs of a School-based intervention in Amadora – are we applying our money wisely?
Guilherme Duarte - Portugal

5.S.3 - Parents and their role in adolescents´ risk behaviour
Maria Bacikova-Sleskova - Slovakia

5.S.4 - Changes in patterns of sugar sweetened beverage consumption in Taiwanese adolescents in 14 years
Hsing-Yi Chang - Taiwan

5.S.5 - Accessibility of alcohol, alcohol refusal skills and lifetime alcohol use among early adolescents
Beata Gajdosova - Slovakia

5.S.7 - Predictors of life satisfaction in Slovenian 15-year-old adolescents
Helena Jeriček Klanšček - Slovenia

5.S.8 - Willingness towards health behavior change and wellbeing among high school students in Hungary
Edina Horváth - Hungary

5.S.9 - An educational program for young people who have difficulty decluttering and organizing
Yasuko Aso - Japan

5.S.10 - The effectiveness and safety of digital interventions for substance use in third-level students
Samantha Dick - Ireland

5.S.11 - Relation to orthorexia prevalance and health literacy of college students in the east of Turkey
Erkan Pehlivan - Turkey

5.S.12 - Risk factors of Internet addiction among Croatian university students
Ivan Miskulin - Croatia

5.S.13 - Sleep habits among medical students and correlation between sleep quality and academic performance
Katarina Ulen - Slovenia

5.S.14 - Smoking Prevalence and Risk Perception among Romanian medical students: tobacco versus E-cigarette
David Mangaloiu - Romania

5.S.15 - School health promotion as a subject in Medical university
Stela Georgieva - Bulgaria

Extra activities - Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Stih Hall
CHAFEA/European Commission LS5 - The EU Health Programme successes - contributing to better health for all in the EU

Moderators: Stefan Schreck – DG SANTE or Donata Meroni – Chafea (TBC) and Anne-Marie Yazbeck - Chafea


The EU Health Programme – setting the canvas
Stefan Schreck - DG SANTE


Joint Action Chrodis
Jelka Zaletel, - WP leader


Joint Action EMERGE
Antonino Di Caro - WP leader


Victoria Vivilaki - Coordinator


Cristina Bescos - Coordinator


European Reference Network EURACAN
Paolo Casali - Coordinator (TBC)


The Health Programme and  Joint Research Center
Agnieszka Kinsner-Ovaskainen  - JRC


Wrapping up – Chafea's role
Donata Meroni - Chafea

Fri 30th
EUPHA (PHPP) JTN11 - Public health practice and policy: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
Gallus Hall
EUPHA (CHR) JTN12 - Chronic diseases: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
Kosovel Hall
EUPHAnxt JTN14 - EUPHAnxt: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
EUPHA (FN) JTN15 - Food and nutrition: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
EUPHA (HIA) JTN16 - Health impact assessment: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
EUPHA (IDC) JTN17 - Infectious diseases control: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
EUPHA (MIG) JTN18 - Migrant and ethnic minority health: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
EUPHA (HWR) JTN19 - Health workforce research: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
Lily Novy Club
EUPHA (EPI) JTN20 - Public health epidemiology: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
Club CD 1
EUPHA (SGMH) JTN21 - Sexual and gender minority health: Join the network

EUPHA Sections are theme-specific networks that organise workshops and projects together. All EUPHA Sections are inviting you to Join the Network and attend their annual meeting during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all delegates. Get your lunch before or after the meeting and feel free to join the network.

Fri 30th
Pfizer Oncology LS3 - The role of public health in improving cancer care in Central and Eastern Europe

Defining the Challenge: the Burden of Cancer in Europe
Eduard Vrdoljak - Oncology Center, Clinical Hospital, Split, Croatia


Cancer as a Public Health Issue
Jose Martin-MorenoUniversity of Valencia, Spain


The Role of a Cancer Control Plan in Advancing Patient Outcomes
Davorin Radosavljević - Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia


Panel Discussion
Ian Banks - European Cancer Organisation (ECCO)
All faculty


Closing Remarks
Eduard Vrdoljak - Oncology Center, Clinical Hospital, Split, Croatia

Fri 30th
GSK LS4 - Vaccination for more sustainable public health?

Marko Pokorn - University Medical Centre Ljubljana


Lifecourse vaccination – a tool for closing the healthy ageing gap
Timothy Mark Doherty - GSK Vaccines


The overall public health value of pneumococcal vaccination
Bruce Mungall - GSK Vaccines




Download the programme here

Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Gallus Hall
DG SANTE, EUPHA PL4 - Plenary 4: Public’s awareness of public health challenges: How to get our public health messages heard?

