Hotel accommodation in Berlin

Looking for a hotel?

Finding a good one can be tricky. We have prepared a booking link, just for you!

We recommend that you book your accommodation well in advance to secure the best available rates. Taking into account the current Covid-19 situation (see also below), please try to arrange a free cancellation option.

Hotel reservation via HRS

In cooperation with HRS – Hotel Reservation Service LTD – hotel rooms are offered at favourable rates in Berlin for conference delegates. Delegates can choose between different hotel categories.
Accommodation can be booked directly through the following HRS online reservation platform. When using the link below, please enter your arrival and departure dates and proceed with "Search for hotel“. You can filter for proximity to destination as well as for prices.

Search for and book here

Covid-19 measures hotels, restaurants, bars

Tourist overnight stays in hotels, vacation apartments and other types of accommodation are permitted without any restrictions.

There are no upper limits on the number of persons allowed and there are no mask or test obligations.

Current Covid-19 measures in Berlin can be followed in detail on the websites the State of Berlin.