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Winds of change:
towards new ways of improving public health in Europe

Ljubljana, Slovenia
28 November - 1 December 2018


Austria Center Vienna (ACV)


Evidence based public health – Decision support for health (care) policy (HTA)


Organised by

Ludwig Boltzmann Institut for Health Technology Assessment, in collaboration with EUPHA Section on Health Technology Assessment


Several organisations aim at providing public health evidence as decision support for health care policy. Public health and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) institutes or groups show overlapping objectives, target audiences and methods.

Within EUPHA the Section on Health technology Assessment (HTA) aims at collecting ‘expertise from the other fields in order to strengthen a group of people devoted to the application of HTA to technologies used in Public Health’. Against this backdrop and in co-operation with the section, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for HTA (LBI-HTA) in Vienna invited representatives of the following organisations to elaborate on potential strengths and difficulties linked to concerted  public health research actions: the new Cochrane satellite Public Health Europe, the Interest Group on the Impact of Public Health interventions of the international HTA society (INPHORM in HTAi) and the European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA). In the first part of the pre-conference speakers will briefly introduce their section/group. Thereafter we will invite the audience to add (any other missing) groups and to discuss with the panel mechanisms facilitating information exchange amongst groups to enable the sharing of expertise and co-operation.

In the second part of the pre-conference we will focus on evidence generation for complex interventions. These interventions represent a research field, where public health and HTA expertise are of utmost importance to overcome methodological challenges. The presentation of real-life evaluations of complex interventions will provide the research background against which we will discuss with the audience on how we can achieve mutual learning effects.

Target group 

The target audience of this pre-conference are people from research and practice who support a stronger emphasis on the inclusion of public health issues towards evidence-based health care decisions.  Representatives of groups that generate, distribute or use public health evidence or HTAs are welcome. HTA background or knowledge is not required.


8.30-10.00 Evidence-based Public Health

Welcome and introduction/Setting the scene: Brigitte Piso (LBI-HTA)

Evidence-based public health: contribution of different ‘organisations’

Questions & discussion

10.00-10.30 Refreshments

10.30-12.00 Evidence generation for complex interventions

Short introduction: What is a complex intervention? 
By Elizabeth Goyder, Deputy Dean of ScHARR and Professor of Public Health, University of Sheffield, UK

Systematic reviews of complex interventions.
By Mark Petticrew, Professor of Public Health Evaluation, London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, UK

Integrated assessment of complex health technologies - INTEGRATE-HTA.
By Elizabeth Goyder, Deputy Dean of ScHARR and Professor of Public Health, University of Sheffield, UK

Experiences with Overviews of Reviews of complex interventions.
By Roman Winkler, LBI-HTA, Austria

Questions & discussion

12:00 Closing remarks, followed by lunch 

Registration fee

The registration fee is € 70 which includes buffet lunch and refreshments.