Organisers: European Commission, EUPHA

Moderators: Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, President EUPHA, and Isabel de la Mata, European Commission

Keynote speaker:


Fri 30th
Linhart Hall
A. Winds of change and innovation Observatory, WHO EURO 6.A. - Workshop: The role of public health organizations in addressing obesity, alcohol and antimicrobial resistance
Chairperson(s): Anna Cichowska Myrup - WHO EURO

The role of public health organizations in addressing public health problems in Europe – key policy lessons
Bernd Rechel - European Observatory

The role of public health organizations in addressing obesity in Europe
Cristina Hernandez Quevedo - United Kingdom

The role of public health organizations in addressing harmful alcohol consumption in Europe
Anna Sagan - United Kingdom

The role of public health organizations in addressing antimicrobial resistance in Europe
Saskia Nahrgang - Denmark

Fri 30th
Gallus Hall
B. European and global health issues 6.B. - Oral presentations: Health policy and practice
Chairperson(s): Sofia Ribeiro - Portugal, Marie Delnord - Belgium

Promoting health under the Paris Climate Agreement – results from a European mixed-methods study
Alina Herrmann - Germany

Measuring the cancer burden: the European Cancer Information System
Manola Bettio - Italy

Revisiting the concept of ‘preventable mortality’: a scoping review
Marina Karanikolos - United Kingdom

European evidence-based guidance on prevention and control of blood-borne viruses in prison settings
Lara Tavoschi - Italy

The right to healthcare under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: assessing EU compliance
Cristina Hernandez Quevedo - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
Lily Novy Club
C. E-Health technology, communication / Elderly health 6.C. - Oral presentations: Care for the elderly
Chairperson(s): Walter Schönfelder - Norway

Impact of social interventions on older adults’ mortality and hospitalization
Giuseppe Liotta - Italy

Cost of older adults’ hospital care according to the level of frailty in Lazio region, Italy
Stefano Orlando - Italy

Combined impact of healthy lifestyle factors on survival in the elderly
Licia Iacoviello - Italy

Coping with long-term illness among European elderly: a role of formal and informal social support
Sunwoo Lee - Czech Republic

Mystery of rising old–age mortality: the Italian experience
Antonio Armindo Iavarone - Italy

Fri 30th
D. Health promotion, lifestyles and behaviour 6.D. - Oral presentations: Alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and youth health
Chairperson(s): Dilek Aslan - Turkey, Raffaele Palladino - United Kingdom

Early predictors of trajectories of tobacco smoking from adolescence to young adulthood
Murielle Mary-Krause - France

Trends in tobacco, cannabis and binge drinking among French college students between 2009 and 2016
Marie-Pierre Tavolacci - France

Cannabis use, other illicit drug use and substance use disorders: a 14-year follow-up study
Rynaz Rabiee - Sweden

Examining longitudinal relationships between youth assets, tobacco use and the environment
Eleni Tolma - Kuwait

Energy drink use and health complaints: findings from the 2013/14 HBSC study in Wales
Kelly Morgan - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
E. Environment and health / Obesity and nutrition 6.E. - Pitch presentations: Food and diets
Chairperson(s): Christopher Birt - EUPHA (FN), Giuseppe Grosso - Italy

Food safety practices in the territories adjacent to the former Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test
Yuliya Semenova - Kazakhstan

How we make choices about food? Analysis of factors influencing food expenditure in Northern Italy
Omar Kakaa - Italy

Parental perspectives on children's meals consumed in Maltese food outlets
Meghan Borg - Malta

Free sugar content in sugar-sweetened beverages in Slovenia
Nina Zupanic - Slovenia

Monitoring Programme of Shellfish in North Adriatic Sea (Italy): old and new marine biotoxins
Stefania Barbieri - Italy

Prevalence of doping and dietary supplements use in Europe
M. Sao Miguel Morgado - Italy

Fri 30th
F. Health systems and health care 6.F. - Pitch presentations: Health professionals in the wider public health system
Chairperson(s): Usman Khan - Belgium

Factors associated with employment barriers faced by foreign-born nurses in Finland
Salla Lehtoaro - Finland

Evaluation of health workforce retention strategies in Romania: challenges and opportunities
Marius-Ionut Ungureanu - Romania

Healthcare governance, professions and populism: is there a relationship?
Ellen Kuhlmann - Germany

