EPH Conference Berlin 2022 - Press Documents 


Brief Summary of the 15th EPH Conference Berlin 2022

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Press release 1 - The Berlin 2022 Conference Statement [PDF]

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the strengths and the weaknesses of health care systems everywhere. Between the 9th and 12th November 2022, the public health community will convene in Berlin, at the 15th European Public Health Conference, to ask how we can learn the lessons and ensure that our systems are prepared for whatever the future may hold. The EPH Conference and EUPHA, together with its partners from across Europe, call on European leaders to: build back better, bolder, and broader. Read more: The Berlin 2022 Conference Statement (complete)

Press release 2 - WHO/Europe Report: Health and care workforce in Europe: time to act [PDF]

Forty per cent of medical doctors are close to retirement age in one third of countries in Europe and central Asia, finds new WHO/Europe report. All countries of the WHO European Region – encompassing 53 Member States across Europe and central Asia – currently face severe challenges related to the health and care workforce, according to a recent report by WHO/Europe. An ageing workforce is chief among them. The analysis finds that 13 of the 44 countries that reported data on this issue have a workforce in which 40% of medical doctors are already aged 55 years or older. The report was presented at a lunch symposium ‘Health and care workforce in Europe: Time to act’,  Thursday 10 November 2022. Read more: Health and care workforce in Europe: Time to act 

Press release 3 - Noncommunicable diseases cause 9 out of 10 deaths in the WHO European Region [PDF]

Today, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) account for 90% of deaths in countries of the WHO European Region. That means an estimated nine million people die each year from causes that are largely preventable. To win the fight against NCDs, WHO wants to inspire and engage agents of change – health professionals and decision makers who fully understand the scale of this threat and are willing to contribute to a better future for new generations. Read more: Full press notes 

Press release 4 - The war in Ukraine – an attack on health and human rights [PDF]

The Ukrainian people are suffering greatly from the illegal aggression by Russia, whose forces have devastated large parts of the country and committed numerous war crimes. According to United Nations reports, a total of more than 11.7 million people have left Ukraine as a result of the war, many of them seeking refuge in Poland. In the Late Breaker session, we will hear from representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health about urgent challenges to the health situation in their country, the Polish government's response to the influx of refugees and what it takes to rebuild the health infrastructure in Ukraine after the war. Late Breaker: Friday 11 November 2022. Read more: article on Ukrainian conflict in European Journal of Public Health