Pre-conference: Competences and training needs for better implementation of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) across Europe

Wednesday 8 November, 13:15 - 17:00 Dublin time (starting with network lunch at 12:30)

Organised by:

EUPHA Health impact assessment section 


  • Sharing experiences on practical experiences on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as well as training and capacity building on HIA from different countries and public health agencies;
  • Extract learning ideas on competencies, attitudes and values necessary for conducting a successful HIA fit for purpose;
  • Share ideas of core elements to define training curricula on HIA across Europe.


  • Presentation of 3 practical HIA experiences, explaining the type of skills that were required in conducting such experiences;
  • Presentation of 3 experiences on HIA training courses, focused on type of audience, format, definition of learning objectives (the definition of leaning competences), and results (students satisfaction, utility for conducting HIA afterwards, etc.);
  • Establishing small working groups and sharing experiences and ideas about the competencies and abilities needed for conducting HIA, from either previous presentations or personal experiences, adding what other elements would be necessary.


The programme can be downloaded here.


  • Piedad Martín-Olmedo, president of EUPHA Health impact assessment section
  • Odile Mekel, vice-president of EUPHA Health impact assessment section
  • Liz Green, Programme Director for HIA, Public Health Wales, United Kingdom
  • Mirko Winkler, Associate Professor, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Switzerland
  • Joanna Purdy, Institute of Public Health, Ireland


The registration fee is € 75 which includes networking lunch and refreshments.