Have Estonian physicians become stricter about smoking? Cross-sectional data from 2002 and 2014
Mariliis Põld - Estonia

Health Literacy among chronically ill people - Ethical Aspects of the Doctor-Patient-Relationship
Hürrem Tezcan-Güntekin - Germany

Integrated Clinical Pathways in vaginal and caesarean delivery: effect analysis 2016-2017, Italy
Francesca Antinolfi - Italy

Caesarean Delivery Rates in I and II level Birth Centres: assessment using Robson Classification
Giuseppe Spataro - Italy

Fri 30th
G. Health services research 6.G. - Pitch presentations: Hospitalization and quality
Chairperson(s): Scott Greer - United States, Mahesh Devnani - India

A multi-level analysis of infection control in English hospitals: coerced safety culture change
Yiannis Kyratsis - United Kingdom

In-patient experiences with hospitals: comparisons of methods for producing overall scores
Kjersti Eeg Skudal - Norway

Factors associated with receiving revascularization in patients hospitalized for AMI in Russia
Anna Kontsevaya - Russia

Spatial analysis of hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions in Brazil and Portugal
Joao Victor Rocha - Portugal

Comparison of hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions: Brazil and Portugal
Joao Victor Rocha - Portugal

E-tools for the hospital management: an overview of smartphone applications for health professionals
Elena Olivero - Italy

ACSC trajectories for primary health care authorities in Finland in 1996-2013
Markku Satokangas - Finland

Fri 30th
H. Health workforce / Health at work 6.H. - Pitch presentations: Public health workforce development
Chairperson(s): Claudia Habl - Austria

Smoking and self-rated health among physicians and total population in 2002 and 2014 in Estonia
Kersti Pärna - Estonia

Career paths for graduates from an undergraduate public health programme in Ireland
Fiona MacLeod - Ireland

An assessment of public health residency learning climate in Europe - developing a tool
Spela Vidovic - Slovenia

Adoption and Use of Social Media amongst Public Health Professionals in Malta
Stefan Buttigieg - Malta

Application of the WHO/WISN tool in the ISO accredited public health laboratories in Serbia
Milena Šantrić Milićević - Serbia

Perceptions and experiences of community college nursing students of the concept of positive health
Cindy De Bot - Netherlands

Training needs of Slovenian health professionals delivering mental health education programmes
Saska Roškar - Slovenia

ASPHER V4 Working Group established to support V4 public health capacity development
Alena Petráková - Czech Republic

Fri 30th
Kosovel Hall
I. Infectious diseases, vaccination / Global health 6.I. - Pitch presentations: Healthcare
Chairperson(s): Paolo Villari - Italy

Prevalence of healthcare associated infections and antibiotic use in Piedmont’s acute care hospitals
Angelo D'ambrosio - Italy

Innovative Implementation of Antibiotic Stewardship supported by a Clinical Decision System
Luís Velez-Lapão - Portugal

Infection control staff, alcohol-based gel and hand hygiene promotion in Piedmont (Italy).
Costanza Vicentini - Italy

HALT3 study in Piedmont Region: improvement in policies and practises for an appropriate assistance
Maria Francesca Furmenti - Italy

Role of a multimodal intervention to promote hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers
Valentina Baccolini - Italy

Healthcare-associated infections an Italian Teaching hospital: 2012, 2015 and 2017 surveys
Marco Golfera - Italy

Surveillance of HAIs and indicators for a Regional Action Plan on antimicrobial resistance
Antonella Agodi - Italy

Herd immunity among healthcare workers of high-risk units in a Northern Italy hospital in 2017
Federico Romanese - Italy

Fri 30th
K. Chronic diseases 6.K. - Pitch presentations: Diabetes
Chairperson(s): Harald Stummer - Austria

Diabetes-specific health reporting in OECD and EU countries
Lukas Reitzle - Germany

Validation of FINDRISK as a screening tool for diabetes in the community in Cyprus
Giagkos Lavranos - Cyprus

Ethnic differences in CVD risk factors in paediatric type 1 diabetes – a longitudinal study in the UK
Amal Khanolkar - United Kingdom

Inequalities in paediatric type 1 diabetes control: A national population-based study in the UK
Amal Khanolkar - United Kingdom

The impact of a young child with type 1 diabetes on family functioning
Andrea Lukács - Hungary

Diabetes risk reversal: Disease in the family as a trigger to change habits over time
Linda Timm - Sweden

