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Winds of change:
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Ljubljana, Slovenia
28 November - 1 December 2018

PRE-CONFERENCE WEDNESDAY 9 NOVEMBER 2016 (13:30 - 17:00) AND THURSDAY 10 NOVEMBER 2016 (08:30 - 12:00)

Austria Center Vienna (ACV)


Extending working life beyond the age of 50: challenges in cross national research


Organised by

EUPHA Section on Social Security, Work and Health

Organisational committee

Jenny Head, University College London, Ewan Carr, University College London, Kristina Alexanderson, Karolinska Institutet


Governments have increased their focus on keeping people in work at older ages. There is a need for good-quality, cross-national studies, to gain knowledge on the determinants of remaining in work at older ages and the health consequences of extending working lives. For example, does extending working lives lead to higher sick-leave or disability pension rates?
However, such studies involve several conceptual and methodological challenges. For instance, how to define different routes to retirement across nations with different social security systems? How do we assess the relative contribution of different push and pull factors such as financial drivers, health and policy context? How to study the health consequences of remaining in work at older ages? What about socially productive roles such as informal caring? What do we mean by concepts such as sustainable or healthy working lives? 
This pre-conference will focus on such challenges and on ways to handle them. It will provide opportunities to discuss collaborative cross-national research in this area.
This, as the previous pre-conferences of the EUPHA Section on Social Security, Work and Health, will be a meeting place for the sickness absence researchers of Europe – to learn, develop, initiate different types of collaborations, and enjoy!

Wednesday Programme

12:30  Lunch
13:30 Welcome and introduction. Kristina Alexanderson, Professor, PhD, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, and president of the EUPHA Section of Social Security, Work & Health
13:40 Research and policy context: an overview. Jenny Head, Professor, UCL
14:10 The renEWL study of extending working lives: methodological challenges. Ewan Carr, Researcher, UCL 
14:45 Short introductions from all participants
15:00 Coffee/tea break
15:15 Workshop 1: How do we address methodological challenges in cross-national research? Break-out group discussions.
16:20 Reports from group discussions
16:55 Summing up and preparation for day two
17:00 End of afternoon programme
18:00 Dinner with all the participants of this pre-conference and continued discussions

Thursday Programme

08:30  Recap of yesterday and presentation of today’s schedule 
08:35 Cross-country comparison of labour participation of older workers: an analytical framework. Angelique de Rijk, Associate Professor, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
09:05 Health implications of the extension of retirement age: evidence from a systematic review of the literature. Zofia Bajorek, Researcher, The Work Foundation, UK
09:35 Other experiences of challenges in cross country comparisons. Ambitions for that? Kristina Alexanderson and others
10:10 Coffee/tea break
10:25 Workshop 2: Future collaborative cross-national research: what are the gaps and how do we develop future research? Break-out group discussions
11:15 Reports from group discussions
11:40 Summing up: what have we learnt from this preconference and how do we move forward? Joint discussions.
12:00 Lunch

Registration fee

The registration fee is € 140 which includes buffet lunch and refreshments. The cost for the dinner on Wednesday is not included.