FAQs Virtual Platform - Speaker/Moderator Dashboard

Virtual Platform for attendees

I did not receive a link to the Virtual Platform.

Please check if your registration is confirmed in your EPH account. If it is then click on the link here
If not, then send proof of your payment to registration@ephconference.eu 

I do not have access to the virtual rooms

Please make sure you are signed in.

I cannot access the sponsor pages on the Virtual Platform.

The sponsor pages will open on Wednesday 10 November.

Is there more information about the Virtual Platform?

You can view a short introduction here.

I cannot enter the virtual room of a session.

The virtual rooms open at the designated time. Please check the programme.

I cannot enter a pre-conference

Please check if you are registered. Pre-conferences are not part of the main conference.


Speaker/Moderator Dashboard

I have not received a link to the Speaker/Moderator Dashboard.

Click on the link here and set up an account. The sessions you present/moderate in will be available in your dashboard.
If sessions are missing from your dashboard, please contact registration@ephconference.eu with mention of the session code.
If you are unable to register to the platform, please check if you are registered for the conference.
For speaker/moderator instructions please click here.

I did not receive presenter/moderator instructions.

Instructions to the speaker/moderator dashboard can be found here.
A short video introduction can be viewed here.

I cannot upload my slides in the Speaker/Moderator Dashboard.

Please check if your slides do not exceed 25MB and if they are in PDF format. 
If you still cannot upload please contact registration@ephconference.eu

I cannot pre-record my presentation.

Please check the instructions here first. If you still have issues you can contact registration@ephconference.eu

What is the deadline to pre-record my presentation?

You can pre-record up to the day of the conference.

I cannot upload my poster/1-minute presentation.

The extended deadline to upload your poster/presentation was 30 October.

In the chat feature (on the speaker dashboard), I receive the message “Looks like you’re offline,” when I am not offline

Sometimes this has to do with logging in for the first time, if you log out and log back in again it works.
Otherwise it is a firewall/VPN issue and we recommend turning off the VPN or logging in via another WIFI connect/Computer.

I cannot attend and would like to have someone else replace me as a speaker.

Please send full name, email address and session code to registration@ephconference.eu and we will provide a speaker/moderator dashbord link to the new speaker. Unfortunately though we cannot update the programme.