Community involvement is imperative to change perception and involvement in type 2 diabetes
Anna-Maria Volkmann - United Kingdom

The correlation between obstructive sleep apnea and obesity in type 2 diabetes
Gabriela Constantinescu - Romania

Fri 30th
Stih Hall
L. Migrant, LGBT and minority health 6.L. - Oral presentations: Migrant health challanges
Chairperson(s): Allan Krasnik - EUPHA (MIG), Shadia Rask - Finland

The risk of suicidal behaviour in refugees and other immigrants to Sweden
Muhammad Ridwanul Amin - Sweden

Health and wellbeing of young migrants: an analysis of school survey data in South East England
Priyamvada Paudyal - United Kingdom

Challenges for health professionals ensuring access to health care for refugees and asylum seekers
Antonio Chiarenza - Italy

The role of discrimination for the risk of preterm birth among Turkish immigrant women
Laura Scholaske - Germany

Physical and mental health status of migrants/refugees in Europe – The Mig-HealthCare project
Pania Karnaki - Greece

Fri 30th
M. Mental health 6.M. - Pitch presentations: Violence
Chairperson(s): Johan Bilsen - Belgium, Leah Okenwa Emegwa - Sweden

WHO policies on domestic violence prevention: a normative vocabulary of the institutional discourse
Dmytro Metilka - Portugal

Long-Term Adverse Health Outcomes of Physical Violence at Work
Lisbeth Ørtenblad - Denmark

Gender-based violence throughout the Syria conflict: A 7-year analysis
Fatima Ghaddar - Lebanon

Has the italian law “save suicide” had effect?
Daniele Rosadini - Italy

Weaponisation of healthcare in Syria
Samer Jabbour - Lebanon

Sexual health in the French military: a multidimensional and gendered perspective
Sandrine Duron - France

Fri 30th
N. Maternal, child and adolescent health 6.N. - Oral presentations: Health of young adults
Chairperson(s): Mika Gissler - Finland

Health of young adults: blind spot in Public Health?
Hannelore Neuhauser - Germany

Intergenerational educational pathways and self-rated health in adolescence and emerging adulthood
Julia Waldhauer - Germany

Does having a natural mentor in adolescence relate to better outcomes in emergent adulthood?
Heide Busse - United Kingdom

Parental health problems and offspring educational attainment
Hanna Remes - Finland

Drug deaths after high school dropout: a cohort study based on Norwegian national registries
Petter Kristensen - Norway

Fri 30th
Club CD1
O. Impact assessment / Health literacy 6.O. - Oral presentations: Novel threats to health and wellbeing
Chairperson(s): Elena Petelos - Greece, Maja Miskulin - Croatia

Investing for health and well-being to tackle Europe’s burdens of NCDs and communicable diseases
Elodie Besnier - Norway

Challenging cognitive demands at work, related working conditions and employee’s well-being
Sophie-Charlotte Meyer - Germany

Health-promoting factors for teenager’s mental health; social relations and everyday digital activity
Mari Nicholls Espetvedt - Norway

Investment for health and well-being – Supporting health through a life course approach
Elodie Besnier - Norway

Sexual harassment in a Swedish general population and its impact on mental health
Per-Olof Östergren - Sweden

Fri 30th
Club CD
P. Public health monitoring, reporting and screening EUPHA (PHMR), WHO EURO 6.P. - Round table: Measuring resilience across individual, community, and system levels
Chairperson(s): Claudia Stein - WHO EURO, Nicole Rosenkötter - EUPHA (PHMR)

Nils Fietje - WHO EURO

Jane South - United Kingdom

Erio Ziglio - Italy

Nicola Bacon - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
Q. Social security, work and health EUPHA (SSWH) 6.Q. - Skills building seminar: Using trajectory analyses of longitudinal data in studies of work disability: methodological aspects
Chairperson(s): Kristina Alexanderson - Sweden, Monica Ubalde-Lopez - Spain

Examples of results from studies using trajectory analyses
Tea Lallukka - Finland

Methodological approach to compare available software to deal with trajectory analysis
Laura Serra Saurina - Spain

How to interpret the results from trajectory analyses?
Kristin Farrants - Sweden

Poster walks - Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Level -1
6.R. - Poster walk: Diabetes and obesity
Chairperson(s): Marta Lomazzi - Switzerland

6.R.1 - Childhood obesity management in the WHO European Region – an overview and country perspectives
Viktoria Anna Kovacs - Hungary

