Pre-conference: Health Promoting Settings and Climate Change

Wednesday 9 November, 13:30 – 18:00 CET in Gamma 6-7 (starting with network lunch at 12:30)


Organised by:

Berlin School of Public Health, BIGSo (Berliner Institut für Gesundheits- und Sozialwissenschaften GmbH), and PKV-Verband (Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung)


Health promotion and prevention in settings should address climate impacts as a cross-cutting issue. The point of reference in Germany is the statutory regulation of paragraph § 20a SGB V, which provides for the establishment and strengthening of health promoting structures via the health insurance funds.

The expansion of current prevention strategies in living environments to include a holistic and sustainable prevention approach that considers the changing conditions and, moreover, the health consequences of climate change, is a central challenge for health promotion. It is important to show that, in addition to preventive measures to avert hazards, practical tools and methods must be developed to encourage those involved to engage in participatory organizational development.

The pre-conference is intended to support the exchange of practical representatives of health-promoting and climate-sensitive projects as well as public health experts based on the three health goals “Healthy growing up”, “Healthy living” and “Healthy ageing”. The goal of the event is to expand the translation of climate and health research findings into European Public Health practice. With the focus on “Health Promoting Settings and Climate” the following questions will be discussed in depth.

  • What are approaches to climate justice in the setting?
  • What are good practice examples for promoting climate justice with the setting approach?
  • How can capacity to act for climate justice emerge in different settings?

After the event, the insights gained from the individual modules will be compiled and presented to the stakeholders of the National Prevention Conference in the form of a recommendation for action. The pre-conference is being held as a part of the Climate Healthy Setting Prevention (KliGeS) project with the support of the PKV-Association and in the cooperation with the committees of the National Prevention Conference.


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The pre-conference is financially supported and the registration fee is only EUR 20. Networking lunch and refreshments are included.