Tracks of the 16th EPH Conference - Dublin 2023

Conference tracks

  1. Food Revolution: Transforming Food Systems and Marketing
  2. Fighting Infectious Diseases: Epidemiology, Pandemic, Vaccines
  3. Bridging Borders: Collaboration for Health and Sustainability
  4. Easing the Burden: Responding to the Threat of Chronic Diseases
  5. Fostering our habitat: Climate Emergency, Environment and health, Urban Health
  6. Expanding Horizons: Digital Innovations, Monitoring, Foresight
  7. Data-Driven: Assessments for Informed Policy-Making
  8. Equity Restored: Improving Health through Law and Ethics
  9. Health Policies: Engaging in Public Debates, Politics, Advocacy
  10. [not used]
  11. Promoting Health: Better Health throughout the Life Course
  12. Empowering Citizens: Enhancing Health Literacy, Population Health
  13. Transforming Health Systems: Strength, Resilience, Efficacy
  14. Strengthening the Core: Health Workforce Research and Skills Development
  15. Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health: Caring for Our Next Generation
  16. Mental Health Matters: Advancements in Public Mental Health
  17. Embracing Diversity: Migration, LGBTQI+, Minority Health