6.R.2 - Trends and forecast of obesity in Finland
Annamari Lundqvist - Finland

6.R.3 - The association between childhood and adolescence overweight and obesity
Signe Heuckendorff - Denmark

6.R.4 - Body images and weight trajectories. ELSA-Brasil, 2008-2014
Sheila Alvim Matos - Brazil

6.R.5 - FTO gene variants and obesity trajectory in Brazilian adolescents
Sheila Alvim Matos - Brazil

6.R.7 - Socio-ecoological approach to understanding why adults give food treats to children in Ireland
Celine Murrin - Ireland

6.R.8 - Rome as a walkable city for reduce the impact of the Obesity,T2DM and CDV risks
Federico Serra - Italy

6.R.9 - Fundamental causes of inequalities in diabetes management outcomes: a qualitative analysis
Shane O'Donnell - Ireland

6.R.10 - Oral hygiene habits in general and diabetic population
Martin Ranfl - Slovenia

6.R.11 - SNPs-based risk estimates suggest no increased genetic susceptibility of Roma to diabetes mellitus
Peter Piko - Hungary

6.R.12 - Diabetes value based governance according to 'BREAD 2030' project
Paolo Parente - Italy

6.R.13 - Seasonal pattern of amputations in diabetic patients between 2000 and 2015 in Portugal
A. Pinto Gaspar Da Rocha - Portugal

6.R.14 - Influence of diabetes on multiple admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions
Joana Seringa - Portugal

6.R.15 - Handgrip strength as discriminator of sarcopenia and sarcopenia obesity in adults of the ELSA-Brasil
Sheila Alvim Matos - Brazil

Fri 30th
Level -2
6.S. - Poster walk: Infectious diseases and vaccinations
Chairperson(s): Chiara Cadeddu - Italy

6.S.1 - Polish parents' knowledge and attitudes towards meningococcal disease and vaccination
Marzena Drozd-Dąbrowska - Poland

6.S.2 - Should European countries adopt a third dose policy of mumps vaccine during mumps outbreaks?
Ana Beatriz Nunes - Portugal

6.S.4 - Long term immunogenicity of anti-measles vaccine: a study among students of a South Italy University
Francesco Paolo Bianchi - Italy

6.S.5 - Managing unexpected failure in vaccination coverage:2017 extraordinary vaccination campaign in Italy
Laura Brunelli - Italy

6.S.6 - Factors influencing flu vaccination in a large Italian teaching hospital
Andrea Barbara - Italy

6.S.7 - Adverse events following Men B vaccine and causality assessment: data from Apulia Region (Italy)
Pasquale Stefanizzi - Italy

6.S.8 - HIV testing among 50+ year-old people in primary healthcare settings in Aveiro Region (Portugal)
Tiago Bandeira - Portugal

6.S.9 - Knowledge on HIV and attitudes towards people living with HIV among prisoner population in Serbia
Jovana Todorovic - Serbia

6.S.10 - Identifying the needs of HIV-positive mothers for retention in HIV care and treatment in Russia
Elizabeth J King - United States

6.S.11 - Hepatitis A virus transmission among men who have sex with men (MSM), Slovenia, May 2017-March 2018
Mario Fafangel - Slovenia

6.S.12 - Use of HAV Hepatis related internet searches as a proxy of disease incidence trends
Angelo D'ambrosio - Italy

6.S.14 - Predictors of possible rabies exposure in travelers: a case-control study
Sabine Bantjes - Netherlands

6.S.15 - Modeling the clinical and economic impact of pediatric PCV programs in Italy
Roberto Di Virgilio - Italy

Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Linhart Hall
A. Winds of change and innovation EUPHA, EUPHA (ECO), EUPHAnxt, YFG 7.A. - Round table: Put your mouth where the money is
Chairperson(s): Tek-Ang Lim - EUPHA (ECO), Dineke Zeegers Paget - EUPHA

Michele Cecchini - OECD

EU4health campaign as an example of how public health advocacy can be effectively undertaken in partnership, at EU and national level
Zoltan Massay-Kosubek - Belgium

Karin Schindler - Austria

Michael Moore - Australia

Fri 30th
Gallus Hall
B. European and global health issues Observatory, OECD 7.B. - Workshop: The State of Health in the EU Country Profiles: informing a public health agenda and policy-making
Chairperson(s): Anna Maresso - Germany, Gaetan Lafortune - France

State of Health in the EU. Slovenia. Country Health Profile 2017
Miriam Blümel - Germany

State of Health in the EU. Latvia. Country Health Profile 2017
Gemma Williams - United Kingdom

