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Can I still upload my presentation?

You can bring your presentation to Marseille on a USB stick. Posters can be uploaded by our technicians in the poster area. Other presentations can be brought to the session room. Please inform the room host and chair of the session.

Can I still register for a pre-conference?

All pre-confences are full, except the Annual meeting pre-conference of the SFSP. 

Are there tickets left for the Welcome reception or Conference Dinner?

Unfortunately both events are fully booked. Please check the flip chart at the registration desk for people whom what to sell their dinner ticket.

Can I pay by bank transfer after 10 November?

After 10 November it is no longer possible to pay by bank transfer. Payment can only be done directly by PayPal. It is not necessary to set up a PayPal account. If you are registered after 10 November you will also not appear on the list of participants.

I paid by bank transfer, but my registration account is still open.

Payments received by bank transfer are not automatically added to your registration. They need to be processed and added to your registration manually. This process may take about a few working days, depending on when the payment is received. Please note that because of the holiday season this takes a little longer in July and August. Once payment has been added to your registration account, you will receive a notification by email.

Is it possible to pay by creditcard?

We use PayPal for payments by creditcard. You need to log into the registration account and go to 'display registration’ and follow the instructions to pay by PayPal/credit card. We are not able to charge from a creditcard (by telephone).

Is it possible to receive a group invoice?

Yes, it is possible to receive a group invoice. Please send the names and registration numbers to to receive a group invoice.

My institution will pay my conference fees, how do I proceed?

During the registration process you can fill in the invoice details and by choosing 'payment by bank transfer' at the end of the registration process an automatically generated invoice is sent by email. All the payment details are on this invoice.

I need an invitations letter for my visa application, how do I proceed?

See the information on the website:

Are there any group discounts?

A discount of 10% on all main conference fees is applicable for groups as of 25 delegates. You may contact

My institution is VAT Exempt, how do I proceed?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an invoice exclusive of VAT. VAT is charged in the host country of the conference and EPH Conference is obliged to pay VAT on every registered delegate. Intracommunity EU reverse charges are not applicable in this case.

I am EUPHA member but during my registration it is indicated I am not a member.

Please contact on this issue. If you are an employee of one of EUPHA's Institutional Members and have just set up a personal account, then membership is not added automatically. This has to be done manually. In order not to pay the full fees, please choose 'payment by bank transfer' at the end of the registration process. Once the issue is solved, you will receive an adjusted invoice for payment by either PayPal/credit card or bank transfer.