State of Health in the EU. Finland. Country Health Profile 2017
Marina Karanikolos - United Kingdom

State of Health in the EU. Greece. Country Health Profile 2017
Anna Maresso - Germany

Fri 30th
Lily Novy Club
C. E-Health technology, communication / Elderly health FPH UK, EUPHA (ETH) 7.C. - Round table: Code of practice for my nanny and me in an interconnected world
Chairperson(s): Els Maeckelberghe - Netherlands

Farhang Tahzib - United Kingdom

Martin McKee - United Kingdom

John Coggon - United Kingdom

Peter Schröder-Bäck - EUPHA (ETH)

Jihad Makhoul - Lebanon

Fri 30th
D. Health promotion, lifestyles and behaviour EUPHA (CHR) (HP), WHO EURO, Politecnico di Milano University 7.D. - Workshop: Architecture and Urban Context's Design Strategies to Promote City Users' Healthy Behaviours
Chairperson(s): Iveta Nagyova - EUPHA (CHR), Stefano Capolongo - Italy

Architecture, urbanism, design and health behaviour in relation to chronic diseases
Iveta Nagyova - EUPHA (CHR)

Transforming public spaces to promote physical activity — a key contributor to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Europe
Joao Breda - WHO Europe

Strategies for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in Urban Areas: The Erice 50 Charter
Daniela D'Alessandro - Italy

Design for All: Strategy to support Designers and Policy makers to achieve inclusive and healthier places
Stefano Capolongo - Italy

From homo urbanus to homo salus: the role of urban planning health literacy for health promotion
Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Fri 30th
E. Environment and health / Obesity and nutrition WHO RHN, WHO ECEH, WHO EURO 7.E. - Workshop: Better air for better health: a deep-dive into air pollution in Europe and ways to tackle it
Chairperson(s): Francesco Zambon - WHO EURO

Supporting the efforts to address air pollution challenge to public health – the WHO methods and tools
Dorota Jarosinska - Germany

Promoting active mobility and sustainable transport choices: a gain for all
Francesca Racioppi - Italy

Ann Colles - Belgium

Peter Beznec - Slovenia

Odile Mekel - EUPHA (HIA)

Fri 30th
F. Health systems and health care EUPHA (PHG) 7.F. - Workshop: Personalised Healthcare: How is this relevant for advancing health in Europe?
Chairperson(s): Natasha Azzopardi Muscat - EUPHA, Paolo Villari - Italy

The Personalized PREvention of Chronic Diseases (PRECeDI) recommendations on Personalized Medicine.
Stefania Boccia - Italy

Predictive and discriminative accuracy of SNPs’ panels in NCD prevention, diagnosis and treatment
Róza Ádány - EUPHA (PHG)

Walter Ricciardi - Italy

Mark Kroese - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
G. Health services research ISS, EUPHA (HSR) 7.G. - Workshop: Setting priorities to develop a Strategic Research Agenda on Health Services and Systems Research (TO-REACH)
Chairperson(s): Walter Ricciardi - Italy

The TO-REACH initiative: what is it, what does it aim to achieve and how will this be done?
Sabrina Montante - Belgium

A conceptual framework and overview of medium and long term challenges and policy priorities
Peter Groenewegen - Netherlands

A possible Strategic Research Agenda on Health Services and Systems Research
Walter Ricciardi - Italy

Fri 30th
H. Health workforce / Health at work ASPHER, EUPHA (HWR) 7.H. - Workshop: Developing a competent and sustainable public health workforce: how to make it happen?
Chairperson(s): Robert Otok - ASPHER, Ellen Kuhlmann - Germany

Competences of public health graduates and employer expectations: how do they match?
Robert Otok - ASPHER

Capacity and training needs assessment surveys among communicable disease public health professionals
Maria C. Varela Santos - Sweden

Developing a core competencies framework for health promotion
Stephan Van Den Broucke - Belgium

Addressing gaps and needs in public health leadership education
Damir Ivankovic - Netherlands

Moving the public health workforce forward: how can early career professionals contribute?
Marius-Ionut Ungureanu - Romania

Fri 30th
Kosovel Hall
I. Infectious diseases, vaccination / Global health EUPHA, ASPHER 7.I. - Round table: To lead or not to lead: the added value of women leaders in public health
Chairperson(s): Natasha Azzopardi Muscat - EUPHA, Kasia Czabanowska - ASPHER

Public health in Europe: the contribution of women leaders
Anne Johnson - United Kingdom

Bettina Borisch - Switzerland

Anna Odone - Italy

Roberta Siliquini - Italy

Tit Albreht - Slovenia

Fri 30th
K. Chronic diseases Institute of Oncology, LSHTM 7.K. - Workshop: Monitoring inequalities in the cancer burden in Europe
Chairperson(s): Vesna Zadnik - Slovenia, Michel Coleman - United Kingdom

Population-based cancer registries: monitoring the cancer burden within and between countries - a case of Slovenian Cancer Registry
Vesna Zadnik - Slovenia

Global surveillance of cancer survival trends up to 2014 (CONCORD-3):
Michel Coleman - United Kingdom

RARECAREnet: Information network on rare cancers in Europe
Gemma Gatta - Italy

European Deprivation Index: designed to tackle socioeconomic inequalities in cancer in Europe
Guy Launoy - France

Nacional Cancer Control Plan: monitoring the cancer burden and evaluating national efforts
Branko Zakotnik - Slovenia

Fri 30th
Stih Hall
L. Migrant, LGBT and minority health WHO EURO, EUPHA (MIG) 7.L. - Workshop: Ensuring the health and well-being of older migrants and refugees
Chairperson(s): Allan Krasnik - EUPHA (MIG), Santino Severoni - WHO EURO

Introduction to the topic
Jozef Bartovic - Denmark

Health of older migrants - what do we know that may inform policy and practices
Maria Kristiansen - Denmark

National and-sub national policies on healthy ageing - frameworks and policy examples for the inclusion of migrants
Manfred Huber - Denmark

Fri 30th
M. Mental health EUPHA (MEN) 7.M. - Workshop: The impact of terrorist attacks on vulnerable groups
Chairperson(s): Johan Bilsen - Belgium, Jutta Lindert - EUPHA (PMH)

Mental health impact on first responders of the November 2015 Paris terror attacks
Yvon Motreff - France

School functioning and health in survivors of the Utøya youth camp attack
Lise Eilin Stene - Norway

Health, work and social life impacts of January 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris on victim’s relatives; 6 and 18 months after events
Stéphanie Vandentorren - France

Mental health impact and health care use of the bereaved persons 8-11 months after the November 2015 Paris terror attacks
Philippe Pirard - France

Response of children and adolescents to terrorist attacks
Roel Van Overmeire - Belgium

Fri 30th
N. Maternal, child and adolescent health EUPHA (HP), Bielefeld University 7.N. - Workshop: The “Health Literacy in Childhood and Adolescence” (HLCA) research consortium: Final results
Chairperson(s): Orkan Okan - EUPHA (HP), Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Health literacy in childhood and youth: A child-centered conceptual understanding
Janine Bröder - Germany

Adapting the HLS-EU questionnaire for children aged 9 to 10: Exploring factorial validity
Torsten Michael Bollweg - Germany

Using a short screening instrument to assess functional health literacy in adolescents in Germany
Olga Domanska - Germany

Subjective illness theories & help-seeking processes in families affected by parental mental illness
Patricia Wahl - Germany

Longitudinal studies in kindergartens and elementary schools: Who participates?
Lea Kuntz - Germany

Fri 30th
Club CD1
O. Impact assessment / Health literacy EUPHA (HP), Bielefeld University Germany 7.O. - Workshop: Health literacy: Methods, methodologies, and innovative projects and their findings
Chairperson(s): Orkan Okan - EUPHA (HP), Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Health literacy: objective performance-based tests vs. subjective perception-based questionnaires?
Jürgen M Pelikan - Austria

Objective performance-based vs. subjective perception and concurrent validity of the HLS-EU-BR
Luís Saboga-Nunes - EUPHA (HP)

Health literacy and communication in social networks of new mothers
Tetine Sentell - United States

Capacity building for health literacy
Stephan Van Den Broucke - Belgium

Fri 30th
Club CD
P. Public health monitoring, reporting and screening InfAct 7.P. - Workshop: Setting out an improved EU health information system infrastructure and its core elements
Chairperson(s): Claudia Habl - Austria, Herman Van Oyen - Belgium

The new Joint Action on Health Information: information for action (InfAct)!
Petronille Bogaert - Belgium

Finding political support and sustainability beyond EU health information projects
Isabel Noguer Zambrano - Spain

Establishing targeted EU capacity building actions in health information
Luís Velez-Lapão - Portugal

Health information tools for a European Health Information System
Luigi Palmieri - Italy

Anne Gallay - France

Hanna Tolonen - Finland

Thomas Ziese - Germany

Neville Calleja - Malta

Ivan Pristas - Croatia

Fri 30th
Q. Social security, work and health University of Groningen 7.Q. - Skills building seminar: Career management and employment of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Chairperson(s): Jeanet Landsman - Netherlands, Sandra Brouwer - Netherlands

Barriers and facilitators for work participation in persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sandra Brouwer - Netherlands

The development of the Dutch WorkWeb-Autism to enhance career management and sustainable employment
Jeanet Landsman - Netherlands

Poster walks - Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Level -1
7.R. - Poster walk: Innovations and knowledge translation
Chairperson(s): Marleen Bekker - EUPHA (PHPP)

7.R.1 - European capacity to implement evidence-based child health policy
Peter Schröder-Bäck - EUPHA (ETH)

7.R.2 - Transfer of best practices for health promotion and NCDs prevention in EU countries
Peter Schröder-Bäck - EUPHA (ETH)

7.R.3 - Innovative mental health literacy programme for preventing and coping with mood disorders
Duska Knezevic Hocevar - Slovenia

7.R.4 - Developing, promoting and adopting a person-centred research and care (PCRC) framework
Michela Tinelli - United Kingdom

7.R.5 - A National Program to improve person centeredness in hospital through a partnership with citizens
Fabrizio Carinci - Italy

7.R.6 - Polypharmacy issues in the elderly: an exploratory study using Group Concept Mapping methodology
Pietro Del Giudice - Italy

7.R.8 - Public priorities for primary healthcare for children in five European countries
Paul Kocken - Netherlands

7.R.10 - The PRECEDE–PROCEED model as a tool in Public Health screening
Alessandra Sinopoli - Italy

7.R.11 - Ensuring a more ‘holistic’ approach to public health : the INHERIT policy route-map
Monica Åberg Yngwe - EuroHealthNet

7.R.12 - Cross-national transferability of online app for the transition to parenthood: Baby Buddy Forward
Ourania Kolokotroni - Cyprus

7.R.13 - Monitoring of the visibility of health-related social campaign with advanced software tool
Mariusz Duplaga - Poland

7.R.14 - Circle of health – a unique knowledge translation tool with global potential
Patsy Beattie-Huggan - Canada

7.R.15 - How do people perceive their everyday wellbeing? Relevance for public health research and policy
Anjum Memon - United Kingdom

Fri 30th
Level -2
7.S. - Poster walk: Public Health Monitoring, analysis and evaluation
Chairperson(s): Nicole Rosenkötter - EUPHA (PHMR)

7.S.1 - Cancer registration in Europe: where are we?
Manola Bettio - Italy

7.S.2 - European Cancer Information System web-application: analysing and visualising European cancer data
Manola Bettio - Italy

7.S.3 - Educational inequalities in colorectal cancer screening - monitoring and targeting
Tatjana Kofol Bric - Slovenia

7.S.4 - Applicability of EUROURHIS methodology for assessment of health inequalities in Slovenian urban area
Olivera Stanojevic-Jerkovic - Slovenia

7.S.5 - Passi surveillance and health professionals’ attitude toward healthy habits and citizenship in Italy
Viviana Santoro - Italy

7.S.6 - Changes in life expectancy in Central Asia after 1998: decomposition analysis
Akbope Myrkassymova - Kazakhstan

7.S.7 - Birth defect epidemiology since ending one-child policy in Zhejiang province, China, from 2012-2017
Xiaohui Zhang - China

7.S.10 - Presentation of the consensus indicators for public health monitoring for older people in Germany
Judith Fuchs - Germany

7.S.11 - A sustainable solution for the activities of the European Network for Surveillance of Congenital Anomalies: EUROCAT as part of the EU Platform on Rare Diseases Registration
A. Kinsner-Ovaskainen - Italy

7.S.12 - EFFECTIVE monitoring of medicines consumption in SLOVENIA from 2007 - 2017 with recommendations
Marjetka Jelenc - Slovenia

7.S.13 - Outcomes after hip fracture surgery versus elective hip replacement: propensity score matched study
Giuseppe Di Martino - Italy

7.S.15 - Translating knowledge into action in health promoting communities in Iceland
Vedis Helga Eiriksdottir - Iceland

Extra activities - Friday 30th Nov

Time / Location Track Organiser Activity
Fri 30th
Grand Hotel Union
EPH Conference CDD - Conference dinner and dance